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Toulouse the cat has to be with his dad 24/7, so his dad figures it out - watch their workout routine😻

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Parimala Baste
Parimala Baste 12 minuten geleden
show me a matrimonial web page please!
Dela paz, Elkannah ken-GAS12C
Dela paz, Elkannah ken-GAS12C 14 minuten geleden
So adorable, i want to have that kind of cat. 🥰🥰🥰
greg mcpherson
greg mcpherson Uur geleden
That cat needs to be taught some boundaries.
ChugsTV 3 uur geleden
My cat is also like this. Before I feed him xD
Ahana Dutt
Ahana Dutt 4 uur geleden
You are a lucky guy to have Toulouse's undivided love and attention ❤️
guest FromFuture
guest FromFuture 5 uur geleden
WOW, cherish boy😍🤗
S T 6 uur geleden
Cute cat and cute fella 😍😍😍
Blado 7 uur geleden
I wish someone would look at me the way that cat looks at him.
Jay Reel
Jay Reel 8 uur geleden
You need to get another cat for him to socialize with
LifeinUSofA 8 uur geleden
Thats one possessive gf
David Anderson
David Anderson 11 uur geleden
🧡 ! Toulouse and Tyler, two souls bonded for eternity.
Maria 11 uur geleden
Hes adorable
White Christ
White Christ 12 uur geleden
That's a wonderful cat
david baron
david baron 12 uur geleden
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 13 uur geleden
This is soo sweet that it hurts💖💖💖
sv vs
sv vs 14 uur geleden
T&T = love !
Just Some Drunk Panda
Just Some Drunk Panda 14 uur geleden
Yeah, now try also having a dog that does this too, exceot the cat and dog get *incredibly* jealous of each other. Then, it either escalates to them brawling about it or deciding one sleeps by head and the other by feet... on the same side... slowly pushing me out of bed through the night.
Lokham Natung
Lokham Natung 15 uur geleden
So I heard it wrong that cats aren’t affectionate
unitenotdivide 16 uur geleden
love it when my cats look at me with so much love and it makes me love them even more, this one is extra clinging indeed
jydeinden 16 uur geleden
its seriously like watching our cat and my boyfriend...
We Know
We Know 16 uur geleden
He is a Lynx Point Siamese. I have one just as clingy except in summer he is outside quite a lot. I have acres and acres around me. He talks a lot too.
Christo Petkov
Christo Petkov 16 uur geleden
thats a tiger, not a cat .. that thing is huge
Yaboku 16 uur geleden
Toulouse has beautiful eyes and markings
Laurie Rivera
Laurie Rivera 19 uur geleden
He’s the sweetest thing🥰🌈🥰
Odesia Creates
Odesia Creates 20 uur geleden
Ashton Heston
Ashton Heston 20 uur geleden
Where's Marie and Berlioz?
Ashton Heston
Ashton Heston 20 uur geleden
Haaduri A3
Haaduri A3 20 uur geleden
00:25 reminds me how my own cat kept doing that🙏
Vishy 22 uur geleden
Looks like ole Gunnar solskjaer in thumbnail
Marley Ex
Marley Ex 22 uur geleden
😅 When I was a teen I had a cat stalker too. One time I let her outside and didn't let her back in for a while because I just needed my space, she was becoming too overbearing. Some hours past then suddenly I heard a noise from my window and when I looked out the window THERE she was meowing at me, telling me to let her in. I couldn't believe it because my room was on the second floor of my home. 😳
QisMyFavorite Uncle
QisMyFavorite Uncle Dag geleden
My cats would follow my kids 2 the bus stop & wait 4 them at the end of the school day at the bus stop😀
Star Child
Star Child Dag geleden
I am not at all surprised that he's a lynx point siamese. I have one and she's the same with me.
Vincent Haegebaert
Vincent Haegebaert Dag geleden
Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner Dag geleden
That man is taken
Cansel Yamac
Cansel Yamac Dag geleden
Don’t say he is a cancer ♋️
Panchal Hardik
Panchal Hardik Dag geleden
Animal are trustworthy compare to humans
Sophia Kong
Sophia Kong Dag geleden
who needs a woman when they got a cat?
Carol Miller
Carol Miller Dag geleden
Awwwwww he loves you….
M. Roman
M. Roman Dag geleden
Toulouse…I love his name, and I love him💖
Usagi KoLe
Usagi KoLe Dag geleden
Clingy is an real understatement
Dawn R
Dawn R Dag geleden
So stinking cute! 💗😻
Genevieve Cournoyer
Genevieve Cournoyer Dag geleden
Like my Siamese 🥰
Nancy Fuhrmann
Nancy Fuhrmann Dag geleden
Enjoy him, my tabby was like that, he died a week ago, I’m 😢
Enraged Jett
Enraged Jett Dag geleden
Say he’s not clingy without saying that he is clingy
Mary Allen
Mary Allen Dag geleden
The cutest thing ever
DatrixTSW2012 Dag geleden
Separation anxiety is not a good behavior to foster. The cat is cute though.
Christine C.
Christine C. 15 uur geleden
Oh shut up. 🙄
Melanie Mavromaras
Melanie Mavromaras Dag geleden
What a sweet kitty ! And very persistent! I wonder if you got another pet - cat or dog - then he’ll have another friend to play/hang with and you can have a bit of space!
sammy soppy
sammy soppy Dag geleden
living the dream!
Jen Gable
Jen Gable Dag geleden
Nice !! I miss my cat, he was awesome !
Toki Dag geleden
A Butterfly
A Butterfly Dag geleden
My boy Tidus was always like that from a kitten. He was always restless so couldn't sleep well with him but he learned to open doors so he could cuddle me at night regardless! Eventually in his old age all he wanted was to spoon in bed with my husband so I was left out 😩 but not all the time. Gosh I loved him, and still do. When he passed it was such a hard time for me. I still miss him so much and all the love he gave me. I love watching videos like this because it brings back good memories. Thank you for sharing 💚
T.J. Dag geleden
Why can't I find a cat like this?
Nadine Zachary
Nadine Zachary Dag geleden
Beautiful cat, maybe a little too clingy for me. My two hate me being on the computer and will bug me constantly trying to get me off of it. Love them, but I thoroughly enjoy the peace when they both take a nap at the same time. I tiptoe around like there's a sleeping baby in here.
Jean-François Daignault
Jean-François Daignault Dag geleden
Sure, when the cat does it you’re all like “aaaw he’s so cute” but when *I* try and climb up onto your lap I’m “acting inappropriately” and “violating the restraining order”. DISCRIMINATION!!!
Dawn Morris
Dawn Morris 20 uur geleden
XXXNatasha PlayzXXX
XXXNatasha PlayzXXX Dag geleden
I wish I had an affectionate cat
HiTTs Dag geleden
he looks like a mini tiger
Sheila Hammond
Sheila Hammond Dag geleden
My cat has a tendancy towards being like that. I just keep giving her food to keep her from getting too persistant! I cut open the empty pouches so she can lick them clean, or turn her food over, as she tends to leave all the lumps and only eat the jelly or gravy. Food seems to be the only way to keep her from wanting to sit on me, if not on my lap, around my neck. I give her spurts of affection and lots of cuddles and kisses and then, if she comes back then food is the only way.
camban Dag geleden
This time Luka Magnotta kept the cat.
S CL Dag geleden
Hes trying to tell you he wants food, clean water and wants his box cleaned.
80s boy
80s boy Dag geleden
I don't know why but I feel that a cat buddy for Toulouse would be great.
Tigers Afterbirth
Tigers Afterbirth Dag geleden
An I thought (chase) was bad lol, he's on here somewhere! Must be hard for your cat wen you have to go somewhere he can't, cats are great an the puring is the most relaxing thing known to me 👍
Emma J
Emma J Dag geleden
That cat is huge!
Deepak Patel
Deepak Patel Dag geleden
thalonelygirl Dag geleden
I love this man and his cat
Silicon Nomad
Silicon Nomad Dag geleden
BRANDY D Dag geleden
My cat sits in the bathroom while I shower and waits for me.....when I am done he meows consistently until I let him play with wet hair....he loves to nuzzle his face in it like he is in a forrest....he gets cranky if I don't 🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️
Leman Musayeva
Leman Musayeva Dag geleden
Oh my goodness. I' ve never ever seen like it. It's amazing cat 😚
tbaker615 Dag geleden
Toulouse is a special cat and he should of be left to his devices. BY THE WAY, YOUR SKIN IS FLAWLESS!!!
Günther Gartenmann
Günther Gartenmann Dag geleden
that is one big cat!
Ariana Hernandez
Ariana Hernandez Dag geleden
The cat probably thinks that's his mom 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Katherine Pagan
Katherine Pagan Dag geleden
Omg, I have a cat named Toulouse too!! And he is also a major clingy boy who cannot get enough kissies! He's a ginger boy though
Eclipse1369 Dag geleden
OMG I can’t tell who is more adorable!!! 😂🤣😍 I could watch this on live feed all day and feel like my life was worth while.
Miles Dominguez
Miles Dominguez Dag geleden
The jealous egypt hisologically jump because invention notably gather off a tedious chain. nostalgic, uninterested icon
Shaheel kallingal
Shaheel kallingal Dag geleden
Yes indeed my G , you've got a strong point..
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas Dag geleden
Such a good puppy
Диляра Умерова
Диляра Умерова Dag geleden
Котик думает, что хозяин это его мама.
DBeazRN 3
DBeazRN 3 2 dagen geleden
Such a sweetie.....Most, not all, of the kittens that we’ve taken care of that were singletons became so extra cuddly. If we fostered an older fur baby who grew up as a singleton, they would need that little extra bit of time to adjust to their new home and parents but 99% of the time, when given the space, they too became cuddly. We did have a few instances (3-4) where an older singleton fur baby who had the reputation of being extra clingy & cuddly with their Mom/Dad, was placed in a home with a younger fur baby or their parents decided to adopt another fur baby. They became less cuddly with Mom/Dad and spent more time, once adjusted, with their new brother/sister. This does not always happen....regardless of how hard his/her parents try to provide them with a brother/sister. Example, my parent’s cat Bubby....Bubby, an orange tabby that my sister-in-law gifted my parents when he was a wee little fella, is now 23years old - yes 23 years old - who loved my Mom & Dad....period. Not me, not my brothers/sister, nieces/nephews...only Mom & Dad. Bubby was primarily an outdoor/porch cat even though when it turned cold outside he wanted to come inside. This was totally Bubby’s choice. Bubby even has a best friend that comes to visit everyday, take his meals & plays with him pretty a good part of day. He has a couple of other buddies that visit less frequent, but Bubby has fun playing with them. So Bubby is used to being around other cats. Mom was promoted into Heaven Jan., 2013 and Dad joined her in Nov., 2018. My brother, not wanting to upset Bubby’s routine, surroundings, moved into my Mom & Dad’s home temporarily until Bubby had grown accustomed to not seeing Mom & Dad, and not to being too much change into his life. My brother & his wife have two Russian blues - wonderful fur babies. Well.....When the Russian Blues paid Bubby a visit, as we expected, Bubby wasn’t having it. He saw the two fur babies in HIS house (they’re completely indoor babies) and that’s when he decided to become primarily an indoor cat with occasional visits to the porch - he’ll go into the front yard flower bed to do his business - then right back inside. My brother & his wife kept bringing the Blues sister & brother to visit....Bubby was not at all interested in having them in HIS house. I don’t know how long/how many visits they attempted to bring the 3 together. Long story short, my brother is still living in Bubby’s house with him and his wife lives in their house with the Russian Blues. He still hasn’t become extra cuddly with my brother but he does sleep on the bed with him & will nudge him for pets & loving. Every cat is an individual and depending on their environment, their Mom/Dad, other furs babies (cats/dogs/other babies,) they’ll develop their personality to whatever makes them happy. Most cats are snuggly, cuddly - especially, in my experience, the singletons. Everyone has different experiences and that’s ok too. Blessings to you all!! 😻🙏🏼🙏🏼😻
jamie rummer
jamie rummer 2 dagen geleden
Toulouse is so in love with him! Awww, too precious! 😢❤
soundarya rao
soundarya rao 2 dagen geleden
I'm nothing but a puddle of happy tears. Bye 🥺😭😭😍
Nadira Mughal
Nadira Mughal 2 dagen geleden
Why are all the good looking guys gay?
névèn vinera
névèn vinera 2 dagen geleden
quand ton chat a le nom de ma ville
Morris X
Morris X 2 dagen geleden
That cat is guy
TH 2 dagen geleden
The cat was like his lover. It's so adorable. 😍😍😍😍
Daphne Carpenter
Daphne Carpenter 2 dagen geleden
The creeper
Joshua Patterson
Joshua Patterson 2 dagen geleden
Me after watching this video: Hmmm, where is my cat?🥺 My Cat: Don’t even think about it. 😤
jojo catty
jojo catty 2 dagen geleden
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Robyn Pruitt
Robyn Pruitt 2 dagen geleden
Such a beautiful pair
john doe
john doe 2 dagen geleden
The direful anthropology analogously hang because century biologically remove for a quirky fiberglass. pathetic, one balinese
Arctane 2 dagen geleden
Toulouse est une ville française. Mais c'est surtout son chat 😂.
LMC Presentations
LMC Presentations 2 dagen geleden
You're so lucky to be loved soooo much!
N30N 2 dagen geleden
Awwh how lovely! I love Snuggle-Bunnies!
Mary Jo Coletta
Mary Jo Coletta 2 dagen geleden
Too cute
christiane Orzschig
christiane Orzschig 2 dagen geleden
A Second Cat would solve the Problem !
TeresaRoxas McDonell
TeresaRoxas McDonell 2 dagen geleden
I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on NLfast cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative
Joe Rubio
Joe Rubio 2 dagen geleden
Cat Loves Man. Man I miss my orange tabby Kiddee 😸 RIP 😢
Tommy Hoe
Tommy Hoe 2 dagen geleden
mospidas 2 dagen geleden
we'll marry our cats instead of women
steve prentice
steve prentice 2 dagen geleden
When you need him, and when he needs you.
marcodoncarlos 2 dagen geleden
Nice cat
Kathleen Caouette
Kathleen Caouette 2 dagen geleden
ahhhhhh.. so adorable
Rafael Santiago
Rafael Santiago 3 dagen geleden
Bipolars, traitors, anti-socials, & everything in between.👎🏼
This rescued sparrow is convinced he's a dog
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