Anxious Golden Pup Rappels Down Canyons Now | The Dodo

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This Utah couple loves to go adventuring in the canyons every weekend. Now they have a new puppy, they thought they'd take her along. They found out there was a lot for this pup to overcome.

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jimmy j
jimmy j 4 dagen geleden
No common sense here people. dont do this to your dog please.
D C.
D C. 4 dagen geleden
The dodo is really getting irresponsible with posting more and more of these risky videos for animals yeah.
Alex Lurk
Alex Lurk 6 dagen geleden
kneecaps was right.the comment section is a "warzone"
Happygirrl 7 dagen geleden
I cringed watching this. Her fear was her instincts that the activity was dangerous. Maybe take your dog on hikes on trails at National Parks or something where the terrain isn't so rough.
dani brooks
dani brooks 8 dagen geleden
These people are pretentious ASS HOLES. "Hey! Let's bring our dog rock climbing for internet clout!"
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich 10 dagen geleden
That's so awesome wow that dog definitely has more courage than me. By a mile 🤣👍🏼
travelnurse101 10 dagen geleden
Stop showing these videos
gigi paris
gigi paris 10 dagen geleden
NOT happy story at all. Poor dog!
Thomas Hovgaard
Thomas Hovgaard 11 dagen geleden
Best thing is them feeling lucky to get the greatest dog, while its the greatest dog because of them :-)
Gooner 11 dagen geleden
DigitalRiesNL 11 dagen geleden
My first downvote on this channel. This couple is taking ridiculous risks with their dog. I highly doubt the dog has a lot of fun, doing stuff she is obviously not built for. Whatever happens to one of her owners when a support won't hold is one thing, but the dog could easily be seriously injured. I hate these people with a passion.
ROGUE MIZO 12 dagen geleden
Oooo.... She wear Boots nicely... 😃 Other dogs hate.
Epic Eggman
Epic Eggman 12 dagen geleden
“The Brain was discovered in 1664.” People in 1663
Christina Suozzo
Christina Suozzo 12 dagen geleden
Can these people be anymore selfish? Omg retire your dog or adopt her out to a family who isn’t delusional that their dog “is having so much fun”. JHC
Choco WakaDoodle
Choco WakaDoodle 12 dagen geleden
Poor dog you were touturing here at first!!! You can tell she was scared put you forced her to do that... She looked like she started to have fun but that is still so dangerous 😡
Vicktoria Veela
Vicktoria Veela 13 dagen geleden
A lot of you in these comments don't know a damn thing about dogs.
Saikiran J
Saikiran J 13 dagen geleden
i just wanna say, is this necessary ? Dogs are not meant to do all that stuff.
rebecca burns
rebecca burns 13 dagen geleden
She is a part of your team. Love the way y'all show and take the time to enjoy life with y'all. Many happy years to all
Ada Kelso
Ada Kelso 13 dagen geleden
Poor little girl. For that you got a dog? How selfish. The poor thing has no idea why she is dangling from a rope in the middle of no where. You shouldn't have a dog.
TheCrazymomto6 13 dagen geleden
That’s so awesome!!!
Baseball mom 1221
Baseball mom 1221 13 dagen geleden
Cute shoes. Keep him safe !
Focus OnGrowth
Focus OnGrowth 13 dagen geleden
D A N G E R O U S, could cause skeletal issues, joint problems, accelerate hip displasia, leg, paw issues. I see this as animal abuse, period. And, when they lay out the gear - most likely this dog is excited about the car ride. This golden looked happy every time it was on secure, level footing and every other time it looked scared.
gigi paris
gigi paris 10 dagen geleden
Totally agree! Disgusting selfish couples.
J L 13 dagen geleden
Yo nahhhhhhhh th
Jean Dryden
Jean Dryden 13 dagen geleden
How does she cope with snakes. She is a lovely brave girl.
Dave Conerly
Dave Conerly 13 dagen geleden
Just remember her size dog will probably live ten years. For when the arthritis part comes , it will be hell for both dog and owner for her mindful will of spirit will wants her to still tackle these feats , but her legs and muscles will say , no I can't do that it really hurts. Where even one step up a stair will become way too painfully then it's time to say goodbye then euthanasia. Is injected and then they are gone forever. For those of us who have experienced this , there's no words to express The continual sadness and depression of losing your best friend forever tears away at your mind , soul and body where eventually eventually it kills your heart , literally and then you yourself will be dead and you are no more. I am dead from the very fact that my beagle dog was my wonderful lovable beautifully quiet friend and I let him go. Like I said , I am dead inside and the outside of this body is looking more and more dead. I don't and can't do anything . Just wish I had my dog back healthy , happy and with me.
Alan 13 dagen geleden
Dogs' bodies are not built for climbing, and jumping a lot are bad for their joints. They can take a monkey, a chimp or even a goat. Please spare the poor dog.
Yoav Allon
Yoav Allon 13 dagen geleden
Not all dogs want to sit on the coach all day. These breads are meant to be outdoors, that’s what they thrive on. The nervousness at first is part of learning and most dogs go through a learning curve for anything in their lives. That dog is down for adventure with his buddies, no question.
ᄅSENPKA 13 dagen geleden
Jenny Touhy
Jenny Touhy 13 dagen geleden
I will be letting them know how I feel on their Instagram...
geonerd 10 dagen geleden
Report this video for the ABUSE that is is!
Jenny Touhy
Jenny Touhy 13 dagen geleden
Mason Finley
Mason Finley 13 dagen geleden
When he gets to a high up edge.... he looks back at us. *in fear*
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall 13 dagen geleden
Way to scare the crap out of your dog
Beate Wagner - Amrit Navdeep Kaur
Beate Wagner - Amrit Navdeep Kaur 14 dagen geleden
Why? Can't watch
A J 14 dagen geleden
03:12 yes girl, you really sound silly. Your dog was stressed for most of time in this video. She's so happy rolling around those sand to releave its stress.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 14 dagen geleden
Anxious? That's called terrified. Arseholes forcing it into that situation to suit what you like
ME MYSELF -and- I 14 dagen geleden
Lou-Lou the Incredible 💖😊👍
Robyn Rowe
Robyn Rowe 14 dagen geleden
Sorry, don't understand why you would do that with a dog, do it to yourself
Yahu Yahu
Yahu Yahu 14 dagen geleden
So he gets away free and the guy who made his dog fly with the helium balloons for 5 secs gets trolled??
Sam S
Sam S 14 dagen geleden
Omg she’s such a cute dog!!!
Kiki Lynn
Kiki Lynn 14 dagen geleden
I couldn't even watch this whole video. I feel so bad for the dog.
dani paraty
dani paraty 14 dagen geleden
U r really selfish , irresposable and plain stupid, poor dog!!
Linda Vaillancourt
Linda Vaillancourt 14 dagen geleden
poor dog has no choice.
Yvonne Sanders
Yvonne Sanders 14 dagen geleden
Stupid people
buga vila
buga vila 14 dagen geleden
Dogs will do anything for the people they love. But why you do you have to make them feel scared and uncomfortable? It's just bloody selfish. 👎I wouldn't do that to my family members I love. So I just think you are just bloody idiots who don't care about animals at all. DODO - this is the first of videos I despise.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 14 dagen geleden
Wahhhhhhhh the dog is enjoying something I must complain😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Ms. J
Ms. J 14 dagen geleden
Some dogs love adventuring, and are built for it. This dog doesn't seem to enjoy it, gets nervous around the heights, and is a lanky little thing. A bulkier dog who can easily traverse that terrain would be better off. Never force this kind of activity on a dog. My dog loves hikes..we go on lots of back country trails. The terrain is easily walked, no steep hills for his aging hips, and we head back before he gets exhausted. Point is: find a dog whose personality and agility/activity level are like yours. And pay attention to your pooch..if the pup is anxious or nervous during the activity, then it's not the right kind of dog for you. I've never disliked a Dodo video before, but Im ok with disliking this one. :(
utalap 14 dagen geleden
Lou is such a cutie! 💚
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 14 dagen geleden
All the people commenting on how dangerous this is have no idea what they are talking about. They aren't free soloing El Cap, rappelling into a canyon isn't anymore risky than putting your dog in the back of your car and driving to the beach so long as you are responsible. It's just that one is more normalised than the other.
David Nipper
David Nipper 14 dagen geleden
If I could give this video ANOTHER thumbs down, I would.
StöMpëR 510
StöMpëR 510 14 dagen geleden
Great video. Dog's are capable of so many things. I guess some people forget about rescue and service dogs 🐕🤷🏽 and the incredible things that they do in saving lives.
RJman101 14 dagen geleden
Way to force your dog
Pilot Grove
Pilot Grove 14 dagen geleden
Uh... This seems like animal abuse
Over50andFantabulous 14 dagen geleden
I'm sorry but grandma doesn't agree with this.
inge jones
inge jones 14 dagen geleden
I am still thinking how I feel about forcing the dog to participate in all the adventures... She looks scared and stressed...
Nick Stone
Nick Stone 14 dagen geleden
Doggies are good people 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙😎😎😎😎😎😎
Carol Certoma
Carol Certoma 14 dagen geleden
Why put your pet dog through that? He has no choice but to try to grab on anything. Try playing on the ground with a ball.
varis leek
varis leek 15 dagen geleden
animal abuse
DinmaSalitzey 15 dagen geleden
2:42 "a whole 360"
miss pee
miss pee 15 dagen geleden
Even their voices sound totally idiotic. Why put an innocent animal through such unnecessary risk and fear? 🙈😿 One mistake and you have an animal yelping in pain with no rescue any time soon. Life choice: an eccentric pointless outdoor hobby - pet at home. Rambling, safely walking the great outdoors - pet included. Grateful other viewers + animal lovers see this as wrong. "Good jaaab" 🙄 Wish this had not come into my feed.
Lumeitschi 15 dagen geleden
Oh wow so much negativity. Generally If a dog is afraid of something (stairs, an object, water) you want to introduce it to him slowly to show him that it's not dangerous and it is fun. Best do it with a professional dog trainer as a lot can go wrong. That's quite important and builds up confidence. That's why introducing him to water is not a bad thing in my opinion. Also, it's just a 3 min. Video. I don't really know how much i am able to judge based on that. Also, i've also seen a dog paragliding with his human and be calm as can be, no panting, just happy to be in the lab of his human. Just my opinion, we are all entitled to our own.
Jessica Kratzert
Jessica Kratzert 15 dagen geleden
These people are so beyond selfish. That poor pups deserves better parents. Shame on you!
Easy English
Easy English 15 dagen geleden
There are 10k psychopaths who liked this vid. 🤔🤔🤔
Easy English
Easy English 15 dagen geleden
Somehow...i didn't like this on the DoDo. I didn't like the voice of the lady who was boasting off about having a dog for going on adventures. Nope. I didn't like it. Am sorry for being rude but am disliking the vid.
geonerd 10 dagen geleden
Don't just dislike, REPORT the video as abusive.
hgx 15 dagen geleden
Put some boxing gloves on and then go rock climbing again and see if you would enjoy it too. We should have got a pet goat which would have fitted their lifestyle perfectly.
Zahra Chraibi
Zahra Chraibi 15 dagen geleden
I’m glad everybody seems to think that poor Lou is uncomfortable. Let’s hope and wish we’re all wrong and the dog is actually happy. And if not let’s hope her parents/owners see how concerned everyone is and stop taking her canyoneering
Mi Sa
Mi Sa 15 dagen geleden
I don't know. I don't do this kind of stuff with my dog because I live in a city, we go to the park and stuff. But I swear to you, when in the summer we go on the mountains the first thing he does during our hikes (we go on the rocks but not on this level, sometimes we do need gear but it's rare) is try to get on the rocks, chase birds, and do the wild wolf. It's risky, but he seems so full of life when we get back. He follows us everywhere and wags his tail wildly, and I swear to you that when we are at home he doesen't listen at all
Balut Queen 'N' Burger Boy
Balut Queen 'N' Burger Boy 15 dagen geleden
Poor dog. They picked the wrong dog.
Darker Arts
Darker Arts 15 dagen geleden
Don't understand this video. The dog looks scared and is only doing it to please the owners. Disappointing to say the least.
1heatdish 15 dagen geleden
Poor dog. Awful, just awful. Grow up. Leave the dog with someone responsible while you go whatever
Butters the Doggo
Butters the Doggo 15 dagen geleden
Unsafe environment for doggo
Wilsonio The Great
Wilsonio The Great 15 dagen geleden
“She was afraid of water but then did a 360 and it changed” it was something along the lines of that but how the hell do you not know that 360 means you go around fully in a circle
M. Susan Denton
M. Susan Denton 15 dagen geleden
Dogs have joined their owners on many adventures throughout History. This God bless this precious dog and his/her family. ✝️ 📖💖
Cherie Landry-Newman
Cherie Landry-Newman 15 dagen geleden
Water is Fun for Some Dogs, Yes...BUT
Cagney68 15 dagen geleden
Lou has an amazing life and obviously enjoys these climbs as much as anyone involved. It would be cruel at this point to leave her behind simply because "NLfast said no." Happiest dog in Utah, probably. With awesome, careful folks.
Sun Flower
Sun Flower 15 dagen geleden
What the owner expect the Golden Pup to do is not what the dog wants to do or loves to do though the pup took her owner's orders and did out of obidience. I don't think the pup is scared of the water, look how dirty and gross the water is. The pup can sense it. In my mind, they were kinda TORTURING the Golden pup. The pup is very loyal and submissive, she did whatever her owner wanted her to do to make her owner happy but I don't believe she enjoyed whatever her owner wanted her to do such as jumping into the gross dirty water and rock climbing. What we human being expect our pets to do doesn't mean what our pets love to do.
l coleman
l coleman 15 dagen geleden
Chally's Animated Life
Chally's Animated Life 15 dagen geleden
Yeah, can we actually be responsible pet owners and NOT force our dogs to do crazy stuff like this?
gargoyleb 15 dagen geleden
It's a 180.... 360 and you're the same way you started... o_0
Unclericos Timemachine
Unclericos Timemachine 15 dagen geleden
Idiot yuppie owners
DisinterestedYak 15 dagen geleden
Come summertime, that guy is just going to jump in the water.
Its Me
Its Me 15 dagen geleden
Everyone is saying not to do this this is bad the dog can get hurt I need for everyone who said that the please be quiet because what about the people who get lost in the canyon is dogs like her that help so please you may not be built for it but they are if they like it I love it she can actually be a rescue dog one day
Fay Khoury
Fay Khoury 15 dagen geleden
I would never ever take a dog on this or in Florida by water ever !
Grainne Mcgough
Grainne Mcgough 15 dagen geleden
WTF. This is awful that dog is clearly afraid
Birdie Jeffers
Birdie Jeffers 15 dagen geleden
Lou's having the time of her life!! 😁🐾 EDIT: It's not "silly to say your dog is part of your team" - it looks like she's become the core of it 💞
SHay dee
SHay dee 15 dagen geleden
You can take your dog on walks, but please for the love of god don't take her work climbing
A R 15 dagen geleden
This is the first of the many many many videos from the Dodo that I have watched that I'm really really really disappointed they posted.
Who Picked Bard LoL
Who Picked Bard LoL 15 dagen geleden
Teaching the dog to push through it’s fears while also giving constant support is proper instructing. Living in a bubble, disregarding things because they are “scary” or “terrifying” become helpless.
patris lemair
patris lemair 15 dagen geleden
I am happy I’m not that poor doggy
Orby Jett
Orby Jett 15 dagen geleden
So sick of self serving humans
Britney Firehunter
Britney Firehunter 15 dagen geleden
I don’t think she’s full golden? Is she mixed? Very cute
wizmj2003 15 dagen geleden
Thank you Dodo for featuring a great dog parent that truly gives their dog an incredible life. Unfortunately as we can see in the comments, there are a lot of Karen's that believe feeding and walking their dog down the block makes them a good dog parent. Let this woman be an inspiration to them.
Bernadette Medeiros
Bernadette Medeiros 14 dagen geleden
@wizmj2003 your welcome :)
wizmj2003 14 dagen geleden
​@Bernadette Medeiros Thank you NLfast psychiatrist for this lifetime diagnosis off a 3 minute video.
Bernadette Medeiros
Bernadette Medeiros 15 dagen geleden
@wizmj2003 if you say so, dog looked very afraid, if you think this is normal so be it, its not, if these people love their animal , they would find activities for the dog that is less stressful, all they are doing is putting stress and anxiety in the dog for rest of its life
wizmj2003 15 dagen geleden
@SHay dee You care so much you'll leave a comment and then never think of him again. All the while his parents are giving him a better life than you have.
SHay dee
SHay dee 15 dagen geleden
Karens? Nah we just care about that poor dogs life
Patrick Reilly
Patrick Reilly 15 dagen geleden
So many people in these comments are worried about what other people do with their lives. Worry about your own 😂😂
Bernadette Medeiros
Bernadette Medeiros 15 dagen geleden
no one is worried about what these people are doing with their lives, they are commenting on safety of the animal, the video was put up with a comment section , that is what comments are for,
SHay dee
SHay dee 15 dagen geleden
idgaf. Im living my best life for a 13 year old girl. Their dogs life isn't their life
James 15 dagen geleden
That place looks like fun tho
Monique Jeffery
Monique Jeffery 15 dagen geleden
That's absolutely awesome! I know my dog would love to do that with me!
Benjamin Maeseele
Benjamin Maeseele 15 dagen geleden
If you have courage and trust on others, fear will be afraid of your amazing abilities just like Lou.
Ryann T
Ryann T 15 dagen geleden
Very very selfish ppl... Rock climbing isn't for dogs. They all wear helmets, but the doggy wasn't protected
DipityS 16 dagen geleden
I appreciate that you've trained her right and gone at her speed and the obvious joy and fun she's having is amazing - thank you for sharing you pup with us.
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley 16 dagen geleden
This is the stupidest thing ever put on here.. also imagine how many times that dog ate it and cartwheeled 10-20 feet down rocks. Cool. 🙄
Gilly G
Gilly G 16 dagen geleden
Why would you do this to the dog? Selfish people again. But 'watch me become famous on the DODO' Sorry, I absolutely adore the Dodo but this is purely selfish human idiocy and not a love for animals.
Shruwa S
Shruwa S 16 dagen geleden
Sorry but i did not like this
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