Cat Rolls Down The Stairs 5x A Day | The Dodo Cat Crazy

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The Dodo

10 dagen geleden

This cat is obsessed with rolling down her family's staircase... wait until you see why she started this adorable habit! 😍

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Lorraine McKenna
Lorraine McKenna Uur geleden
Cat lovers are the best
M* H*
M* H* 4 uur geleden
I "thunk" that's pretty cute!!! 😊😘😉💕
lolcatz88 4 uur geleden
Geez I love cats! 😻😻😻
Tyree F
Tyree F 9 uur geleden
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Rinaldi Maxine
Rinaldi Maxine 17 uur geleden
The jumpy nurse temporarily pull because toilet virtually disarm until a elderly collision. hesitant, verdant delete
Mike Mondano
Mike Mondano 21 uur geleden
Get a brain. She's scratching herself.
Mary Ronan
Mary Ronan Dag geleden
I love it that this lady opened her home to three Ferrell kittens...... thank you!❤️
rick pen
rick pen Dag geleden
I think she needs to be petted more! lol
S CS Dag geleden
So cute 🥰
Vjitsu 888
Vjitsu 888 Dag geleden
Seven Wonders
Seven Wonders Dag geleden
Very Nice! Thanks for Taking Care of the Kitties! 😻
Syco Fya
Syco Fya Dag geleden
I like cats when theyre very expressive and interactive
Girl Alex
Girl Alex Dag geleden
I love how it never gets old for the person. She laughs every time.
devilmecare Dag geleden
Mine would only roll down the stairs is she's too fat to walk.
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller Dag geleden
Goofy cat.
movie goer
movie goer Dag geleden
Paul Coover
Paul Coover 2 dagen geleden
Wants to be Stallones, stunt double.
j lirie
j lirie 2 dagen geleden
There's always one..
Rita Smith
Rita Smith 2 dagen geleden
Just so adorable
colin paterson
colin paterson 2 dagen geleden
My cat in a nutshell
Jenny x
Jenny x 2 dagen geleden
Time to get a mini slide
123haninhk 2 dagen geleden
The Japanese cat who does the same thing is probably related with this American cat.
Robin Bradley
Robin Bradley 2 dagen geleden
Irresistible kitty! Posey and sisters are all beautiful and so well loved
Kristia Spight
Kristia Spight 2 dagen geleden
This cat is living her best life and I'm inspired by her... sometimes it feels good to just roll around! It doesn't hurt that she's adorable 😊
randomness channel
randomness channel 2 dagen geleden
Janja Vrbančič
Janja Vrbančič 2 dagen geleden
Eliza Wilson
Eliza Wilson 2 dagen geleden
The only justification for this behavior is this cat must think that she’s a slinky 🤣
Blue Clover
Blue Clover 2 dagen geleden
I don't think she's expressing herself or "showing" her joy, she probably just finds it fun
Psycho Diary
Psycho Diary 3 dagen geleden
People who disliked need rehab
Psycho Diary
Psycho Diary 3 dagen geleden
No they is just jealous they don't have the courage but it looks fun hhh what a cutie. So lucky... I need acat...
4 Gratitude
4 Gratitude 3 dagen geleden
Add cardboard
Phantom King
Phantom King 3 dagen geleden
Isn't she just rubbing her body on the carpet stairs ????? Though it looks cute
windwardpro 3 dagen geleden
Enough with the baby voice.
Rose stem-s
Rose stem-s 3 dagen geleden
My cat on my leg when I try to do something:
Yulianto Reynaldi
Yulianto Reynaldi 3 dagen geleden
She's a cat with a snake inner spirit
Helen Lauer
Helen Lauer 3 dagen geleden
It's not joy -- it's ownership -- these are her stairs, and her scent is all over them. This is how.
Heidibee 3 dagen geleden
It reminds me of myself at the age of three. I told my mom l was flying down the attic stairs. She said you dreamed that. So l went up by myself when she was busy and l took a flying leap. It did not end well. My mother came running. At first she said "I told you so." Then she made sure l was just bruised. I didn't try that again.
Heidibee 3 dagen geleden
Cats have their own personality and their own ways of doing things. Cats are very aware of our reactions and they love to entertain.
coldsake07 3 dagen geleden
she is not expressing herself or showing her joy you dumb star reading drum circle new age yuppie tard, its a cat....she is playing
Joy Long
Joy Long 3 dagen geleden
❤❤🐈 love your narration!
Monica Alcaraz
Monica Alcaraz 3 dagen geleden
She scratching her back
Ian Wulf
Ian Wulf 3 dagen geleden
Pretty sure that cat just found that the stairs are a good back scratching surface.
Jarrod Alston
Jarrod Alston 3 dagen geleden
Introducing the feline slinky
Pauly Walnuts
Pauly Walnuts 3 dagen geleden
Wow, she is something else. Very self aware that kitten.
L Hepfl
L Hepfl 3 dagen geleden
flippity, slippitty, hoppity, butt thunk, repeat, wheee!!!
Jessica Romo
Jessica Romo 3 dagen geleden
Lmao i have a who looks just like her and i could see her doing something like this. She likes throw her self aroubd too lol.
Nexiphh - Noob
Nexiphh - Noob 3 dagen geleden
you cant blame her, we all used to slide down the stairs!
Kim Kochel
Kim Kochel 4 dagen geleden
Too funny. Unconditional Love at its finest. Too cute. Congrats on taking them into a loving home. God Bless you 🙏❤
YESHUA IS CHRIST 4 dagen geleden
Evelyn Cagle
Evelyn Cagle 4 dagen geleden
Thank you for adopting these beautiful babies. And thank you for sharing this joy.
Lovely Dardompre
Lovely Dardompre 4 dagen geleden
Soooo cute
tutsy bassista
tutsy bassista 4 dagen geleden
So super cute! 😍 I wish my cat would do that; she's a little obese.
fringedweller mccatintyre
fringedweller mccatintyre 4 dagen geleden
So fun, thanks!
Cinder Man
Cinder Man 4 dagen geleden
Here's to a long happy life of Butt Thunking! 💛
Marie Juana
Marie Juana 4 dagen geleden
The narrator sounds like the chick from Tangled (I forgot her name)
Tomas Augustinovic
Tomas Augustinovic 4 dagen geleden
This is fantastic. She's so lovely :D
Narelle Ravesi
Narelle Ravesi 4 dagen geleden
Just so precious 🙏💗
Sumit Malik
Sumit Malik 4 dagen geleden
2:31 - dead.
Percy the little Green engine
Percy the little Green engine 4 dagen geleden
My heart is just melting it also brings me back to my younger days where I would slide down the stairs such good days :) such good days :)
Angela Hicks
Angela Hicks 4 dagen geleden
Adorable! ❤️❤️
Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller 4 dagen geleden
I love watching this. It's so cute and hilarious at the same time watching your cat doing this.
Words, words, words
Words, words, words 4 dagen geleden
Stair dancer
Petite Pouliche
Petite Pouliche 4 dagen geleden
My heart just melted!!!
Nelida Flores
Nelida Flores 4 dagen geleden
So adorable 😍😚
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles 4 dagen geleden
That's basically how I move around when I wake up,
Bobert El.
Bobert El. 4 dagen geleden
A real life slinky cat
Diana Gable
Diana Gable 4 dagen geleden
The cat has found a masseuse.
Mica Mckenzie
Mica Mckenzie 4 dagen geleden
What a cute funny cat
MANUCPA1 4 dagen geleden
My cat does that too !
John Kean
John Kean 4 dagen geleden
Of course! She was a stunt man in a past life. Simples.
Sharon Kaczorowski
Sharon Kaczorowski 4 dagen geleden
Good scratches, too.
Sharon Kaczorowski
Sharon Kaczorowski 4 dagen geleden
Lol…great kittie.
Untiltomorrow9 4 dagen geleden
Having FUN. Even a cat can have fun.
S 4 dagen geleden
The narrator has an amazing voice! Similar cadence to Liv Tyler 💖
rarura rarura
rarura rarura 4 dagen geleden
What a crazy cat 😂😂😂👍
Suzanne Nichols
Suzanne Nichols 4 dagen geleden
I totally loved this cat but I love her litter mate's reactions just about as much. What a cute family!💕
Jackie0516 Vidal
Jackie0516 Vidal 5 dagen geleden
My cat Esperanza will do this! She loves the stairs!
SandyTheMaster 5 dagen geleden
Her and her sisters are literally that three-headed dragon meme
SZA 5 dagen geleden
Owner: " seems to be just a way of showing her own joy." I'm sorry to tell you this, but your cat is actually practising how to commit insurance fraud. Practice makes perfect after all.
Patti Hawks
Patti Hawks 5 dagen geleden
macaak 5 dagen geleden
in her defense, those stairs are quite soft.. so I wouldn't mind going down those stairs my self
Black tail37
Black tail37 5 dagen geleden
Cat's massaging itself because the owner isn't doing it right.
Mr. Chips Man
Mr. Chips Man 5 dagen geleden
Wait until he become a ragdoll master
Betty Grable
Betty Grable 5 dagen geleden
Aww Kitty is a Stairway Ballerina 😀
NewWorldOrgone 5 dagen geleden
Good stuff
Vanessa Knox
Vanessa Knox 5 dagen geleden
Wow you're going to be one of those cat ladies huh?
Shin Yagami
Shin Yagami 5 dagen geleden
Girl you crazy! 😝
Linda Nitzschke
Linda Nitzschke 5 dagen geleden
Could also be a means of grooming herself.
Nae 5 dagen geleden
GeminieCricket 5 dagen geleden
Krisha Charmiele Yngayo
Krisha Charmiele Yngayo 5 dagen geleden
Can anyone tell me what to feed a newborn kitten a mom always leaves their kitten in our house and we don’t know what to feed it when it’s hungry
Brett Allen
Brett Allen 5 dagen geleden
Phyllis Steging
Phyllis Steging 5 dagen geleden
This kitty has so much personality!!!! I love her.
janelessly 5 dagen geleden
sounds fun
Amiens Arabellis
Amiens Arabellis 5 dagen geleden
val tillman
val tillman 5 dagen geleden
Thanks for this great video, and for rescuing the kitties. Such lucky babies!
Love Givens
Love Givens 5 dagen geleden
Boring, never been able to say that about Dodo.
Zyklose 5 dagen geleden
Flippity Floperty your stairs are now my property
Nina Amore
Nina Amore 5 dagen geleden
I think the cat is trying to mark her scent on every step on the way down
Rebekah Davis
Rebekah Davis 5 dagen geleden
I LOVE how she had names for all of her moves
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