Shaking Shelter Dog Covers Her Foster Dad's Face With Kisses | The Dodo Foster Diaries

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11 dagen geleden

Shelter dog who couldn't stop shaking starts her new life - racing through rivers and covering her foster dad's @The Asher House face with kisses.

For more of Hooch and Lee's furry family, you can follow them on Instagram: and Facebook: . To learn more about Family Dogs New Life and their rescue work, check them out on Instagram: .

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MyTube Recap
MyTube Recap 10 dagen geleden
*_Doggo exists_* This Guy: "I like this dog." Me: "You can't adopt more d..." This Guy: "ANOTHER!!"
Harry Irvine
Harry Irvine Dag geleden
That's pretty much doggy heaven
The Ghost
The Ghost Dag geleden
I understood that reference.
sailaab 2 dagen geleden
A Miller
A Miller 3 dagen geleden
I can't imagine the amount of dog food that all those dogs go through. Oh, by the way he can send that German Shepherd home with me. I'm sure he would not mind sparing one dog, 🙄 just send the German Shepherd my way 😉.
zoe zuumwalt
zoe zuumwalt 3 dagen geleden
i wanna adopt so many T-T
Deja Smith
Deja Smith 13 minuten geleden
Beautiful dogs! Love the chow chow, too! Seriously in love!
Dritan Tahiraj
Dritan Tahiraj 36 minuten geleden
What a lovely family these two people here are full of love and joy long may it continue they are hero’s and definitely two people I look up too and respect.
John Skatz
John Skatz 52 minuten geleden
Lol all those waggin tails!
mobydoug Uur geleden
This dog must have thought she died and went to doggy heaven. Unbelievably perfect place, and master, for these dogs. Does this goodhearted soul have a girlfriend willing and happy to be a part of the pack? I think he grows Xmas trees for a living. Probably knows Santa personally.
John L
John L 2 uur geleden
you're the best. i watch your videos every chance i get. i have 2 dogs, 3 cats and feed about 30 street cats. i have several health problems and sometimes i just wanna give up. but watching you gives me the will to keep going. thank you
Joe Sepulveda
Joe Sepulveda 3 uur geleden
You are an angel saving all those cute and adorable dogs God bless u always for being such a humanitarian!
Joshua Lieder
Joshua Lieder 3 uur geleden
The owner is a kind loving patient soul. Blessings to you and all your dog family.
Peter Weber
Peter Weber 5 uur geleden
With dogs its all about trust . Some people are so mean to dogs . They are our best friends and will fight to the death to save you if they can .
Lisa Sczerba
Lisa Sczerba 5 uur geleden
There are not enough words to describe the devotion of this man to these dogs who are sooo deserving of the unconditional love he obviously has for them..I hope this video inspires others to foster/adopt these animals who have ended up in a shelter just waiting to find their "someone" to love!! Thank you, Thank you for all you do
Emilia Moustafa
Emilia Moustafa 6 uur geleden
Nice video gorgeous dogs lam happy for you and all your baby's . k jijiji👼🙏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🥰😻💓🐾🐩🐾🐩🐾🐸🐷😹💓
Tracey morgan lucas
Tracey morgan lucas 6 uur geleden
What s fantastic living angel you are,!!!! I am so envious! I dream of doing exactly what you are doing BLESS YOU and every one of those beautiful fur babies xxxxx
Michelle Hutcheon
Michelle Hutcheon 6 uur geleden
The Asher house is clearly filled with Angels
Kazi 6 uur geleden
That’s a good dude right there! This is when I’m proud of my human heritage 😃
B007 6 uur geleden
This guy got too many dogs.
Martha González Calvario
Martha González Calvario 7 uur geleden
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Priscilla Camacho
Priscilla Camacho 7 uur geleden
I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on NLfast cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative
Jay Callaghan
Jay Callaghan 7 uur geleden
Amazing. You guys are amazing.
Ḡαღ♭ℓ℮ℳαḓм@η 8 uur geleden
Lucky dogs
BarbaraAnne Nyswonger
BarbaraAnne Nyswonger 9 uur geleden
Born to be! A real heaven for this sweet girl!!
BarbaraAnne Nyswonger
BarbaraAnne Nyswonger 9 uur geleden
Wonderful man! Papa! Adorable adorable lil girl! So very happy for both! Bless them!
Adrian Whitten
Adrian Whitten 10 uur geleden
I had to watch this 3 times and then go to @theasherhouse before I was convinced that that wasn't UFC fighter, Luke Rockhold
Jaclyn Barajas
Jaclyn Barajas 10 uur geleden
The mammoth sousaphone rarely divide because zebra lily bare save a three reason. massive, outstanding ladybug
Diane Melick
Diane Melick 11 uur geleden
You do wonderful things for these dogs you care and love them and oh yes it shows your a great human being God bless you
Shalexia Davis
Shalexia Davis 11 uur geleden
This guy are these dogs human angel. God bless him.
Johan F.
Johan F. 11 uur geleden
Some Subaru ad: Subaru + Dogs This guy: Owns Subaru and has a dog. Legend
Leigh Huff
Leigh Huff 12 uur geleden
Sir, you are a wonderful person. I do the same stuff everyday, although my pack isn't quite as large as yours. I get a lot of quiet satisfaction being with dogs in the open with no words spoken. I totally ralate to this video.
Shannah Knight
Shannah Knight 12 uur geleden
God put special people on this earth just for this purpose you helped save that precious girl from a life time of fear thank you
Ela Paszczynski
Ela Paszczynski 13 uur geleden
You are sweet man too
Char G
Char G 13 uur geleden
Last Call
Last Call 13 uur geleden
DAD ........ LMFAO
Aaron Johnston
Aaron Johnston 13 uur geleden
I don't understand why the people get the dog from the shelter and love on the dog getting it used to them and then as soon as the dog has fully recovered emotionally it goes to someone else. Isn't that a bit confusing to the dog? I don't know i just think it's way confusing to the poor animal. What if it gets depressed because it want's to be with the person who got them from the shelter and brought them out of their shell
Michelle Orton
Michelle Orton 13 uur geleden
It looks to like the Ashers know how to live happy lives. Thanks for sharing 👣💞
Polly g
Polly g 13 uur geleden
Samuel Gallezzo
Samuel Gallezzo 13 uur geleden
Way beyond cool.
Stella 13 uur geleden
I have a dog and he is my best friend I love him he loves me I wish you could see his joy and happines actually when he was a puppy I found him alone at a abandoned road so I took him home now he is a big boy🥰🥰 and now he has a family and we have him 😁😁 I love all your videos guys how you help and treat the animals I just wanna say I love the job you are doing ❤️❤️
laughingallthetime50 14 uur geleden
Lucky dog - literally! Lee.....yum. lol.
dalton blyth
dalton blyth 15 uur geleden
Honestly didn’t think he would actually be meaning a pack. But holy crap lol
Will W.
Will W. 15 uur geleden
CeraVe gave me the hives.
Dash Riprock
Dash Riprock 15 uur geleden
I love the pert where she brings him the stick because she understands the concept of pride.
Liam McGrath
Liam McGrath 16 uur geleden
My dog was exactly the same when I rescued her, had her for just over 2 years now and she’s a different dog and I love her to pieces
Neves 16 uur geleden
This man :0 has a lot of dogs at home
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 16 uur geleden
You can see the love in YOUR EYES!! YOU are the best person on earth for her! How does it feel to mean so much to so many??👍💖🐶
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 16 uur geleden
God put you on earth to do this and nothing else!💖😉
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 17 uur geleden
Is she a Chesapeake Retriever? She sure looks like one. She loves you darlin!! You're now her EVERYTHING!!🐶💖
TrueRTN 17 uur geleden
wow this man is amazing
missflipz 17 uur geleden
So lovely what you are doing 💛❤️💚
Doan Tai Duc
Doan Tai Duc 18 uur geleden
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K D 18 uur geleden
Is this the farm my parents took my dog when he got sick?
MoveOn 19 uur geleden
Where do they live? This place looks so nice
Sue Van bakel
Sue Van bakel 19 uur geleden
Omg that's my idea of heaven and pure happiness. Watching those dogs joy and freedom.
Lynsey Eccles
Lynsey Eccles 20 uur geleden
Wow what a fantastic family you have. You are so lucky to have such a big dog family, I am very jealous. I wish you and your family lots of luck and love 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Autumn Tatu
Autumn Tatu 20 uur geleden
What a good daddy she’s going to have. GBY!!!
DieFlabbergast 20 uur geleden
This guy even has his OWN RIVER! I'll bet it does just what he tells it. Customised for dogs!
DieFlabbergast 20 uur geleden
This is NOT a "pack of dogs": This is a horde of which Genghis would approve!
Mike M
Mike M 20 uur geleden
Wish I'd met a guy like this instead of throwing myself away on abusive losers.
Nick Nick
Nick Nick 20 uur geleden
Mike M
Mike M 21 uur geleden
She looks like my beloved lab mix, who passed away in 2018. The resemblance is so strong it makes tears well up. I knew she'd be a swimmer even before she jumped into the creek, because my girl was too. Apart from the brownness of her muzzle, she is the spitting image, with the same sweet, loving, naturally happy temperament. I love how she pauses from play at 4:27 to check on her human.Just like my girl, who always made sure everyone was ok, even when she was dying from anemia and could barely stand up. All dogs are great, but trust, this one is pure gold. Don´t let her go. You live in heaven on earth and she should too.
Andrew Pottinger
Andrew Pottinger 21 uur geleden
Well done))))
your mum
your mum 21 uur geleden
Why does this man have so many dogs Edit: HIS PROPERTY IS SO LARGE HE EVEN HAS A LAKE AND RIVER ON IT
My Captain
My Captain 21 uur geleden
U are the real human being brother god bless you forever
Double Tap
Double Tap 22 uur geleden
How many dogs you got?? 🤣 👍 👍
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza 22 uur geleden
This Channel & all the lovely people who help dogs make me believe in humanity again… …& the doggos 🥰
Laysa Ferreira Silva
Laysa Ferreira Silva 23 uur geleden
My rescued was the same. She feared buckets and brooms, loud speaking, a bunch of stuff. At the end she was recovered and super friendly to every human (kids would climb her, kiss her) 😢 miss my baby
Ben Priest
Ben Priest Dag geleden
God bless him.
Eff Yu
Eff Yu Dag geleden
She had never seen water before? Amazing she survived that long without drinking any water.
Patrick Leigh
Patrick Leigh Dag geleden
The little dogs don't get to go to the river.
Patrick Leigh
Patrick Leigh Dag geleden
Dogs love car rides. All those scents coming at you at speed - it's like switching from weak, watery coffee (decaf even) to the most wonderful triple espresso for a canine.
Kazuma Shiba
Kazuma Shiba Dag geleden
Think I found the canine equivalent of a crazy cat lady.
Diane T
Diane T Dag geleden
Awww how cute is she!!! and all those other beauties......Question: Why are there thumbs down to this video? Makes no sense.
caramba10 Dag geleden
Can't believe how quiet they all are, even the small ones that have a reputation of being yappy.
Russell Collins
Russell Collins Dag geleden
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Ivan Largo
Ivan Largo Dag geleden
The deafening start concretely practise because couch hemperly sack including a sleepy queen. clumsy, efficacious hat
I Am Ra
I Am Ra Dag geleden
Shows us 7 dogs "I just wanted to ease her in before introducing her to the rest of the pack" Bruh. haha
Shafique Zaman
Shafique Zaman Dag geleden
Great stuff, great guy.
Lars Lee
Lars Lee Dag geleden
Those dogs are living their best lives
Jim Legge
Jim Legge Dag geleden
Beautiful. Your dogs are lucky to have you,
Rachel Stettner
Rachel Stettner Dag geleden
There's something seriously wrong with anyone who gave this video a thumbs down
Terry Ingram
Terry Ingram Dag geleden
Never underestimate the power of kindness. She's lucky to have found such a loving person.
David White
David White Dag geleden
Nice job!!!
Donald Hausenfluck
Donald Hausenfluck Dag geleden
• alanah •
• alanah • Dag geleden
what a great guy wow
lp4ju Dag geleden
This guy is so awesome with dogs 🐕
Steve Gass
Steve Gass Dag geleden
Your awesome you made her day
Ed Spencer
Ed Spencer Dag geleden
WOW. A whole lot of happy puppers! Good on you man !!
Tom Cairns
Tom Cairns Dag geleden
Dog-love in overdrive
J T Dag geleden
Too many dogs dude...not cool.
Thomas Linton
Thomas Linton Dag geleden
Thank you.
nαnαi. Dag geleden
quantos doguinhos, que sonho🥺
Dolphin 2121
Dolphin 2121 Dag geleden
What a wonderful couple.
L D Dag geleden
You are just as Beautiful as those babies you take care of, it's a win win🙏
futuristic Dag geleden
This guy is a TRUE dog whisperer
Agradecido130 Dag geleden
Spencer Tauteoli
Spencer Tauteoli Dag geleden
Such an awesome guy!
Candy Colas
Candy Colas Dag geleden
I love that 🐕 !!!!!
Mike Zip
Mike Zip Dag geleden
This is why animal abusers should be skinned alive.
C Dag geleden
Puppers R Us!!
Gina Loves to craft
Gina Loves to craft Dag geleden
Beautiful ending 💕💕
TJ Jones
TJ Jones Dag geleden
Crazy cat lady I've heard of.....but crazy dog man???
Edward Da Silva Jr
Edward Da Silva Jr Dag geleden
How many dogs does this guy have?
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