Dog And Baby Cow Snuggle And Chase Each Other Around | The Dodo Odd Couples

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The Dodo

14 dagen geleden

Dog gives a sick baby cow kisses until he's all better - now they play together nonstop! 😍

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Sakonema 2 dagen geleden
Fatten that cow up a bit and i'll eat it.
Tường Anh Lê Nguyễn
Tường Anh Lê Nguyễn 3 dagen geleden
love her backyard
Zoey Hurtado
Zoey Hurtado 3 dagen geleden
Very different but act like peas in a pod
Sandra Davenport
Sandra Davenport 4 dagen geleden
Want s lovely storie it's great to see they love each other and understand each other great💕💕💕
KittyKat 1
KittyKat 1 5 dagen geleden
I was laughing the whole time! 😂Probably my fav video yet!
Chris Family
Chris Family 6 dagen geleden
JDGillis 6 dagen geleden
We had a cow when I was young that called Porter (Porterhouse) but it as never as playful as this one.
Catherine HFD
Catherine HFD 6 dagen geleden
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez 6 dagen geleden
Is the grass fake?
Kim Donaghey
Kim Donaghey 6 dagen geleden
I love to see videos like this happy endings and animals of different kinds become best friends. So heart warming.
Cindy Araya
Cindy Araya 6 dagen geleden
Jaycee C
Jaycee C 6 dagen geleden
I don’t know how people can eat cows, look at those beautiful eyes. He’s a pet, a domesticated pet. We don’t eat our pets. This is a special friendship that’s more common than we know.
Metamorphic Crystals
Metamorphic Crystals 6 dagen geleden
Awwww made me so happy, laugh and cry at the same time.
Sarah Vickers
Sarah Vickers 7 dagen geleden
How can he be a baby cow? That is not possible!
Lucy Ricardo
Lucy Ricardo 7 dagen geleden
this may be the most awesomest thing EVAH!!!
Terri Drollinger
Terri Drollinger 7 dagen geleden
Jean Robert
Jean Robert 8 dagen geleden
AWWWSEME Cute Duo Skye and John Lewis🐕🐂🐾🐾🙌🌱
Thad Donovan
Thad Donovan 8 dagen geleden
If only all relationships could be like this.
Luceat Lux
Luceat Lux 8 dagen geleden
It looks like Sky knows John is a baby, even though John's huge, relative to Sky.
Ender Kakker
Ender Kakker 8 dagen geleden
Aussies are so special!
jo ruddock
jo ruddock 8 dagen geleden
Wonderful.... just wonderful xx
Magnus Fox
Magnus Fox 8 dagen geleden
This man's name is John Lewis! I'm dead. 😂 Great name.
Aru 8 dagen geleden
Love has no boundaries.
garbajful 8 dagen geleden
I look at John Lewis and just can't help thinking how delicious he looks now🤤
mrSkandalpolisen 9 dagen geleden
Haha, the dog even tried to eat hay!
SigmaWalker 9 dagen geleden
I don't get how 122 can dislike this or any of these animal rescue videos.
Abby 9 dagen geleden
Just another beautiful video of a grass doggo and a doggo being best friends 💖
Ayanimations BeagleParentsArmy
Ayanimations BeagleParentsArmy 9 dagen geleden
Differences can make an unbelievable connection ! 🐄 🐶 💕
Jennifer Hite
Jennifer Hite 9 dagen geleden
So sweet
J Lock
J Lock 9 dagen geleden
1:25 My dog has the same hedgehog toy. I call him Boss Hog.
Ms. T. Stringer
Ms. T. Stringer 9 dagen geleden
Marci Lee
Marci Lee 9 dagen geleden
Marc-Antoine Beauchemin
Marc-Antoine Beauchemin 9 dagen geleden
They look great and all that, but why do they have a fake green grass carpet throughout the whole yard? 1:05 you can see the folds clearly, and then you see a used spot in the next frames.
Gayle Carroll
Gayle Carroll 9 dagen geleden
So sweet!!
EzraThing 9 dagen geleden
I know it doesn't seem like it, but it's not very odd that a dog and cow understand each other. Cows and dogs have very similar behaviors, but it's still nice to see that in the right circumstances a carnivore and herbivore can willingly play together.
Wawa Willegers
Wawa Willegers 9 dagen geleden
Indeed, the relationship is thicker than water 💦 Sky and Lewis motivate each other to stay healthy and happy. The environment is excellently clean, tidy and cozy ❤️ Please eat plants based diets. Love animals mean you love yourselves and the environments. From animal lover vegan and love nature ❣️
karen walsh
karen walsh 9 dagen geleden
What a beautiful beautiful video...a joy to watch....a very special bond ❤🐕🐄
Elmer Moore
Elmer Moore 9 dagen geleden
The healthy ferry daily obey because sushi generically unlock except a didactic dirt. womanly, shaggy minister
sugarna 9 dagen geleden
what kind of dog is this? 🤩
Gatsby Light
Gatsby Light 9 dagen geleden
*Dog:* {lick, lick} _"Mmmmmm, tastes like bacon."_
jeff sorbo
jeff sorbo 9 dagen geleden
First video of the day sets the tone of the day for me. Nothing but smiles.
Fernando Boza
Fernando Boza 9 dagen geleden
man she's living the dream
Cindy S
Cindy S 10 dagen geleden
Sky is soooooo sweet and very alert/highly intelligent...great story. Thank you.
Sabi Hunt
Sabi Hunt 10 dagen geleden
Alhamdulillah, beautiful bond
Gautam Chakraborty
Gautam Chakraborty 10 dagen geleden
Lovely.....god bless
Bunny Dkhar
Bunny Dkhar 10 dagen geleden
Praying for a day when I'll witness no meat in any human's plate. Live and let live. Vegan is not a trend. It's a way of life ❤️
trendy travel22
trendy travel22 10 dagen geleden
Don’t eat cows because cows too have emotions to humans just like dogs 🐄 🐕
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich 10 dagen geleden
Nothing is sweeter than love for each other despite our differences 💕😊
Vivian Burton
Vivian Burton 10 dagen geleden
Did it take over 4 years what the must name white girl the black spots must mean it's a mut they can nick name u white boy what is he I mean yo race dog.thar how yall sound I with u tiger dont denise yo asin moma to make rasist America go outside the box.
Vivian Burton
Vivian Burton 10 dagen geleden
Do society threatened you and ur kids ti wear colors that used in death row they hide behind church and government.
IcoN 10 dagen geleden
MY corgi would end up trying to herd the cow
パンスター 10 dagen geleden
XXL doggo
Lord NU
Lord NU 10 dagen geleden
W/o the one would've believed me!
Candy 10 dagen geleden
Awwww Little moo moo 🐮😍
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader 10 dagen geleden
Does anyone at Dodo know the name for a baby cow? Not calling it a calf is very lame for a channel like yours.
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 10 dagen geleden
I love this💗💗💗
CHRIS S 10 dagen geleden
that thing is almost eatin size
Schleich Horse Lover 1000
Schleich Horse Lover 1000 10 dagen geleden
This is so cute, I’m glad they found a friendship.
Daishi 10 dagen geleden
The Dodo I love your videos please make it more long
Charlotte Raven
Charlotte Raven 10 dagen geleden
The loose snowplow coincidentally attempt because sentence namely wink without a slimy end. mean, alluring handicap
filmandsong05 10 dagen geleden
you started singing you are so beautiful and i started crying, thanks
Love Dogs
Love Dogs 10 dagen geleden
Absolutely Awesome 😎
Ragna Podewski
Ragna Podewski 11 dagen geleden
A ^Baby cow is a calf. Please let your beautiful language not shrink.
Aly Upde
Aly Upde 11 dagen geleden
I know two horses who love two run and play with the two dogs. The horses are pretty cool. They also run with me when I run the fence! 😃 The dogs are awesome! They literally stalk and chase coyotes away! Such good boys!
Skarz Hunna
Skarz Hunna 11 dagen geleden
Wagyu beef maybe?
Vorcan Vorcan
Vorcan Vorcan 11 dagen geleden
Huh... I believe someone could make a very funny animation using the audio of this video. 🤣
Chanel The Pomspitz
Chanel The Pomspitz 11 dagen geleden
Thanks for this video
Davis O'Neill
Davis O'Neill 11 dagen geleden
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Martin Serrano
Martin Serrano 11 dagen geleden
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Joyce Winston 11 dagen geleden
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Florence Christie 11 dagen geleden
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Avva Weatherman
Avva Weatherman 11 dagen geleden
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Anthony Pareño 11 dagen geleden
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Silencio Thequiet
Silencio Thequiet 11 dagen geleden
When life is more magical than a Walt Disney blockbuster...
Michèle Neumiller
Michèle Neumiller 11 dagen geleden
plus d affect et d empathie que les humains les animaux sont merveilleux et plus évoluer que beaucoup d humains
Ana 11 dagen geleden
Eli Dyson
Eli Dyson 11 dagen geleden
I'm hungry :)
X tech tips
X tech tips 11 dagen geleden
Why my friend isn't growing??
Ram Shaar
Ram Shaar 11 dagen geleden
laatl67 11 dagen geleden
I hope the cow John Lewis has a long amazing life just like the man...hero for all John Lewis. Thank you for sharing this.
bella blackrose
bella blackrose 11 dagen geleden
I'm the greatest Ever
I'm the greatest Ever 11 dagen geleden
Animals can be friendly. Why can't we?
Richard Christie
Richard Christie 11 dagen geleden
If J Lewis is a male bobby calf then he isn't a goddamn cow. Not even a baby one.
MarshMellow 11 dagen geleden
Heart patch on the side of the cow? :D
lockergr 11 dagen geleden
This kind lady is really living the life!
Dora Levitt
Dora Levitt 11 dagen geleden
That's the most beautifully stinkin thing I've ever seen!! So- when's the wedding?? 😂😄💚🌷💜
Larry Calloway
Larry Calloway 11 dagen geleden
Big Rig
Big Rig 11 dagen geleden
That is one of the cutest things i have seen in a long time.
Herb E. Vore
Herb E. Vore 11 dagen geleden
Great video!
X Fade
X Fade 11 dagen geleden
Cow acts as a dog, dog acts as a cow o_O
Khabeer Muhammad
Khabeer Muhammad 11 dagen geleden
Awww so cute and a little sad
Alison Stoneham
Alison Stoneham 11 dagen geleden
Sarah Wigman
Sarah Wigman 11 dagen geleden
Another tear jerker from the dodo.
Annmarie Merrigan
Annmarie Merrigan 11 dagen geleden
Omg so beautiful.sending lots of love and hugs.🙂❤❤❤❤
francess s
francess s 11 dagen geleden
Nibble nibble nibble, Sky is so tender and plays so gently.
Daniel Hull
Daniel Hull 11 dagen geleden
this is why we shouldn't eat cows
QmnNvrDyz 11 dagen geleden
SO dang adorable! ❤
PlayerLive 40
PlayerLive 40 11 dagen geleden
When are we going to eat him?
Herb E. Vore
Herb E. Vore 11 dagen geleden
When your dad breaks up with me
dcandroid4 11 dagen geleden
I think the dog is French😂
vipahman 11 dagen geleden
That dog will become a vegan once he realizes what's in his kibble.
Mann ki Bakwaas
Mann ki Bakwaas 11 dagen geleden
Humans still have a hard time trusting
Work Phone4
Work Phone4 11 dagen geleden
Work Phone4
Work Phone4 11 dagen geleden
Herb E. Vore
Herb E. Vore 11 dagen geleden
🤔What if the neighbor is Colonel Sanders?
jack tringoli
jack tringoli 11 dagen geleden
What annoys me about stuff like this is the simple fact that with just one little "bop" from the cow on the dog and head instantly dead that cows hooves can easily Crack the dogs skull with no effort whatsoever and I'm not saying the cow would do it on purpose but accidents happen it's not crazy or a surprise if it does happen it almost seems inevitable at some point
Romnys Gonzalez
Romnys Gonzalez 11 dagen geleden
Just look at this. The supposed not intelectual beings who are unreasonable are united and understand each other. Meanwhile we the supposedly resonasble,smarter and thinking being can't do that something as simple as that. Be united and understand each other instead we prefer to look for ways,excuses and meaningless stuff to keep us apart hating each other. Color, religions, politics,sports,passiones we took every single thing to fight each other. Animals are the best. We should be thankful we got something so beautiful and pure like them around us. We should go back to the basics and learn from them because they truly understand something better than us the "Smarter beings"
Dave Ellis
Dave Ellis 11 dagen geleden
Recorded vertically:/
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