Family Comes Across Tiny Sea Turtle Eggs, See What Happens When They Hatch! | The Dodo

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23 dagen geleden

Teeny-tiny sea turtles finally waddle home to the ocean - and their mom is there waiting 💗

Special thanks to Ana and Ronald, you can revisit the rescue on Instagram: and .

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Alma Alampayan
Alma Alampayan 21 uur geleden
Why does it conveniently look like the Turtle is pooping
Ark Angel Playz
Ark Angel Playz 6 dagen geleden
Thank you for helping keep the turtle population alive by helping a mom’s eggs hatch
Russ 8 dagen geleden
these tiny lil beans are adorable and no one should hurt them ONE SINGLE BIT.
Avaneesh Lotlikar
Avaneesh Lotlikar 8 dagen geleden
The mom must be heart broken that 20 to 30 eggs are gone :c
Macon Richardson
Macon Richardson 9 dagen geleden
1. Not yours to take 2. You don't OWN them. 3. You could have covered the mother turtle tracks and the poachers could not have seen where the eggs were............... stupid humans.
A Far
A Far 8 dagen geleden
1. If they hadn’t the poacher or other poachers would’ve stolen them 2. They don’t, they just sheltered them til they hatched 3. They weren’t there first, otherwise they wouldn’t have needed to buy the eggs from the poacher and if they hid the mother’s tracks it wouldn’t have stopped the poachers from trying to find her eggs and the family can’t guard the eggs 24/7 Smh
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 12 dagen geleden
Its crazy how the turtles know to go in the water an which direction it is instinctively as son as they hatch 😆 i love turtles 🐢🐢🐢
Cynthia Athouriste
Cynthia Athouriste 14 dagen geleden
Omg i LOVE turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢
Neumo500 14 dagen geleden
Saves over a hundred turtles, “cool we got to save *a few*”
Quartz Skull
Quartz Skull 7 dagen geleden
She had to buy the eggs so getting a hundred would be pretty expensive
Sam S
Sam S 14 dagen geleden
I’m surprised turtles don’t feel threatened and leave instead of laying the eggs. Like we’re disrupting them
Whats In The Name
Whats In The Name 15 dagen geleden
Great job 👍️👍️👍️😀😀😁
Mariam Topadze
Mariam Topadze 16 dagen geleden
This is Not Okay to steal poor animals eggs and take them from their natural environment just because u think its gonna be cool to have them
Quartz Skull
Quartz Skull 7 dagen geleden
Watch the video dinkus she didn't keep them she just wanted to see them hatch
Molle Tre
Molle Tre 16 dagen geleden
This specific circle of life is literally over a hundred million years old. And then we humans appear and some say "we own them". Its unbelievable....
Sarah E
Sarah E 16 dagen geleden
So few baby sea turtles survive, it was nice of this family to give these turtles a chance.
The Random Files
The Random Files 16 dagen geleden
Uh...isn't that kidnapping?
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee 16 dagen geleden
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee 16 dagen geleden
Battle Husky83
Battle Husky83 17 dagen geleden
In the U.S. that’s called video evidence case subject matter 1.
Susan Susan
Susan Susan 17 dagen geleden
I don’t know where this is at, I would have tried to get that guy’s plates and turned him into the authorities...
D. Cattivakat
D. Cattivakat 17 dagen geleden
Even if there is a good reason to take them with you! To let them out in daytime - dangerous for a lot of reasons for them. Having them in the hands without gloves also a no go. Blending the mother with flash light for creating this video with the eggs - absolutely unnecessary will stress her and can even effect her too. Absolutely not good stuff to watch for every person that really wants to save sea turtles... please inform yourself better before creating those kind of content as a good example for helping turtles!
Moe Usman
Moe Usman 17 dagen geleden
Then came Logan Paul and his brother and ran them all over in their buggies
H T 17 dagen geleden
Few years later.. one becomes Master Oogway 💗💕
dekl9310 dekl9310
dekl9310 dekl9310 17 dagen geleden
why would you take the eggs!
A Far
A Far 8 dagen geleden
So poachers wouldn’t try to dig it up. It’s an open beach, people would see where you hid the eggs and share information and eventually share it with someone looking to get money
Rylee Crowell
Rylee Crowell 17 dagen geleden
Are those Leather Back Sea turtles? Cuz if they are they grow to be very big.
I HATE DOGS 17 dagen geleden
bunch of thieves
maximtitan 18 dagen geleden
It comes from a privileged position when people have the time and money to engage in conservation. Often individuals with financial stressors beyond the middle and upper classes' comprehension turn to these activities in order to keep families alive. It is important to save these animals and also important to know that moral condemnation of poachers fails to account for all of the factors that have produced their circumstances.
Funkyfeline13 2
Funkyfeline13 2 18 dagen geleden
Why wouldn't you just leave the poor turtles alone they manage just fine without human involvement. Edit: just seen a comment saying the turtle eggs get poached where they live so thanks for saving all those little ones 1❤
roxypierce 18 dagen geleden
Ok I cried there's a special place in heaven for you
kiki 18 dagen geleden
Not your right and job to hatch those eggs. Hope you will leave mama turtle and her eggs alone!!
A Far
A Far 8 dagen geleden
They would’ve been eaten or sold as exotic pets if they hadn’t protected them...
Roma12 18 dagen geleden
How come the ninja turtles aren't around to kick those poachers' asses? They need a good whooping for stealing all those eggs to sell them. Bastards.
John Hinzman
John Hinzman 18 dagen geleden
OK, Look !!! I don't care what you freakin' tradition is !!! LEAVE THE DAMN TURTLE EGGS ALONE !!! If you want to help out, wait until they hatch on the beach (the way nature intended) and then help them into the water so the birds and raccoons, etc. will not kill them !!! Just leave the turtles and the turtle eggs alone !!
Quartz Skull
Quartz Skull 7 dagen geleden
She saved them from poachers
naya shams
naya shams 18 dagen geleden
What a lovely way of protecting turtles for turtles hunters. These small turtles live and so many generations of them will come to this earth because of you . You did the great job.
Lainee Plays
Lainee Plays 18 dagen geleden
They are so cute
Knack Wurst
Knack Wurst 18 dagen geleden
Lets interfere with nature.
Dawn Oldham
Dawn Oldham 19 dagen geleden
Perhaps with enough people speaking out to their government things will change. I know that here in Florida we can’t even turn lights on at night along the shore. That way the hatchlings only see the moon on the water and scurry down to the ocean instead of the hotels. The nests also have stakes around them so that people don’t accidentally step on the nests. I truly hope that someday all turtles will be protected.
Hiromi Reyes Martinez
Hiromi Reyes Martinez 19 dagen geleden
Rachael Reed
Rachael Reed 19 dagen geleden
From what I understand, if they hadn’t have bought them and picked them up the eggs most likely would’ve been scooped up by poachers for food or illegal pets. I wish the dodo video would’ve covered that a little more blatantly because I definitely spent the whole video thinking “don’t move them!”
NewMan 19 dagen geleden
They got scammed on the turtle eggs. They could have just taken them.
Bruce Simmons
Bruce Simmons 19 dagen geleden
WTFH? The sea creatures should be left alone... (read through the comments, I see what some have said or learned about this...)
Chereen Robbertse
Chereen Robbertse 19 dagen geleden
Lol that is more than a few 🐢. Well done
ÆonFluxCapacitor 19 dagen geleden
Thank you so much!
Linda Funicello
Linda Funicello 19 dagen geleden
Good for you. Thank you for caring 💕
Gema Tamvan
Gema Tamvan 19 dagen geleden
2:21 Damn I'm so sad 🗿
Eliana Esaete
Eliana Esaete 19 dagen geleden
That's really sweet you guys
Jenn Nageli
Jenn Nageli 19 dagen geleden
This whole thing is kindof sad. They should have just left them alone.
cynthia graves
cynthia graves 20 dagen geleden
Because what if they had died.
cynthia graves
cynthia graves 20 dagen geleden
Felony in Texas. Your film is going to get you trouble.
A Far
A Far 8 dagen geleden
They don’t live in Texas😒 they would’ve died if it wasn’t for them by either getting eaten or sold as exotic pets by people who don’t know any better and forbid them from going to their natural habitat
Zenner Scott
Zenner Scott 20 dagen geleden
That not right taking them from their mom
WestWard Pomona Gyrl
WestWard Pomona Gyrl 20 dagen geleden
Made me smile so bright!!
WestWard Pomona Gyrl
WestWard Pomona Gyrl 20 dagen geleden
They saved them!!!
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 20 dagen geleden
Humanity is horrible..the fact people are stealing the eggs of turtles, who are going extinct and need every baby they can get in the wild, for food or “pets” is absolutely sickening!!
harveythepooka 20 dagen geleden
I know these people were trying to do the right thing, but turtle sex is determined by their temperature why incubating so this is NOT a good way to raise them. It's better than letting them be eaten, but only barely. They did the best they could, but the better thing to do would be to use the internet fame from this to raise money to hire someone to guard the beach next season.
Maria Fernanda Sanchez
Maria Fernanda Sanchez 20 dagen geleden
Tejah 20 dagen geleden
I really ❤️ this story!
TOIN VIDEOZ 20 dagen geleden
Awwwwwwww they are soooooo cuutteeeeee 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
Chris Prescott
Chris Prescott 20 dagen geleden
This makes me absolutely FURIOUS
Moon Light
Moon Light 20 dagen geleden
This is honestly so sad
Katey Henderson
Katey Henderson 20 dagen geleden
Funny Comments
Funny Comments 20 dagen geleden
Tina McLaughlin
Tina McLaughlin 20 dagen geleden
Happy Birthday guys!!💝🥰
Olaf B.
Olaf B. 20 dagen geleden
Thank you for saving them. It is an amazing sight to see the little turtles makes their way to the sea.
TheDreamfaery1 20 dagen geleden
Yeah... This is in Nicaragua 🇳🇮 it's on the video also and like she stated the guys that hunt the eggs are poachers she had to buy the eggs 🥚 from him to safe them... In would say all coastal states and it's territory this is very, very illegal... Look what happend to Jake Paul...
Julie Klimko
Julie Klimko 20 dagen geleden
It’s unbelievable that the guy who named the turtle, (because he saw it first) felt like it was ok to sell them. But I’m very happy this family helped them grow and hatch, and then. What an awesome experience that they will never forget. 🐢❤️
Slime-Boy_OwO 20 dagen geleden
Shoutout to Turtle Mom and all the baby turtles.
Fukai Kokoro
Fukai Kokoro 20 dagen geleden
Luckily it was Jake and Logan Paul who found the turtles. They’d have run them over.
sweetboo1022 20 dagen geleden
Humans suck
E S 21 dag geleden
dani brooks
dani brooks 21 dag geleden
Why are you posting this video Dodo??!!? This isn't okay. It doesn't matter that they released them back into the sea. AM I THE ONLY PERSON THAT THINKS THIS IS WRONG?!!!?
A Far
A Far 8 dagen geleden
You’d rather have no turtles released to the sea at all? Sea Turtles are endangered enough as it is, they should have all the help they can get necessarily especially since their country has a glorified culture of poachers who sell their eggs. Even if they bought the eggs and decided to leave the eggs in the beach, poachers would still try to find them and steal them, they made best choice in the end.
NautilusBitchicus 21 dag geleden
Excuse me ma'am, I'm here to burgle your turts
Kodi Brito
Kodi Brito 21 dag geleden
I wish people could just leave them in their natural habitat and let nature take it's course. Humans need to stop trying to put there hands on everything. It's sad.
wright9342 21 dag geleden
Comments are split but there is two sides to the story here. Leave the turtle eggs where they were laid and let nature take it's course or give a helping hand and prevent poachers from taking them. I would have said let nature take it's course, but in today's world and undesirable humans, every chance these babies get can only be good.
Larry Talbot
Larry Talbot 21 dag geleden
Bless the beasts and the children and the people who save them. Damn the poachers and the people who profit from it!!!
Kate 21 dag geleden
Seriously! Thank you for saving them!
suzi perret
suzi perret 21 dag geleden
Good job. Thanks for helping these turtles to hatch a release back to the sea.
David Wier
David Wier 21 dag geleden
Good job!
AJ 21 dag geleden
The fact that people claim ownership of a wild animal because " ooh, I saw it first" disgusts me to no end.
Terah 21 dag geleden
They’re so little and cute. 🤍🐢
Lavoris Robinson
Lavoris Robinson 21 dag geleden
daban yaseen
daban yaseen 21 dag geleden
We should all care and love our innocent animals
Gabriel Heart
Gabriel Heart 21 dag geleden
Why not just put them close to the water so they can get right in? what's the point of putting them so far from the water???🤔
Becca Fawn
Becca Fawn 18 dagen geleden
Because...the just hatched babies NEED that first survival instinct to run to the water as quick as possible. Or they won't survive. The hatchlings, instinctively know that they are in extreme danger exposed, and that the water provides more protection. Because Seagulls and other predators wait for the eggs to hatch then snatch them before the reach the water. People will often watch the eggs till they hatch, and then protect them from birds, with umbrellas while they make that instinctive run to the water. But..if they were to pick the babies up and place them in the water right away, the turtles chances of survival is very very low. Because there is additional danger for turtles in the water, and when they crawl back out from time to time as they get older. They will not have the survival instinct to evade a predator later, if that FIRST survival run for the water instinct is taken away at birth. I learned this year's ago watching a nature show about turtles. Also I think you can just Google your question and you find that info.
A Random Internet User
A Random Internet User 21 dag geleden
When they leave to go home, different people can find the eggs before they hatch and just take them away. By the time they get back it'll be gone, or they have to pay again. If you mean when they put them on the sand and waited for the turtles to go, well, I don't really know either
Ayush Bhinde
Ayush Bhinde 21 dag geleden
Great work .
Learn in 15 Minutes
Learn in 15 Minutes 21 dag geleden
It is easy to judge folks who sell eggs...they won't do it if they have another decent livelihood
Becca Fawn
Becca Fawn 18 dagen geleden
Doesn't make it okay. Not Having a decent livelihood, doesn't make doing some wrong okay.
Mukund Phanasalkar
Mukund Phanasalkar 21 dag geleden
Great job guys! That's very noble of you. My only question is, why the hatchlings were released so far away and not at the very edge of water...
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 21 dag geleden
Nowadays it's good to raise the turtles, to let them harden a bit before the wild. Because of humans there are far more obstacles. I just wish she took them to a little cove somewhere, not the beach. Apparently turtle egg hunting is huge down there. According to the people who do it, they leave enough for the population to be okay. But that's what everyone with an interest says everywhere. So at least she saved a few.
Ithilween Shadowsong
Ithilween Shadowsong 21 dag geleden
Nicaragua always demostrating they still live in the stone age, quite sad honestly considering Costa Rica is in the south. Glad this guys aren't one of the many cavemans living there.
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 20 dagen geleden
I know right? At least ones have brains.
Squirrel TV
Squirrel TV 21 dag geleden
So cute 🥰
Gertrude west
Gertrude west 21 dag geleden
To all the people on their high horse about the poachers, your own consumption of seafood, including the absurd number of cats and dogs kept alive at the expense of wildlife, is the biggest threat to global sea turtles everywhere. Clean up your own backyard.
Becca Fawn
Becca Fawn 18 dagen geleden
I beg your pardon..."cats and dogs kept alive at the expense of wildlife" ???? WTAH.
123 Lodge
123 Lodge 21 dag geleden
Is this legal?? Get away from them!!
Gertrude west
Gertrude west 21 dag geleden
You folks bring tears to my eyes. Can we please clone a few billion of you?
nicole woolridge
nicole woolridge 22 dagen geleden
i know that some people disliked this video because these people took sea turtle eggs but who would not
Muller Potgieter
Muller Potgieter 21 dag geleden
They bought them off a poacher. If they'd killed the poacher and left his crucified body up as a warning to others, that's the only thing thry could've done better
Deborah Northover
Deborah Northover 22 dagen geleden
Thank you.
L 22 dagen geleden
How is this legal?
StrawberryShake 21 dag geleden
It’s ilegal to own sea turtles now that they are in Danger because of extinction,So I think this woman in Nicaragua is helping them go back to the ocean because of the turtle hunter
HETRIX 22 dagen geleden
When you realise the turtle saw it first.. ._.
Joey X Smith
Joey X Smith 22 dagen geleden
What country is this? It's illegal to do seal turtle eggs in parts of America.
A Random Internet User
A Random Internet User 21 dag geleden
From what I heard, it's in Nicaragua or something
Bill Clement
Bill Clement 22 dagen geleden
You go turtle be free !!!
Tyrone Frye
Tyrone Frye 22 dagen geleden
They're just as adorable as she is would crazy to consistently see dis respect their journey gangsta no cap lol stay safe RIP Paul Mooney God bless BLM stop Asian hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏
Mr. ForWard
Mr. ForWard 22 dagen geleden
Well, Florida is not exactly known for its "honest and kind" people. But the sentence, "whoever saw it first was the owner" was so matching to what US as a nation is.
Moz 22 dagen geleden
*So much wrong with this whole video!* She says, they "bought" the eggs? Isn't buying wild animals illegal? She says whoever sees the turtle first owns it. Who said one can own a wild animal by just seeing it? She says she is happy she got to save a "few". Why didn't she leave the eggs alone, as the turtle knew how best to burry the eggs for 100% survival rate. The eggs that were along the sides of the bucket probably died due to low temperatures in the night and high temps in the day! *IDIOTS!!!*
StrawberryShake 21 dag geleden
Because SHE BOUGHT them because the turtle hunters of course take their shells and make jewelry and the woman had no other way to save them and had to buy them she like I said she didn’t leave the eggs because the person with flashlight was looking for them to use them as jewelry
Devo Davis
Devo Davis 22 dagen geleden
Because of the poacher. Like the woman said, "all my life this has been the culture". She hates it, but it's freaking Nicaragua, not Palm Beach. Do you get that? Poachers know when turtle egg season is. They prowl the beaches with a flashlight, and if they see a turtle, that's "their" turtle. Yes, it's bullshit. The man may have been armed, we don't know, but he is only poaching to make money. They offered money & he sold "his" eggs. She explained in the video if they had "just left them alone" or reburied them at the beach, another poacher would have taken them. Do you get THAT? "So much wrong with this whole video!" What's wrong with your comment about the video is your refusal to listen to what was said IN the video.
Dr Johnny Sins Sponsered by Brazzers
Dr Johnny Sins Sponsered by Brazzers 22 dagen geleden
I wish TGRI would leave the turtles alone.
JRobert111111 22 dagen geleden
So beautiful and heartwarming!
wurzelaus9 22 dagen geleden
A big thank you 😍
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