Crow mother
Crow mother 22 uur geleden
These disney princesses have been real quite after he was released
Frank 22 uur geleden
Hei! Du reddet en liten fugl! 😃🤗 Du er best!
Elrea-Lynn Doerr
Elrea-Lynn Doerr 22 uur geleden
Why is this a joke to others, I wish the humans on this Earth could stop & look at how we have changed our surroundings, but if each of us can do something even if small. We all could be such a positive change to our surroundings, not just for the Oceans but for everything at our reach.
Lynz Marrast
Lynz Marrast 22 uur geleden
Aaaaawh. Purrfect match. 😻😻😉
Junea McManus
Junea McManus 22 uur geleden
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BJW-173 23 uur geleden
9 year old see Axolotls for the first time. TheY CoPY ThaT iN MiNecRafT
Robert Kulick
Robert Kulick 23 uur geleden
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Penny Lane
Penny Lane 23 uur geleden
It’s so important to teach kids early on how to be gentle with animals and she’s doing a really good job. I grew up with dogs my whole life and pets truly are part of the family. Marni is such a well behaved bird too.
Aiden Liekz Mudkip
Aiden Liekz Mudkip 23 uur geleden
Minecraft saw this video and put em' in the game.
C. Patel
C. Patel 23 uur geleden
Cat was looking at her like, "You better sleep with your one eye open."
DryBones 23 uur geleden
Im soo Happy God made the Axolotls from Minecraft a real thing XD
Dkay 23 uur geleden
Wat a wonderful loving family
Albert Pang
Albert Pang 23 uur geleden
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Well done ✅ German Shepard doggy who’s a great asset to the family and man’s best friend too.
KD GAMERZ 23 uur geleden
Their face is like dream face :)
javier guerrero
javier guerrero 23 uur geleden
Sarah 23 uur geleden
Melissa E
Melissa E 23 uur geleden
Lynsey Wise
Lynsey Wise 23 uur geleden
BRAVO, Maria & boyfriend!!! I 100% believe there's a special section of hell for people who abandon animals and humans. My neighbor abandoned their cat and she came over to my apartment complex. I took her in and she was with me until she passed away. One of the best cats I've ever had. Animals give the most love, and we're sometimes undeserving.
Brenda Leverick
Brenda Leverick 23 uur geleden
Who knew squirrels made such wonderful pets? Your dog is so sweet!
jelly ace
jelly ace 23 uur geleden
Y’all gotta stop cutting onions man
Dita Saferina
Dita Saferina 23 uur geleden
Thank you for giving him a great home.❤
Abinegame Channel
Abinegame Channel 23 uur geleden
Axolotl exist Me:Now time for raid To the Ocean monument and Fight Elder guardian
gerald stanley
gerald stanley 23 uur geleden
When a dog gives his or her love to you, that is the definition of love.
xenonwer 23 uur geleden
Oh my god the new Minecraft mob the axolotl
Light 32378
Light 32378 23 uur geleden
Fun fact : Mudkips are based off them . Btw , if any of you don't know mudkip , you had no childhood . I mean, your childhood should have consisted of you bingeing all 21 seasons of Pokemon , right? i know mine is . Side note : i may may not be a major Mudkip fan
Mia Kœnig
Mia Kœnig 23 uur geleden
Wild baby mice are like they are part kangaroo. I tried to catch one who jumped over my head from out of a low laundry sink. I had been trying to trap him bc he kept me up every night, and I only had a few hours of sleep before I had to be up for school. Live traps scared him, so I resorted to non-poisonous glue traps and had them checked every few hours. He finally got stuck (very dangerous if their face gets stuck) and I sprayed him with Pam cooking oil to unglue him and washed him off then locked him in a terrarium w food and water. After a couple of days I let him come and go, I just wanted him to know that was his house. When the weather got warm, I put him outside bc I was going to be out of town for >1month. He was a cutie pie.
Sue McKnight
Sue McKnight 23 uur geleden
Love, love, love this story…. Bless this woman ♥️
Potato Guy
Potato Guy 23 uur geleden
They look like they are bitting something
avi 23 uur geleden
Those eyes 😍😍
Mika Mika
Mika Mika 23 uur geleden
So cute! 🥰🥰🥰
VeganMarcella andMore
VeganMarcella andMore 23 uur geleden
Sorry, I had to bump the thumbs down off of 666, so I am the 667, but I'm totally THUMBS UP!!!
Janet Donald
Janet Donald 23 uur geleden
These birds are very difficult to look after, this one is getting a lot of attention which they need. Please research endlessly before thinking of getting one. Also, they live for 70 years so the children need to inherit them, which this mum has sorted 💕
Dương Đần
Dương Đần 23 uur geleden
So cute
Miguel Amira
Miguel Amira 23 uur geleden
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Tamyra Tuttle
Tamyra Tuttle 23 uur geleden
From someone who works in a shelter...Thank you sooo much for taking care of her.
Debra Thompson
Debra Thompson 23 uur geleden
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King Chase
King Chase 23 uur geleden
In the thumbnail I thought it was Drake
Deniqe Van Wyk
Deniqe Van Wyk 23 uur geleden
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 23 uur geleden
Isabella Salinardi
Isabella Salinardi 23 uur geleden
2:48 Who the dirtiest dog ever Angel: me
lori dyson
lori dyson 23 uur geleden
Dude you will always be a caring guy who has & will help many troubled dogs. But you are now crossing the line into a hoarder of dogs. Your heart is in the right place but most of these dogs need there own forever families which I know you could find it for them. Put trust in others in the way that you ask the dogs to trust you. God Bless & stay safe.
BigSteppa Gordon
BigSteppa Gordon 23 uur geleden
Awesome Anya♥️
Karen Latham
Karen Latham 23 uur geleden
My dog catches his tail all the time. I just want to know what kind of dog is in the thumbnail.
Jayne Newsome
Jayne Newsome 23 uur geleden
Awww that was lovely to watch. Glad you saved him
God News De Vita
God News De Vita 23 uur geleden
Takes a 2 yr old innocent little angel to see a little sad creature in need of help and love. What a gift! Made my day.
Screaming Through Time
Screaming Through Time 23 uur geleden
I've had class pets a few times before. The first time was two little crabs. The third time was an axolotl! His name was Steve, named by the class before mine. My friend's older brother came up with the name, actually. Super cute. :)
Eric Davids
Eric Davids 23 uur geleden
People who abuse animals, children, & the elderly, don't deserve to live
Connor Cyr
Connor Cyr 23 uur geleden
This was the cutest thing ive seen all day
Angie Trimbach
Angie Trimbach 23 uur geleden
Fun fact: most of the axolotl you are seeing in this video, are albino versions of an axolotl. (The white ones with pink gills are albinos)
Meep 23 uur geleden
Tickle my pickle
Dominic Lopez
Dominic Lopez 23 uur geleden
Hey I’m form Minecraft 1.17 and this looks awesome!!! 👏👏👏
HawtDawg 23 uur geleden
2:08 that chihuahua there looks exactly like my dog Ash as a puppy, thats so cute
Dylan Beck
Dylan Beck 23 uur geleden
can you imagine if you woke up one day and your house was full of life-size stuffed humans
Rhonda F
Rhonda F 23 uur geleden
Beautiful darling dogs and beautiful people 💖💖💖💖 Lovely happy ending 🤗💗💗💗
John Smithk
John Smithk 23 uur geleden
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Mike M
Mike M 23 uur geleden
She looks like my beloved lab mix, who passed away in 2018. The resemblance is so strong it makes tears well up. I knew she'd be a swimmer even before she jumped into the creek, because my girl was too. Apart from the brownness of her muzzle, she is the spitting image, with the same sweet, loving, naturally happy temperament. I love how she pauses from play at 4:27 to check on her human.Just like my girl, who always made sure everyone was ok, even when she was dying from anemia and could barely stand up. All dogs are great, but trust, this one is pure gold. Don´t let her go.
Diany Kelly
Diany Kelly 23 uur geleden
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Albert E
Albert E 23 uur geleden
I think you are an Angel.
Нина Мартенюк
Нина Мартенюк 23 uur geleden
Просто красавцы!
Creedo The Gamer
Creedo The Gamer 23 uur geleden
They were so cool in Minecraft that they got added to real life
de sarmun
de sarmun 23 uur geleden
Bailey is not a just a cat... He is a Guardian!
EmRalder 23 uur geleden
I think I'm gonna have this as a pet
ಠ - ಠ
ಠ - ಠ 23 uur geleden
Good that that is impossible
{Midsummer Mocha}
{Midsummer Mocha} 23 uur geleden
sweet Steve victoria
sweet Steve victoria 23 uur geleden
That's heartbreaking to see animals down like that I'm glad he finally felt at home
Angela Angela
Angela Angela 23 uur geleden
adorables both god bless all
Velantain 23 uur geleden
A dog with ocd :)))
Mark Allan Valiente
Mark Allan Valiente 23 uur geleden
Can anyone tell me the title of the song?
LAMONT WATERS 23 uur geleden
The dog juked the hell out of that firemen at the beginning of that video. Gave him that Barry Sanders work.
Codingkid01 23 uur geleden
“It’s just effortless for him” *shows a clip of him limping around having trouble moving with a cart*
Robert Kulick
Robert Kulick 23 uur geleden
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Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill 23 uur geleden
That dog looks like a George
sunshine z.
sunshine z. 23 uur geleden
Marley Ex
Marley Ex 23 uur geleden
😅 When I was a teen I had a cat stalker too. One time I let her outside and didn't let her back in for a while because I just needed my space, she was becoming too overbearing. Some hours past then suddenly I heard a noise from my window and when I looked out the window THERE she was meowing at me, telling me to let her in. I couldn't believe it because my room was on the second floor of my home. 😳
Screaming Through Time
Screaming Through Time 23 uur geleden
alternate title: trying to convince you to get an axolotl
R Em
R Em 23 uur geleden
Awww....this is a fine example of why i subscribe to The Dodo !!!
Debra Thompson
Debra Thompson 23 uur geleden
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Robert Kulick
Robert Kulick 23 uur geleden
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Praetor7 23 uur geleden
What kind of dog is he?