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Egbert is a wild octopus who is always excited to see his human best friend and reaches out to touch her hand every time she visits.

You can keep up with Elora and Egbert's amazing friendship on Instagram: thedo.do/explora .

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Mkmf 1
Mkmf 1 34 minuten geleden
They are so strange & fascinating.
Bill Blendick
Bill Blendick 48 minuten geleden
They are very highly intelligent, however, that does not matter to a lot of humans who just eat them. I would who is really the animal !
Seafoam Beachcomb
Seafoam Beachcomb Uur geleden
That is so incredibly cool !!
mcgeufer 2 uur geleden
The thing with the shells under the wood really surprised me. Can it be? Can such small, seemingly primitive creatures plot such complex things? There are plenty of mammals failing at similar complex tasks.
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur 2 uur geleden
It's fun and all until the octopus reveals the blue rings on it's body
Mazequax 2 uur geleden
This was so cute.
james thetruth
james thetruth 2 uur geleden
Of course you know they are aliens! No DNA like an octopus.
La Vere
La Vere 2 uur geleden
Every time? I am a diver. That creature is a couple weeks to a month old. It does not stay that size, nor live longer than a year on average.
Classical Liberal Warrior
Classical Liberal Warrior 5 uur geleden
Elizabeth McKinley
Elizabeth McKinley 5 uur geleden
They are so smart.
Andrew Zeleno
Andrew Zeleno 5 uur geleden
Very smart animal. Always protect animals if you are not a sucker.
Farhana Toerien
Farhana Toerien 6 uur geleden
Wow!!! Octopus’ are the most amazing creatures. This guy is so small too
meo ww
meo ww 6 uur geleden
Alternative title, as reported on CNN: "white nationalist extremist trains octopus in clear attempt to attack people of color!!" You wait. They'll go there lol
LINDA LOGAN 6 uur geleden
What a cute little guy 😊💕🐙 I just love him.
grammiesawsoneadvetures 6 uur geleden
David Heinig
David Heinig 6 uur geleden
The ocean has such creepy creatures
Mary Grassrope
Mary Grassrope 8 uur geleden
tarullz80 8 uur geleden
Wow that is awesome. All animals want to be friends but they are scared of us humans. Now is the time for us to remove these walls and enjoy this terra christa (Gaia) as it was meant to be from the start. ❤️♥️
OutnBacker 8 uur geleden
Too bad the only live one year. Just imagine how they would develop if they had a longer life span.
Pranitha Murali
Pranitha Murali 8 uur geleden
Squidward finally made a friend
RustBunny 8 uur geleden
Egbert and his 4 and a half tentacled friend!
J C 9 uur geleden
WTF!!!!!! THIS IS 2 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skip Hoffenflaven
Skip Hoffenflaven 9 uur geleden
So incredible!
z k
z k 9 uur geleden
Miranda Garcia
Miranda Garcia 9 uur geleden
There is something you shouldn't do cuz a tiny octopus is very poisonous. I am not sure if it is the one.
Truth HurtzButHealz
Truth HurtzButHealz 9 uur geleden
Octopus: "I ain't the one here that needs to take a good look in the mirror, lady."
Lisa Spachuk
Lisa Spachuk 9 uur geleden
Let's all vow never to eat such an intelligent creature as the Octopus and cuttlefish. Which is equally as smart and curious. 🙂
Lois Hunter
Lois Hunter 10 uur geleden
VICTORIA Benton 10 uur geleden
This is one of the best yet 👏
James Connors
James Connors 10 uur geleden
Thank you much.
Tootsie Shmutsie
Tootsie Shmutsie 10 uur geleden
John Mallory
John Mallory 10 uur geleden
Handshake with an octopus.
Lana Barley
Lana Barley 11 uur geleden
this just improved my Life. ~:D Thank you for sharing this. Wow. I'm vaklempt! Love it!
☻︎⚠︎︎Haidenwood0830⚠︎︎☻︎ 12 uur geleden
A squids privet looks like a tentacle so when you grab it you might be touching the privet
sarah louise
sarah louise 12 uur geleden
edward 🤣 squidward’s mate
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 13 uur geleden
They are capable of spatial learning.
Laurel Silberman
Laurel Silberman 13 uur geleden
Just a repost, no update?
Malbor Xhukellari
Malbor Xhukellari 13 uur geleden
Jade DeQueljoe
Jade DeQueljoe 14 uur geleden
In Sestri Levante Italy is a restaurant called Mario de Pulpo, Mario the Octopus in English. Mario was an octopus who would wait at the shore every morning for the fishermen. They would feed him crabs and other things he liked while preparing their nets etc for the days fishing. When all was ready and Marios belly was full he would lead the fishermen to the location where the fish were on that day. True story.
Jade DeQueljoe
Jade DeQueljoe 14 uur geleden
Octopi are one of earths most intelligent creatures
monica Lewis
monica Lewis 15 uur geleden
What exciting & fun your job is!
Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan 16 uur geleden
Moral of the story: W/ patience & repetition, humans are trainable. But is it worth the effort?
Waya Askin
Waya Askin 16 uur geleden
They are so cute!
elsquibbs 16 uur geleden
I think he's trying to figure out how to get free snacks and labor.
O O 16 uur geleden
Amazing animals
_ShiningStarlight _
_ShiningStarlight _ 17 uur geleden
Ok but i find it so adorable that the octopus wanted her to help it hunt lol
Sandra De Souza
Sandra De Souza 17 uur geleden
Wow that's wonderful!!
Daniel Patriot
Daniel Patriot 17 uur geleden
Maybe it’s a non gender octopus 🐙
Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith 17 uur geleden
They are very intelligent animals
Fortunatus Nine
Fortunatus Nine 17 uur geleden
Angela Hulett
Angela Hulett 18 uur geleden
Now I've seen everything 😅 love it!
Mary Barry
Mary Barry 20 uur geleden
Watch the documentary "My Octopus Teacher" on Netflix. Absolutely fascinating and heartwarming! (Sorry I didn't know other people had made comments about this! But it's definitely worth watching!)
The Angry Bass
The Angry Bass 20 uur geleden
I hear they are actually very intelligent creatures
edreft 20 uur geleden
omg he so smol! so cute!
Nick Maximoff
Nick Maximoff 20 uur geleden
She dutch bc dutch speak engelish but put dutcg in it
wonderspace90 21 uur geleden
I didn’t expect the octopus to be wild. This is even more special.
Judi L
Judi L 21 uur geleden
Scrap the music when people speak. Cute but I'm gone
TheSunshineCrafter Kelly Fusco
TheSunshineCrafter Kelly Fusco 21 uur geleden
Id love to know where this is
RasMatti 22 uur geleden
Ive been in the internet too long to not know why this octopus is so friendly to women right now......
Wind Walker
Wind Walker 22 uur geleden
Some of those things have a highly toxic bite !
AfroAtheist- Is Now AfroAntitheist
AfroAtheist- Is Now AfroAntitheist Dag geleden
I thought he was trying to fight when I saw the thumbnail.....😆😄
T SMACKS Dag geleden
He's gonna take over the world. Only a matter of time
Micheal Taylor
Micheal Taylor Dag geleden
So very intelegent though they only live a year or two whatever their size.
NHMO OYTIS Dag geleden
I got something unfamiliar at a sushi bar, asked what it was and the waitress said “Octopus Balls.” Not that kind of balls.
Goldii Airs
Goldii Airs Dag geleden
Undaa Da Seaaaa 🌊
888 Poker
888 Poker Dag geleden
Give him the damn fish , He just want that fish nothing more you moran
True Chad
True Chad Dag geleden
Octopus teacher
David Poland
David Poland Dag geleden
Octopus had this great idea to get his powerful huge friend, who is clearly another variety of octopus, to assist him in hunting. “Here, put your tentacles HERE, and push when I say go.” YESSS!!! This worked. I am training her how to do things. She is so clever and interesting! I really hope she is enjoying this as much as I am, and maybe I will try teaching her new tricks to see how capable she is tomorrow.
Alkadias Dag geleden
Squidward making friends
nunya biznez
nunya biznez Dag geleden
Be careful when interacting with an octopus. They have a beak and will sometimes bite if you annoy them or if they think you are a threat. Best way to make friends with any animal is offer it food.
RiseAndShineMrFriMan Dag geleden
Anna Sacramento
Anna Sacramento Dag geleden
they are really smart. I watched my Octopus teacher and it was a great learning experience. It recognizes humans
May Diaz
May Diaz Dag geleden
aw so cute! I caught an octopus before and I make a Calamares out of it. Its way to satisfying to eat it than making it a pet.
Asongs Whisper
Asongs Whisper Dag geleden
Asongs Whisper
Asongs Whisper Dag geleden
Asongs Whisper
Asongs Whisper Dag geleden
He's in love lol
KevyMotorSport Dag geleden
kill the music
Victoria Anderson
Victoria Anderson Dag geleden
This is amazing! How cool is that, seriously?
david edbrooke-coffin
david edbrooke-coffin Dag geleden
Amazing stuff.
Matt S
Matt S Dag geleden
How he must seem to that tiny octopus.
Logansix Dag geleden
Sad that these great creatures are being eaten.
using tubes
using tubes Dag geleden
3 min of "he swim up and touch my hand"
EMPEROR 73 Dag geleden
how well they can see ?
RJB Dag geleden
Extremely intelligent creatures. Unfortunately, I think they are short-lived.
jimmynoknokify Dag geleden
This is like the documentary „my octopus teacher“ in a short summer school version
Ralts Dag geleden
Yum sashimi
Kelli Couch
Kelli Couch Dag geleden
God's amazing creatures!🐙
Peace, Justice & Love
Peace, Justice & Love Dag geleden
strange fetish
anonimus077 ch
anonimus077 ch Dag geleden
Octopus in books and movies: big and dangerous creatures that attacks boats and ships and sink them Octopus in anime: rapes girls with tentacles Octopus in real life: cute and shy boi Why must we take animals doing their business and make them monsters in fictions?
Sannanas Dag geleden
I think the coolest part was opening the jar lol
Johnny Wrotten
Johnny Wrotten Dag geleden
Beautiful creatures and we eat them 🤢🤢🤢
Andrew Potapenkoff
Andrew Potapenkoff Dag geleden
He likes new feelings he get while touching human skin.
Sannanas Dag geleden
this person sounds really dutch lol, is she from the netherlands?
daniel benitez
daniel benitez Dag geleden
Next on The Dodo: "Man develops unlikely friendship with a Tick".
Zayn Danial
Zayn Danial Dag geleden
Aquaman : Amateur. I got a pet Kraken
Gwen Reader
Gwen Reader Dag geleden
Katie Beth Roscoe
Katie Beth Roscoe Dag geleden
Rebbie Swift
Rebbie Swift Dag geleden
As kids the 5 of us pulled a big floating clump of some sort of seaweed from the surf. Once on the beach we flipped the clump over to discover 6 baby octopuss (i)..we plucked them off and dropped them into a jar filled with seawater and part of the seaweed clump planning on taking our find to school..however, my 5 yr old baby sister shook the jar and the octopi released their black ink and they all died..sad..
Lule Melgarejo
Lule Melgarejo Dag geleden
Such a beautiful love story of friendship. You're a very lucky girl to have such a special friend. 🌿🌹🌿🤗
Tonedef 76
Tonedef 76 Dag geleden
Hey you’re big.. how about move this log for me. 🤣
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