Cat And His Dad Speak The Same Language | The Dodo

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17 dagen geleden

When the cat says “thank you” 😹

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Rachel B
Rachel B Uur geleden
lol aw I follow them on IG! I love him & Cooter :)
tOaTeE 2 uur geleden
This is the most awesome cat & dad team. This one made me smile 👍😻 1000 likes for these guys 💖😸
nediak llih
nediak llih 10 uur geleden
This reminds me of my cat that died because we had to put him down
guess who
guess who 17 uur geleden
The most perfect relationship ever. Talking cats are the best. Makes me melt. After all the time that they have been together, it is fantastic that Cooter's responses can still make his dad laugh. There cannot be anything more perfect in the world, than these two together. I have watched many cat videos on NLfast, addicted to them by now, and have noticed an oddity. Most intense loving relationships are between ginger cats and human dads. Not all, but most.
Carolyn Kuhn
Carolyn Kuhn 22 uur geleden
What precious video clips! And how loving you are! My mom was an RN and I heard many stories of joy, grief and suffering growing up which is why I knew I couldn’t be one. I get too involved, personally. I, instead chose to teach and have taught Kindergarten for over 30 years. It’s been unbelievably rewarding! Your bond with Cooter is as good as it gets and you’re an awesome role model. Please keep posting!
Gacha police fan
Gacha police fan Dag geleden
None of you have realised that they have a tick-tock they have like 3 million
Karen Brecio
Karen Brecio Dag geleden
Angel Cooter 💓💓💓
Dang cooter is chubby but so cute 😂😊
Sheila Hammond
Sheila Hammond Dag geleden
Aw, you both love each other so much. You do realise you will get fat if he gets his way too much!
Beth G
Beth G Dag geleden
Aww he's so talkative and loving, and those green eyes and chubby cheeks are adorable! I guess the cat is pretty cute too. ok in all seriousness don't you guys think the cat and his owner are similar in many ways? what an adorable pair.
Destinee Grimes
Destinee Grimes Dag geleden
@geobeats animals
Heidy van der Voet
Heidy van der Voet 2 dagen geleden
Pat Warburtonr
Pat Warburtonr 2 dagen geleden
We look to Jesus to sustain us through this life and to get us over that finish line. 🙏
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 2 dagen geleden
What an amazing cat! And Cooter is amazing because his Dad is amazing!
SimplyMe 2 dagen geleden
That is cute I must say
G Henderson
G Henderson 2 dagen geleden
Two absolutely sweet, lovely, wonderful beings.
I am your real Daddy
I am your real Daddy 2 dagen geleden
Female 🐕 are best Male 🐈 are best
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch 2 dagen geleden
its crazy how we can understand our animals after we have been around them long enough body language and different meows amd the way they point theor bodies. Animals are very smart to know how to communicate with humans
Pug Playz
Pug Playz 2 dagen geleden
Ok. We’re helping animals evolve I think
cdmDiego 2 dagen geleden
he's squeezing the cat to make it do the noise, you can see it.. the guy is plain weird.
J. J.
J. J. 2 dagen geleden
He is awesome!!
C Thomas
C Thomas 2 dagen geleden
This is the boyfriend I never found lol
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider 2 dagen geleden
This guy reminds me of MAMA from CODE BLACK
Sandra Martin
Sandra Martin 2 dagen geleden
man u didn't get his laughs... thats a funny part too.. good thing coot made the CUT, ON DO-DO
j i z Zedy
j i z Zedy 2 dagen geleden
Frome 4 daysa i lost my cat and i miss it so mach
Lisette Servin
Lisette Servin 2 dagen geleden
True and unconditional love! ❤😺
hans Miller
hans Miller 2 dagen geleden
Although I think, that the "translation" in this nice video is somehow "wishful thinking", I ABSOLUTELY agree with the citation of Mark Twain! Which I didn't know up to now! Should read more HIS books...🙄🤔😃
Tretre38 3 dagen geleden
I love these two on tic tok so cute!!
Arlene Correa
Arlene Correa 3 dagen geleden
Ohhhh dear how cute is this pair 💕🐾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
kennedy hampton
kennedy hampton 3 dagen geleden
oldproji 4 dagen geleden
Everyone has to have a soul mate, and this guy has found his.
rosenrot234 4 dagen geleden
"HE HAS ARRIVED" plays a lot in my head thanks to these two because of that one tik tok
Susan Sowers
Susan Sowers 4 dagen geleden
Beautiful 🥰
jesse mosher
jesse mosher 4 dagen geleden
So freaking cute
Владимир Пукнул
Владимир Пукнул 4 dagen geleden
he's squeeze cats' testicules!!!
Attackhelikoptern 4 dagen geleden
*chokes on water* "THAT'S COOTER!!!!!!!!!"
S Premier
S Premier 5 dagen geleden
😂 I think they are talking to each other. I used to have a cat who had a vast and very distinctive vocab. The meaning of his sounds was very clear. Some people swear he could speak their names. I never heard that but he did say Mama and some other short words/phrases in the correct context. Love my kitties 💕
Niyati Pasupuleti
Niyati Pasupuleti 5 dagen geleden
Omg the fact he wants cuddles, my cat would never
Error_Plays 5 dagen geleden
How old is cooter? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW
Mariella Preciado Jiménez
Mariella Preciado Jiménez 5 dagen geleden
I say this man on til tok
annoying duck
annoying duck 5 dagen geleden
Hey thats the person on tiktok
glen harper
glen harper 6 dagen geleden
I love this cat so much
Therebelentropy 6 dagen geleden
"Cats are the cradle of civilization." Aristotle. Btw, I hope you understand jokes. To the people hyping with wrong information.
KYNGA100 7 dagen geleden
Cats can learn human language, it's amazing but it's true. Mine could say my name, my brother's and my mother's. He used to call us when we were in our own rooms with the door closed. And if he was calling one of us for something, even though the other 2 were available and came to him he ignored them and kept calling the one he wanted.
_•Brew Bamboo•_
_•Brew Bamboo•_ 7 dagen geleden
:0 Cooter
ellie c
ellie c 8 dagen geleden
COOTER! I love to see him and his dad on Dodo! Such a special bond!
Nathan Gutowski
Nathan Gutowski 8 dagen geleden
The absorbing cappelletti distinctively empty because nephew prenatally reject past a greedy town. abstracted, worthless lumber
Arielle Atkinson
Arielle Atkinson 8 dagen geleden
Diesdas Ananas
Diesdas Ananas 8 dagen geleden
dude is C H O N K Y
AdriCat Cataclysm
AdriCat Cataclysm 8 dagen geleden
Cute little kitty💕
sex haver
sex haver 8 dagen geleden
I know his owner from TikTok
Ange S
Ange S 8 dagen geleden
Thanks for sharing and being such an awesome person ✨❤️✨
Ht.65 9 dagen geleden
He's very smart and funny 😝
Candi Murphy
Candi Murphy 9 dagen geleden
I just ❤️ Mason & Cooter!!!
P A 9 dagen geleden
Bless your both!
Jade Sarausad
Jade Sarausad 9 dagen geleden
soo cute❤
John Shannon
John Shannon 9 dagen geleden
Talkers are great.
E-plunksna 9 dagen geleden
how adorable they both are :) always fun to watch them, Mason is a very intelligent guy, managed to develop such a cat personality. of course Cooter himself is an intelligent cat, he can repeat the words of Mason "i love you", "best friend" - he really repeated exactly the same :D
Gemini Nae
Gemini Nae 9 dagen geleden
How old is cooter?
linda caldwell
linda caldwell 9 dagen geleden
Just like my Capone.....
kawaii_fiesty_gacha 1
kawaii_fiesty_gacha 1 9 dagen geleden
Hes the guy from tt lol
Gwen Reader
Gwen Reader 9 dagen geleden
Can totally relate to this video!
The Watcher
The Watcher 9 dagen geleden
Dude, you work for medical field so I suggest you adopt another cat. For a pet, being lonely is hell because all their world is their human...
Itsá Zhini Asdzání
Itsá Zhini Asdzání 9 dagen geleden
I had a kitty like this. Her name was Mouse... 🖤
Storie Grimm
Storie Grimm 9 dagen geleden
Omg, I watch this guy on TikTok! The conversations he has with Cooter are hilarious
Bảo Thy Cao
Bảo Thy Cao 9 dagen geleden
U guys should follow his tiktok, more of cute stuffs like this on his account 🥰. His tiktok acc is “Mason Glasco”❤️
Dunaliella Nori
Dunaliella Nori 10 dagen geleden
I an so happy they get the chance to have a interview on this channel. I follow them on tik tok and I love watching them. They are just soooooo cute !
Fiona Webb
Fiona Webb 10 dagen geleden
I can see how much you love him. Please help him lose some weight so he can have a healthier & longer life.
KRYUM 10 dagen geleden
ding Dong
ding Dong 10 dagen geleden
Oh are you the guy from tiktok
Rich-ArD-Style 10 dagen geleden
Very very cute. ❤️❤️😻❤️❤️❤️
Rich-ArD-Style 10 dagen geleden
Very very cute😻😻😻😻😻😻🌺❤️
Love Moonflower
Love Moonflower 10 dagen geleden
I love you guys! 🥺
Holly Bishop
Holly Bishop 10 dagen geleden
Jenna Sanders
Jenna Sanders 10 dagen geleden
😍😍😍 this is adorable
Whitty 10 dagen geleden
Fhfhfhfh it’s cooter!
Pascal Goutier
Pascal Goutier 10 dagen geleden
I miss my son and best friend 🥺
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 10 dagen geleden
THIS just makes me happy! Who else? 💕☺️💕☺️💕
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 10 dagen geleden
I could watch this over and over..... and I do lol!
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 10 dagen geleden
When I think of what life would be like without my sweet Kevin.... I can’t. He is so much a part of everything each day that I don’t remember what it was possibly like before he blessed us by choosing our family to join. So grateful that he did! Thank you Kevin for making life infinitely better!
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 10 dagen geleden
He really does listen and imitate the intonation. Cats absolutely understand so much of what we say. They learn quickly and they understand.
Benjamin Drake
Benjamin Drake 10 dagen geleden
Oh, I’ve seen them on tiktok,
Damian gaming
Damian gaming 10 dagen geleden
Jessica Aguirre
Jessica Aguirre 10 dagen geleden
Omg !! The fact that he speak 😳😳😳😳
R Se
R Se 10 dagen geleden
Who are the zombies creatures that gave thumbs down? You have to feel sorry for them. They don't see the pure love pouring fourth between Mason & Cooter. Their loss!
R Se
R Se 10 dagen geleden
Awww....made my day...thx for sharing
Sammantha Alba
Sammantha Alba 10 dagen geleden
SteveKindaHot 10 dagen geleden
I know how to communicate with your cat now😱! You really have to find the right cat and the right name for it! Then he will talk back;)! Or else he will just meow at you
Pe S
Pe S 10 dagen geleden
Dad is right - Cooter IS the cutest baby and everybody loves him so much, me included.
Nikita 10 dagen geleden
Cooter is a legend and mason you’re the sweetest, i have been very blessed with kitties in my life that have gotten me through dark times too and I feel I’ve made a positive impact to my babies’ lives too. Blessings and love to you both from me and my kitties xo
RiceCrckr 11 dagen geleden
I saw his Tik Toks! So cute! ❤️
lady gee
lady gee 11 dagen geleden
#1. Thank you for being a nurse and taking the time to care for others in this pandemic. ❤ #2. This kitty 😺loves you unconditionally
Lucas Antonio
Lucas Antonio 5 dagen geleden
Hi how are you going?
Mimi 11 dagen geleden
forch 5
forch 5 11 dagen geleden
Ha ha ha....
Yuki Nohana
Yuki Nohana 11 dagen geleden
Cutest couple between man and his pet, everrr😍
Glass Angel
Glass Angel 11 dagen geleden
This is so cute
Freya Dee
Freya Dee 11 dagen geleden
The only major downside of having kitties is that they don't live long enough! This was so very sweet.
MoonSonyeondan 11 dagen geleden
Who doesn’t love themselves Mason and Cooter? 🌙💕
lin teresa
lin teresa 11 dagen geleden
Siamese n khao manee are the most verbal. My white odd-eyed girl can be 'talkative' with me, 'scolds' when we sneeze or cough too loudly, complaining when her litter tray's dirty, or when she feels hungry or been bullied.
Andalbanon 11 dagen geleden
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