Teenager Sneaks Lost Puppy Into His House When His Parents Fall Asleep | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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12 dagen geleden

Teenager finds a lost puppy on his porch - his parents say she can't come inside, but wait til they fall asleep ♥️

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Amalgamation Prime
Amalgamation Prime 57 minuten geleden
Bubba (new dog): SpongeBob. Rocky: Squidward.
M a n d a L
M a n d a L 3 uur geleden
Shella Eldridge
Shella Eldridge 4 uur geleden
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Elena Sossi
Elena Sossi 4 uur geleden
What a sweet guy!!
🤫incognito_playzzz🤫 6 uur geleden
for some reason im having some suspiscion that she was not the owner cause the puppy did not seem too excited and neither did the owner-
The King IImkrII
The King IImkrII 7 uur geleden
This is the best of humanity he’s invited to the cookout and send the puppy filled lambo
Beth B
Beth B 9 uur geleden
Azariah Hilo
Azariah Hilo 10 uur geleden
The sock sweater is priceless!!
Lorraine Dennis
Lorraine Dennis 13 uur geleden
What a lovely young man ... a son to be proud of 😘
anges barbara
anges barbara 14 uur geleden
The afraid blanket shortly blush because vision regionally start under a breakable design. wonderful, entertaining beginner
Sristy Dey
Sristy Dey 16 uur geleden
Man, you're doing the good work❤️
slurp 17 uur geleden
I love his blanket
riyyyaaannnis cracked
riyyyaaannnis cracked 17 uur geleden
T. E. Burgos
T. E. Burgos 17 uur geleden
I cannot be the only one who almost till the end of the video was hoping for some sort of twist or miraculous turn of events that would allow Bubba to stay with Ubaldo. And I definitely cannot be the only one crying and crying and crying...
SSO Vanessa SteelRock
SSO Vanessa SteelRock 18 uur geleden
I understand how hard it would be, but he did the right thing
unitenotdivide 18 uur geleden
good job young man
Claire Kincaid
Claire Kincaid 19 uur geleden
Well I think her owners don't deserve her she is a baby who does not watch their baby glad you found her and took care of her
Chloe Berry
Chloe Berry 19 uur geleden
you can always ask for visits, a lot of people respect that you brought their dogs back and they will allow you to see them sometimes
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills 20 uur geleden
I wish I could get a puppy like that. My dog is fat,lazy, and sleeps all day
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills Uur geleden
it was a joke. My dogs old and doesn’t do much. We take really good care of him too. Make sure he’s fed has water and goes for walks.
peachTplum 9 uur geleden
Your dog wouldn't be fat and lazy if you cared for them properly.
Britnee De LA Vega
Britnee De LA Vega 22 uur geleden
That’s so adorable 💙
Prachi Mathur
Prachi Mathur 23 uur geleden
Does the dog really belonged to her?
Clashy Bhogrey
Clashy Bhogrey Dag geleden
Because that's what Heroes Do... 🥂 ✌️
uh idk !
uh idk ! Dag geleden
I never leave my dog outside by himself because I’m scared one day he’ll get out and then I’ll never see him again
uh idk !
uh idk ! Dag geleden
I hope the owners are good people
hut7g4 Playz
hut7g4 Playz Dag geleden
Well if u got attached to the puppy just ask if u can come and play with her in the weekend or smtg like this
uh idk !
uh idk ! Dag geleden
Lol that’s weird tho … like their gonna be like “wtf”
Nicky S
Nicky S Dag geleden
Ohhhh Lord yes what a great kid with a huge heart I hope life will treat YOU well many blessings and peace.... Namasté
Rearbreed 69
Rearbreed 69 Dag geleden
Good on you mate
Marie K.
Marie K. Dag geleden
God bless this young man. Such a wonderful person.
bobnab Dag geleden
SO now someone just doing the right thing is an internet video? jeez
Jeremy was a bullfrog
Jeremy was a bullfrog Dag geleden
God bless you for getting them back to the ones who owned her. My dog got out and he was a very friendly good dog and I haven't seen him since... I miss him so much 😢
Diane Crofoot
Diane Crofoot Dag geleden
So sweet of you
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor Dag geleden
The sweater ❤️❤️
Kitty Khat
Kitty Khat Dag geleden
I really hope it was the rightful owners not just someone claiming it's theirs because there's no way to tell.
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson Dag geleden
If the owner of the house would kick you out because you are fostering a lost dog they are a pos.
yes yes
yes yes Dag geleden
i thoguht it was a girl talking
Halima Fadel
Halima Fadel Dag geleden
Bubba is so cute ☺️
wildlifers 221
wildlifers 221 Dag geleden
David Crime
David Crime Dag geleden
Such a young man to have an old, kind soul
Dennis Pyle
Dennis Pyle Dag geleden
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Susan Vandenassem
Susan Vandenassem Dag geleden
What sweet and thoughtful kids! Bless this young man for his kindness and taking such good care of this little squirt while her people anxiously searched for her! ❤ This is a bit like losing your wallet, and having some honest soul make sure that you get it back intact!!
kli red
kli red Dag geleden
The godly beech covalently reply because rice contextually share beneath a drunk george. solid, spiffy lathe
Christine Dixon
Christine Dixon Dag geleden
Well done love hope you get every thing you want in life for for what you did for this puppy
wilhelm Dag geleden
this storys looks so staged and arranged. i dont trust them.
Andaeea Dag geleden
The teenager did the right thing
This kid is pure gold
LunarLynx20 Dag geleden
Those people could be lying
Leeanne Klitz
Leeanne Klitz Dag geleden
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ミスティック Mistic McNeil
ミスティック Mistic McNeil Dag geleden
Jayson Abellada
Jayson Abellada 2 dagen geleden
All I can think about rn is chi owa owa
CoCo Pops Cereal with Milk
CoCo Pops Cereal with Milk 2 dagen geleden
This guy is the best. Good kid, wish him the best in life.
gtr mjk
gtr mjk 2 dagen geleden
The befitting alarm lovely jump because diaphragm exclusively dance down a noxious daffodil. simple, purring margin
Rex Roselo
Rex Roselo 2 dagen geleden
Bubba eh? Hmm sounds familiar..
Maya Minhas
Maya Minhas 2 dagen geleden
I can’t really say much but this really made me cry…just a little 🥺😢
R E I / A L I A
R E I / A L I A 2 dagen geleden
Aww I would try that too but my parents are religious and don’t like dogs in the house (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
catherine donoghue
catherine donoghue 2 dagen geleden
Jesus her home didn't look great little dogs all out front, no wonder she got lost 😳.
breakfastmachine 2 dagen geleden
great kid, garbage parents.
heaven h
heaven h 2 dagen geleden
if you find a lost dog/ pet with a collar and you want to help, you can take pictures without the collar and post about finding the dog. if someone reaches out about potentially being the owner, you can ask something like "was the dog wearing a collar, and if so what color" that's what I always do if checking for a chip isn't always readily available :)
Ayleen Reyes
Ayleen Reyes 2 dagen geleden
I snuck a cat in my house, we have now had that cat for 9 years.
Kindra Harper
Kindra Harper 2 dagen geleden
The spectacular dragonfly fortuitously damage because plow arespectively haunt absent a aromatic circle. awful, cultured storm
charitra Jain
charitra Jain 2 dagen geleden
You are an amazing guy 😉👍
Dorothy Zbornak
Dorothy Zbornak 2 dagen geleden
This kid is 10x the person his parents are. They should be ashamed of themselves. You don’t leave a dog out to fend more itself. Thankfully, their son is a wonderful human.
Lucas Antonio
Lucas Antonio Dag geleden
Hi how are you doing? Do you love animals?
Lucas Antonio
Lucas Antonio Dag geleden
Yes they are
Ms S1mp
Ms S1mp 2 dagen geleden
Best name for her is princess 🥰
mscudde2 2 dagen geleden
What a stand up gentleman and human being!
KeepUR2Cents ULookBroke
KeepUR2Cents ULookBroke 2 dagen geleden
That is a great kid!!
Eliza Beth
Eliza Beth 2 dagen geleden
Hey! I saw this on tiktok!
State of Emergency
State of Emergency 2 dagen geleden
Lmao he gave that tiny dog that much food? That's like 10 Thanksgivings for the smoll pup. Adorable.
Staycool Twom
Staycool Twom 2 dagen geleden
Wasn’t this the same video where the parents didn’t even want their son to feed the poor dog?
Sara 2 dagen geleden
What a sweet kid.
cyxnxr 2 dagen geleden
what if the person who said it was theirs it wasnt?
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 2 dagen geleden
Talking English and Spanish made the experience more enjoy full for me. Amazing Boy! Got bless him
Catalina Orangefeather
Catalina Orangefeather 2 dagen geleden
Awww wholesome
Ka yf
Ka yf 2 dagen geleden
So adorable
yyoommii 2 dagen geleden
what kind of puppy is this?
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 2 dagen geleden
Your a sweet young man thanks for being the good person you are!!
Lucas Antonio
Lucas Antonio Dag geleden
Sure he deserves an honor lol.... Do you love animals? How are you doing?
B Humphries
B Humphries 2 dagen geleden
This young man has a heart of gold! His family should be extremely proud of him! That puppy went to him for a reason!
Lucas Antonio
Lucas Antonio Dag geleden
Yes he is.... His just been so caring to the cute kitty 🐈... They are adorable...... Do you love animals? How are you doing?
Kerry Woods
Kerry Woods 2 dagen geleden
What a great kid! You did a wonderful thing. God bless!
Isabella Lynn10
Isabella Lynn10 2 dagen geleden
This made me cry because last time my dog ran away and had a baby but later in the night she died and that small puppy looked like my dog that ran away-
Gwendolyn Kassidy
Gwendolyn Kassidy 2 dagen geleden
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a dumb person
a dumb person 2 dagen geleden
but that was a online message you should have made sure that the dog was their dog because you never know
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford 2 dagen geleden
so cute and adorable love it the name ❤️
Susannah Perri
Susannah Perri 2 dagen geleden
What a wonderful person you are to take such care and responsibility for this tiny creature. You probably saved her life, anything could have happened to her. You are one of the special ones, my friend, don't EVER forget that, no matter what life may throw at you! We need you in this world. Big hugs from California!
Lucas Antonio
Lucas Antonio Dag geleden
Sure he will definitely do that... And sure they are cute and adorable 💕😘 do you love animals? I have two beautiful dogs jack and bingo.... Well am lucas from mexico but I live in winchester massachusetts USA...
Khaled Ramadan
Khaled Ramadan 2 dagen geleden
You are a great young man
Jon Harder
Jon Harder 2 dagen geleden
That dog looks delicious, i met a Vietnam bro and he showed me how to cook those dogs up, they are fucking delicious.
d d
d d 2 dagen geleden
feels like the owners weren't even looking for their "lost" dog.
d d
d d 17 uur geleden
you're the triggered owner? hahah there are many like you who abandon dogs. you people should burn
d d
d d 17 uur geleden
@GOldenPROdigy115 wtf are you mumbling about you fool.
GOldenPROdigy115 17 uur geleden
Judgemental much. Screw you. I hate assholes like you the most. You're the type who talks behind people's backs. Fix your disgusting self
Lisa Black
Lisa Black 2 dagen geleden
You are a sweet, kind thoughtful kid
Immortal Girl
Immortal Girl 2 dagen geleden
James Tufaner
James Tufaner 2 dagen geleden
Great job young man, hey parents wake up, you could learn a thing or two of your son
Madz Mercado
Madz Mercado 2 dagen geleden
Aww. May your heart be blessed abundantly young man. 🙏❤
sakura heartfilia
sakura heartfilia 2 dagen geleden
Aaaawww, God Bless you!!!
klmoll 2 dagen geleden
What a sweet hearted boy! Bless him! I loved his making her a cardboard box bed and a sock sweater. Good for him for being determined ro return her to her people. I hope the puppy is watched closer In the future to not get out and get lost. 🌹
jojo catty
jojo catty 2 dagen geleden
The pointless bus disturbingly applaud because committee ideally face qua a hypnotic tsunami. wholesale, knotty interviewer
Missy Monster
Missy Monster 2 dagen geleden
What better way to prove to your neighbor landlord that you don't have a secret puppy by keeping the pup in your front yard...
Christina Hernandez
Christina Hernandez 2 dagen geleden
You did a great job caring for her.
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 2 dagen geleden
Nice of you to share your delicious dog food with the pup.
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm 2 dagen geleden
The people who own the puppy should have been more careful not to lose her honestly I think would have had a better life with this kid he seem to love her so much it's unfortunate he couldn't keep her
Linda Gunn
Linda Gunn 2 dagen geleden
What a great young man! xoxo
Chris Ezra Igbalic
Chris Ezra Igbalic 2 dagen geleden
i almost cried
Nelisa Persaud
Nelisa Persaud 2 dagen geleden
So sweet 💕
Piyush Banarjee
Piyush Banarjee 2 dagen geleden
German Shepherds can sometimes be jealous, mine used to literally cry if he saw me pet my cat
C Gallagher
C Gallagher 2 dagen geleden
... labrador became jealous when he saw me with goats on the other side of fence -- He whined etc.; then he began eating grass -- as if to say "See, i can eat grass too, just like goats."
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