Watch This Silly Pittie Become The Most Patient Foster Dad Ever | The Dodo Pittie Nation

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13 dagen geleden

Chase has the goofiest alter ego, Carl! He brings so much joy to his family.

You can keep up with Chase and his alter-ego Carl on Instagram @sometimescarl:

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Laurie Rivera
Laurie Rivera 20 uur geleden
What a character ❤️
The Traisters
The Traisters Dag geleden
Omg he’s just like me, but dog
Zoey Hurtado
Zoey Hurtado 3 dagen geleden
So heart warming
Floyd Williams
Floyd Williams 4 dagen geleden
theiconiumfoundation 5 dagen geleden
White folks looove they dogs boy
Julia Price
Julia Price 5 dagen geleden
Omg what a cutie love pitbulls.😘😘
Enkelt fiske.
Enkelt fiske. 5 dagen geleden
Auwa auwa
jjthajet21 j
jjthajet21 j 6 dagen geleden
He has to mixed with pitbull
duuh winning
duuh winning 6 dagen geleden
Maybe he has a condition?
AppleBomb 6 dagen geleden
OMG those crooked widdle teefies are so adorable!!! 😍😍
Pina de Vos
Pina de Vos 6 dagen geleden
Memesdone Right
Memesdone Right 7 dagen geleden
Carl is my spirit animal, no doubt
Mario Purisic
Mario Purisic 7 dagen geleden
I need a Carl
PHANTOM Delux 7 dagen geleden
Videos like these are gonna get kids and other people killed as they try and adopt a pittie only to forget the origin of these dogs as they were built to take down fucking bulls. you need the bloodlust and the power to keep biting to have taken them down back then. there is a good reason for why countries banned pitbulls only America is dumb enough to keep these dogs around. if and when they break god help you or the person its gonna bite, cause your scrawny ass is not gonna be able do to a thing to a 100 pound muscle fiend dog that will rip you or your kids to pieces out of nowhere.
Papaskiesiii 7 dagen geleden
The music does it all
billy bob
billy bob 8 dagen geleden
He's a chill artist
Genji from overwatch
Genji from overwatch 8 dagen geleden
Genji from overwatch
Genji from overwatch 8 dagen geleden
I think he broken to exe
Roaming Gnome
Roaming Gnome 8 dagen geleden
I had a smile on my face the whole time watching this. He reminds me of our pitty mix Katie Bear.
Terri MacKay
Terri MacKay 8 dagen geleden
OMG!! I love this dog!! I need a Chase in my life!! ❤️❤️❤️
GODSANGRYHANDS 8 dagen geleden
steven caldwell
steven caldwell 8 dagen geleden
😂😂😂 those evil pit bulls 🤦🏻‍♂️
Kitty Kelso
Kitty Kelso 8 dagen geleden
Great patience!!
Bill Rusk
Bill Rusk 8 dagen geleden
I love how his lips hang down when he lays on his back & gotta love the hanging tongue. He's so cute
Addicted to diving
Addicted to diving 8 dagen geleden
What a beautiful dog.
Sylph Rave
Sylph Rave 8 dagen geleden
it really gets me curious as to what type of microphone sounds that horrible lmao
kristyne truax
kristyne truax 8 dagen geleden
Oh yes ! I have an Azul
Ann Trope
Ann Trope 8 dagen geleden
He's sooo funny, & adorable!! & a good, & patient big brudder! !
G LYLES 8 dagen geleden
Cute, cute and more cuteness. Mom and Dad you are Angels 😇💖
KaKa 9 dagen geleden
harry viking
harry viking 9 dagen geleden
There should be a ban on dogs like this! They are so adorable....when they chew up a kid or someone unlucky enough to be close to an angry one!!
demiurge 9 dagen geleden
My wife does the same thing behind my back, she's always on her back with her legs open. One of these days, I'm just going to leave her.
seshat1111 9 dagen geleden
What a precious boy!! 🐶❤️
The Man On The Mountain
The Man On The Mountain 9 dagen geleden
We all have a friend like that.
Tracy Villadelrey
Tracy Villadelrey 9 dagen geleden
Love that they also thanked Carl, not just Chase haha
uk mike
uk mike 9 dagen geleden
The poor old fella is knackered out looking out for all those others puppy's 😀 brilliant 👏
Tylor Did
Tylor Did 9 dagen geleden
That's what life should be
y33llowsubmarin 9 dagen geleden
What a sweetheart💖💖💖💖
Tylor Did
Tylor Did 9 dagen geleden
If you did not question why we work for just keeping the wheel moving at 0:11 you maybe dead inside.
PaulsonAndBrauberg 9 dagen geleden
Oh noooooooo the like, comment, subscribe is baaaaaack. UNSUBSCRIIIIIIIIIBE
Savaged Pepe
Savaged Pepe 9 dagen geleden
Side effects of an identity crisis
Accelement 9 dagen geleden
What a PITIBULL lil guy omgosh hes friginamazin i want one
V 9 dagen geleden
check his teeth, they may be hurting. putting his jaw on a table and tongue hanging sideways may be an indicator that something is hurting and trying to rest his head or find some comfort. No offence, I am not a vet, just someone with dog experience. Do an x-ray of his teeth.
Gabrielle Tollerson
Gabrielle Tollerson 9 dagen geleden
I want whatever that dog is on lmfao
Gabrielle Tollerson
Gabrielle Tollerson 9 dagen geleden
Doreen Evans
Doreen Evans 9 dagen geleden
Carl and my Clover should get together. She is just like him.. totally mellow, sleeps upside down... You have to wonder what kind of a hell they came from to be so relaxed and happy with us as dog parents.
Rachel Walter
Rachel Walter 9 dagen geleden
That looks my Walter. He was 12ish when we adopted him and lost him after 9 months, but we loved him so much during that time.
Bunny 9 dagen geleden
Talk about lazy... Adorable lazy baby
Prerna Jain PJ & Associates
Prerna Jain PJ & Associates 9 dagen geleden
Cuteness overload
Jk Perdue
Jk Perdue 9 dagen geleden
Oh I like Carl, he's such a big baby oh what sweetie
Spuds 9 dagen geleden
It always breaks my heart when people automatically say Pitties are Dangerous or Mean. Obviously these people have never owned a Pitbull. I have had several and currently have one now! They have got to be one of the most loving Breeds! Over my 60 years I've had numerous dog Breeds. So far I have to say that Pitties and Akitas have to be the best large breeds I've ever had! By far the two most intelligent German Shepherds and Poodles! Sorry to say the most Stubborn and not so intelligent Chiuhauhas!
Omar Elsayed
Omar Elsayed 9 dagen geleden
Hes soo cute!!
Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott 9 dagen geleden
He iw too cute
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 9 dagen geleden
He’s so cute and silly! 😂
unko shave ice
unko shave ice 10 dagen geleden
Wish he was my big head drooly boi
Joan M Macy
Joan M Macy 10 dagen geleden
Only a happy and content puppies relax that much. He is so darn cute. ❤🐕
A Person
A Person 10 dagen geleden
Hilarious! We call our doggie Carl when he's emotional. Carl Thomas the R&B singer. Sometimes we call him Keith Sweat.
Christian D
Christian D 10 dagen geleden
JESUS IS CALLING YOU 10 dagen geleden
Chase/Carl looks like a happy dog but something is off about him. He looks sick. His eyes and nose give it away!
Steve 6 dagen geleden
What do you mean??
Vaibhavi Kunde
Vaibhavi Kunde 10 dagen geleden
He's so gullible
rifleman1873 10 dagen geleden
What a wonderful dog!!
Motohunt94 10 dagen geleden
Jungle gym and I got the DBD vibes right away!
cryofist 10 dagen geleden
its just the dogs personality...that would be like calling your kid a different name whenever company is over because they behave different..i dont get why people do this
The Spectator
The Spectator 10 dagen geleden
lovley :)
L M 10 dagen geleden
Oh my heart🥰 Carl Chase is so flippin cute ❤️
gmmpiper 10 dagen geleden
He is the EXACT reason everyone needs a dog!♥️
Allen 10 dagen geleden
the dog is absolutely cracked XD
JaxMom 10 dagen geleden
He’s a dreamboat❣️🥰
Mr. J
Mr. J 10 dagen geleden
25,000 people are killed by dogs,Pitbull’s are at the top of the list
Lord Chaa
Lord Chaa 10 dagen geleden
That’s how my Foxhound Emmitt sleeps. Cracks me up all the time.
Em Free
Em Free 10 dagen geleden
Carl is a lovable piece of work!😍
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla 10 dagen geleden
Beautiful pup..n such a loveable personality
Cathy Carsilli
Cathy Carsilli 10 dagen geleden
Michelle Lowe
Michelle Lowe 10 dagen geleden
Lol those pictures are so priceless 🤣
Dawn 10 dagen geleden
sooo cute , im dying ... we need a carl...
Lauren Matarazzo
Lauren Matarazzo 10 dagen geleden
What an adorable, happy dude, no matter his name!!!!!
RAD Rachael
RAD Rachael 10 dagen geleden
He’s cute and so patient with the other puppies I also like how he has an alter ego name
Minnow Kollmann
Minnow Kollmann 10 dagen geleden
(I get the jokes, I just want others to know that Carl and Chase are super normal. All of this is normal dog behavior. Obviously breeds and temperment/personality.. but my dog does all these things. :) even the beached whale.. he's a puggle and his teefies stick out like that too. It's so fuckin cute.. and his belly is pink and white.. aww ♡♡♡♡♡)
Minnow Kollmann
Minnow Kollmann 10 dagen geleden
I also know it's 1 dog. So cute tho
T Berd
T Berd 10 dagen geleden
Sooo vicious. Not!
I’m Awesome
I’m Awesome 10 dagen geleden
Dyan Shane
Dyan Shane 10 dagen geleden
I love Carl AKA Chase! He is adorable! Great mom and dad!
Martin Dorak
Martin Dorak 10 dagen geleden
You are so lucky to have such a cute, cool and so very goofy pit. He looks and sounds like a riot!
Barbara Lewandowski
Barbara Lewandowski 10 dagen geleden
U got a 💓 cutE dOG.
Painting Animals On Rocks
Painting Animals On Rocks 10 dagen geleden
Drooling dogs gross me out. Thank God for them there's people like you that can love them anyway. 😍
shafur3 10 dagen geleden
S of Cute and funny!
Cyndy Kated
Cyndy Kated 10 dagen geleden
He has to be goofy have the patience of Chase. What a sweetie.
faust Love
faust Love 10 dagen geleden
Absolutely the sweetest breed!! I didn't know what I was missing until I adopted a pittie.
LaBelleDame DuManor
LaBelleDame DuManor 11 dagen geleden
I have a cat called Squeaker. His real name is Harry but he was nicknamed Squeaker cuz his meow still sounded high even when he grew up. We still call him Squeaker, Squeak or Squeaky.
LeeMary Coziar
LeeMary Coziar 11 dagen geleden
My pittie rests her head when she wants something, and she will rest it on anything, like the cats or my head 🤣
The Asian
The Asian 11 dagen geleden
Chase *:\* Carl *:D*
Tina Tam
Tina Tam 11 dagen geleden
Dinosaur ?
Raymond Røsok
Raymond Røsok 11 dagen geleden
Haha, like watching how my dog behave 😂
Dave Sitchon
Dave Sitchon 11 dagen geleden
He must be on the SPLIT OR GLASS even dogs
SusanJane 11 dagen geleden
Many dogs have teeth and mouth problems. Our pugs sure did. The tongue hanging out is stunted teeth or lack of teeth in that area. No teeth means drool escapes the normal channel of the dog's mouth. I suspect the upside-down habit as well as the head resting on tables is partially this dog trying to get his mouth and tongue comfortable. I may be wrong, of course, but calling a dog "crazy" may be misunderstanding the real problem. My ridgeback could be a total goofball so I do understand that people play into and reinforce this behavior. I'm sure Carl's well taken care of. And you guys clearly love him.
S Masterson
S Masterson 11 dagen geleden
Lose the background noise! Can't hear what YOU are saying!
Icegrey6 11 dagen geleden
Look at this wonderful derp! Love him 😍
Tony Sasso
Tony Sasso 11 dagen geleden
How cute is that
quecisneros 11 dagen geleden
Lovely. My dog does the same back posture whenever resting!
Abid Khan
Abid Khan 11 dagen geleden
When I looked at that thumbnail, the first question came to my mind was, what breed of crocodile is that?
Pitshoster 9 dagen geleden
A crocodile is probably safer than a pitbull lol
Brian McCarthy
Brian McCarthy 11 dagen geleden
Most pit bulls do this but Carl/Chase has it down to an extreme level.
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