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20 dagen geleden

Pit bulls know all the secrets to life (watch to the end to cry happy tears) ❤️

Special thanks to all of the amazing pitties and their families for sharing their footage with us! To adopt a pittie, visit your local animal shelter.

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UglyDUCKY 22
UglyDUCKY 22 2 dagen geleden
Septic Burn
Septic Burn 2 dagen geleden
My moms really scared of dogs in general. I really want a dog but she’s always like “nope”. I know these videos could show her how lovable these dogs are!
YESHUA IS CHRIST 4 dagen geleden
3:29 SO SWEET.
YESHUA IS CHRIST 4 dagen geleden
3:06 😁
YESHUA IS CHRIST 4 dagen geleden
Maggie :D
Maggie :D 4 dagen geleden
i have two pit bulls Kirby and Stella, everyone is scared of these two dogs but they s are the most lovable dogs ever! All Kirby wants to to is cuddle
Destiny 7 dagen geleden
I don’t like dogs
Gaeilgeoir 8 dagen geleden
So adorbs!!! 🥰
Steve Coile
Steve Coile 9 dagen geleden
This was beautiful!
Alyssa Origel
Alyssa Origel 10 dagen geleden
Pitbulls aren't "aggressive" just aggressively loving
Mr. Stay On Top
Mr. Stay On Top 11 dagen geleden
Oh My Heart!
Jamie Ashton
Jamie Ashton 11 dagen geleden
Put bulls like staffies love humans they are super dogs total sweethearts
Marlene Walker
Marlene Walker 11 dagen geleden
I have a pittie, and I love him so much!!! He is the apple of my eye.
GalaxyCookie! 11 dagen geleden
Pitties really are not rough,fierce dogs people train them that way for example when they lock them outside, But this vid rlly shows that they are just so lovable I hope one day to get one 💕
DazedMMJ 12 dagen geleden
The last clip made me smile so hard, lol.
Lily Jones
Lily Jones 12 dagen geleden
didnt expect to almost cry at this dodo!! love me some pitbulls- theyre my favorties. love watching these videos to see such happy puppos with their families. amazing video.
Shraddha Saikia
Shraddha Saikia 12 dagen geleden
The best lead character in any movie I've watched so far- pitties! ❤️❤️
Komentator Youtube
Komentator Youtube 12 dagen geleden
Cute and strong 💪💪💪
Daniel Beeler
Daniel Beeler 12 dagen geleden
I love pitties.
Cristina .Filipe
Cristina .Filipe 13 dagen geleden
The reason why pities love the simplest things in life it's because they're angels❤️
deneme uyesi
deneme uyesi 13 dagen geleden
Pitbulls need to be banned. They are dangerous.
Rafael Arrieta
Rafael Arrieta 13 dagen geleden
Yesssss we love
Clinging To Time
Clinging To Time 13 dagen geleden
Omg 😱 so cute 🥰 want to have one ☝️ ...
Yma Dile
Yma Dile 13 dagen geleden
There are no bad dogs no matter the breed, but bad owners. Pitties deserve love too. Tq The Dodo for proving this time n time.
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel 13 dagen geleden
Love pittie puppers 😍❤❤❤❤
Arbuzowe Żelki
Arbuzowe Żelki 14 dagen geleden
"There’s no proof that pitbulls are just big and harmless babies-
Pitbull Love
Pitbull Love 14 dagen geleden
What a wonderful vid ❤❤❤ thank you dodo ❤❤❤ 🇭🇲
Guy Levy
Guy Levy 14 dagen geleden
So true! the have the biggest hearts and are sweet goofballs ):
travis11 14 dagen geleden
Dogs are the best!!
ABC_LPS 14 dagen geleden
Tears!! I cried tears of happiness for all of these sweet pups that have owners that love them so much and vice-versa. I also cried for all of the ones that don't get anything at all.
bea flor
bea flor 14 dagen geleden
That is one of the cutest thing.👍
M.R. Browning
M.R. Browning 15 dagen geleden
I truly love this cause it reminds me of my beloved 12 yo Pittie whom I had to tearfully say goodbye to just 2wks ago after we lost a 6 month battle with thyroid cancer. As one can imagine it was both one of the worst and best experiences of my life one I shall cherish for the rest of my days.
RV Livin'
RV Livin' 15 dagen geleden
AND TO ALL THOSE SPECIAL DOGS WHO DIED IN WAR. GOD has a place in Heaven for you, forever. We love y'all the same.
tambrosia 15 dagen geleden
I have had many different dogs from tiny chis to Great Danes and the PITTIES were the best They and my Saints loved to play and then snuggle and with the Great Dane they were just best of friends. But to see my Big Guys love and play with the small guys, the chis, poms, min pins, wow. It was so comical to see the lil guys go all over them, bite their snout, paws tails and never once did any of the big dogs and Pitties ever harm them. Quite a few times the big dogs and Pitties protected the lil ones when outside sunning on the deck and an eagle or hawk would try some BS. They are all gone at the Bridge, I am down to my last Pittie who has saved my life and alerts me before my dexcom6 buzzes to let me know get up my blood sugars are low, like 70 and even 60. She will smack me with her paws to get me awake and then stay with me until i get my OJ and glucose tabs. She stays by my side and then the other old lil guys (21 yrs old next week), and they all stay with me until my sugars get back up. No one taught her this but since 2016 she has saved me so many times I could never begin to say THANK YOU enough. She is my girl and rides with me all of the time. 3+ wks ago I had an auto accident, and my SUV ran over my left back leg and all. She stayed with me tho scared too, she stood by me. Thankfully no broken bones just a lot of pressure damage but HE was with me that day and so was my doggy angels. She is sound asleep as well as the old lil guys and gals, and I smile and say Thank GOD HE gave us dogs and all of the animals of the land air and seas to love and enjoy. There are no bad dogs there are just bad horrible irresponsible owners. Bless all of you who love and help all of HIS animal friends in great and small ways. Pax+
THE CRTG SHOW 15 dagen geleden
Alexis Erwin
Alexis Erwin 15 dagen geleden
I love that at the top of the screen says chickennugget lol 😆
Alexis Erwin
Alexis Erwin 15 dagen geleden
I really want to believe pitties are not mean but......a pit bull killed my/my uncle beagle....it wasn't pretty....but I know animals hearts 💕🌈
Alexis Erwin
Alexis Erwin 15 dagen geleden
Nevermind I watched second half ,it's so funny
Sandra Haag
Sandra Haag 15 dagen geleden
Thank you fort this wonderful Video 🤗🤗 i love Pittis
Robloxxxcloudy Robloxxxcloudy
Robloxxxcloudy Robloxxxcloudy 15 dagen geleden
Well I have a pitbull and it is so hard to have a bad day with pitbulls
Diane Lantz
Diane Lantz 15 dagen geleden
My precious Pittie, Cosmo, changed our lives and I am so grateful for the almost 14 years we had together❣️
Duke's Pit Bull Tales
Duke's Pit Bull Tales 15 dagen geleden
I love this video ! As a pit bull owner I can say I have learned a lot from my pittie about patience , unconditional love and how to live in the moment . He puts a smile on my face every day !
Claude Charley
Claude Charley 15 dagen geleden
Thank you for the most happy video, made me smile,feeling better
Henrietta Jones
Henrietta Jones 15 dagen geleden
Monica Molina
Monica Molina 16 dagen geleden
God bless all these beautiful innocent animals especially pit bulls cuz a lot of people have a bad understanding about them❤❤❤❤❤❤
Marilyn Ocean
Marilyn Ocean 16 dagen geleden
Mostly sweet amazing loyalty. False stigma. We need to protect them as they would us.
Sand Man
Sand Man 16 dagen geleden
nursefan64 16 dagen geleden
Another day, another Dodo Pittie video, another day of me crying. These videos are often the best thing I see through the day!
Stephanie LaBar
Stephanie LaBar 16 dagen geleden
Jedi Knight buckley
Jedi Knight buckley 16 dagen geleden
My pit bull named tank is the sweetest loving dog I have ever seen whenever I take him out he just wants to smell everything and say hi to everyone he meets he also just makes my bad and sad days a little brighter he’s such a good boah
frankpaws 16 dagen geleden
Pitties are the goofiest, funny and some of the sweetest I've ever known. It is the owners who are the problem. Clearer these owners know how to baby them to bring out the pittie goofs.
NunYo BizNizz
NunYo BizNizz 16 dagen geleden
0:48....that stutter step.....❤️
Mark Czmyrid
Mark Czmyrid 16 dagen geleden
Shweetie Peetie
Shweetie Peetie 16 dagen geleden
Do yourself and search: Pitbull/dachshund mix, you’re welcome 😉
Candice Kirksey
Candice Kirksey 16 dagen geleden
My absolute favorite breed 💓 I'll never not own one 😊
Mike Corder
Mike Corder 16 dagen geleden
My half pittie gets the zoomies
Dr Mythical (Myth)
Dr Mythical (Myth) 16 dagen geleden
You know the saying... If you say a pitbull is agressive..its because you never had one yourself..and also pitbulls arent agressive..its the dumb owners that make them fight and beat them when they lose a fight so rlly dont assume they are agressive without having one.
nodonny8 16 dagen geleden
You get what you put out
Jelena Đurić
Jelena Đurić 16 dagen geleden
I really wanna rescue a pittie when I'm older, if I have the opportunity. They're the best
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 16 dagen geleden
The used internet lastly trouble because celsius uniformly book including a unruly tank. internal, comfortable semicolon
Herman Munster
Herman Munster 16 dagen geleden
I would soooo love to bond with a pit bull, and share my life with one. But they are a banned breed here in the UK unfortunately. It is some owners that need to be banned from keeping such adorable dogs, not the breed!
Sheridan 12 dagen geleden
@Herman Munster Not only we need to ban Pits we also need to ban stupid people like you.
Pitshoster 16 dagen geleden
@Herman Munster I dunno man I don't think I contribute to over 70% of all recorded dog attacks.
Herman Munster
Herman Munster 16 dagen geleden
@Pitshoster If only we could ban YOU! Now that WOULD be progress.
Pitshoster 16 dagen geleden
If only they could be banned worldwide.
Jen Richichi
Jen Richichi 16 dagen geleden
Originally they were used as "Nanny Dogs", most misunderstood breed. Pit Bull Rescue.
Anita Gulfin
Anita Gulfin 16 dagen geleden
Very cute! 😘
MeHoff,Jack please
MeHoff,Jack please 16 dagen geleden
Pitbulls are the secret to happiness bar none
J Dean
J Dean 16 dagen geleden
Pitfalls are love bugs they make you laugh most all they give do much love that any one who thinks they are mean or aggressive has never met a pitbull
Misty Freeman
Misty Freeman 16 dagen geleden
Remember, we are all Gods creatures. You're suppose to treat people and animals the way you want to be treated. If you show a pit bull or any other animal, Hatred = distrust, disloyalty, no Love, no kindness, and no patience. They'll show those same things towards you. If you show any animal as a baby or older, Love = patience, kindness, trust, and loyalty. They'll grow up showing you the same love. God loves all who he has created. Treat each other with love as God loves you. 😇🙏💯💜💛😍🥰😘
Bella Bee
Bella Bee 16 dagen geleden
I just love pitbulls so dang much ❤️❤️🥺🥺
Terrie Dotson
Terrie Dotson 16 dagen geleden
My pit/mix lived to be a whopping 21 years old with quality of life to the very end. Everyone that met her loved her instantly and even if they met her only once they remember her. She loved the babies and would tolerate everything they had to dish out with absolute love.
Diana Pizarro
Diana Pizarro 16 dagen geleden
Loveeeeeeeee my Pits❤️🐾🐾❤️ Thank you Dodo for sharing what real Pits are.. so much love🌟
J 16 dagen geleden
I have a pittie and he's the best boy ever 😭
Jill Klausen
Jill Klausen 16 dagen geleden
I love pit bulls. I'll never have any other kind of dog.
S Brown
S Brown 16 dagen geleden
Anyone who promotes or partakes in dog fighting deserves a long prison sentence but not until they’ve had a beating to within an inch of their life. They deserve no mercy. This breed has been demonized because of them. Shelters are full of Pitties and it’s wrong. Our culture needs to change.
Pitshoster 16 dagen geleden
It's almost like pitbulls were genetically bred for agression and mauling and have absolutely no business being pets.
Lori Touma
Lori Touma 16 dagen geleden
So adorable and loving ... great video
Sathish Jayabalan
Sathish Jayabalan 17 dagen geleden
Ahha Agga
Ahha Agga 17 dagen geleden
A gentle dog doesn’t deserve a bad reputation
Yuxuan Cheung
Yuxuan Cheung 17 dagen geleden
Being a Pitti , does not mean he or she is bad, actually the most well behaved dogs in our town (Germany) are AMStaff
VS9050909 17 dagen geleden
No matter how crappy work or a day doing run arounds was, when I get home to my lion king home it’s freaking awesome every day. 😊
Zippy Doo
Zippy Doo 17 dagen geleden
I like pitbulls but because of the way they have been trained and so much of the breeding has been for fighting I don't trust them. I know two people who owned pitbulls and their dogs seemed docile until something made them snap. One killed another dog and the other attacked a neighbor and both did those attacks out of the blue and for no reason.
csuci119 17 dagen geleden
Proud Pittie owner ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗
Tom N
Tom N 17 dagen geleden
TheInsaneupsdriver 17 dagen geleden
As a UPS driver of 25 years, the one breed i look forward to the most in seeing is the pities. they are the most friendly dogs i come across and even though i know bad ones do exist, i have yet to see one.
adminprime 17 dagen geleden
Pawfect advice to have. Live in the moment.
Kevin Applegate
Kevin Applegate 17 dagen geleden
Love them all 😁
AngstVision 17 dagen geleden
I love your videos! They're so full of love and warmth something that I don't get in the mainstream media.
Jess G
Jess G 17 dagen geleden
Once you get a pib you might not go back. I got my first one six years ago after many years of having German dogs, and I'm totally hooked. Not as attentive but the snuggle factor, the fearlessness and the comedic value of pibs has me hooked completely. My next one will be another pib out of the dog pound.
Fertile Dirt
Fertile Dirt 17 dagen geleden
Best 4 minutes on NLfast. Boost immune system and be safe
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY 17 dagen geleden
The promotion of these child mauling beast on this channel is ridiculous. Pitbulls have NONPLACE in a civilized, modern society.
Pitshoster 16 dagen geleden
@ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY then theres idiots who try and downplay pitbull attacks by saying they aren't real pitbulls because theres like a 5% of another breed mixed with it
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY 16 dagen geleden
@Pitshoster It's the absolutely corrupt Pitbull Lobby pushing this ridiculousness. Pitbulls are the equivalent of a cash crop in the $60 billion/year pet industry. The irony in what you just said is that the SAME people get mad when Pitbulls are labeled as "Pitbulls" in headlines of when someone is hurt or killed but they don't have any issues when it's "positive" propaganda towards there bloodlust breed of dogs. The cult mentality is real.
Pitshoster 16 dagen geleden
Notice how any other dog video they upload they just say "dog" in the title. Pitbulls however is always "pittie", like its absolutely important what breed it is suddenly. As if The Dodo is saying "see look, they're not vicious walls of agression and muscle, now please adopt 3 of them and let them watch over your kids". How much blood is on this channel's hands, I wonder.
intuitionz 17 dagen geleden
pittie woos are the best woos!💖🥰😍😘
Ms. Dana E. Moultrie, CPS
Ms. Dana E. Moultrie, CPS 17 dagen geleden
Cute in the onesie
Eich Bomb
Eich Bomb 17 dagen geleden
I love my pittie more than life itself. She is the sweetest thing ever.
Birdy Banks
Birdy Banks 17 dagen geleden
Beautiful dogs.
Tomas Guerrero
Tomas Guerrero 17 dagen geleden
Dodo is picking up on these videos that is almost scary man, I laughed Hard and cried a river on the same video....They overdid themselves Jesus...
Tomas Guerrero
Tomas Guerrero 17 dagen geleden
Dodo is picking up on these videos that is almost scary man, I laughed Hard and cried a river on the same video....They overdid themselves Jesus...
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 17 dagen geleden
izzy 17 dagen geleden
overjoyed that pitties are much more accepted now a days, nothing vicious about these sweet babies
C Teacher
C Teacher 17 dagen geleden
This just made me smile.😊 Thank you.
Niarfe Zevahc
Niarfe Zevahc 17 dagen geleden
Pitties are simply the best. I miss my Princess and Lola. Until we meet again, my girls. Love you.. Rest In Peace..
Nancy Kurpaitis
Nancy Kurpaitis 17 dagen geleden
Given the chance by Great Owners...these Beautiful Dogs Will Thrive & Love Life!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Armando Fernandez
Armando Fernandez 17 dagen geleden
This Video is so beautiful because I know all Dogs are beautiful but PIT BULLS have an ugly reputation and alot of people refused to give them a chance,well here on this video it shows you how kind and wonderful they are,they might look mean but their nothing more than a Cute TEDDY BEAR,they have so much Love to give and all they want back is for us to Love them back,they are so silly and Goofy and the Most Amaizing Dogs in the entire WORLD.
Pitshoster 16 dagen geleden
The Dodo is nothing but pro pitbull propaganda and you fell for it.
Debbie Schultz
Debbie Schultz 17 dagen geleden
Those pajamas are a hoot!! Very sweet little pittie ❤️🐾🙏
Kays Dash
Kays Dash 17 dagen geleden
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