Woman Rescues A Very Angry, Growly Feral Kitten And Earns Her Love | The Dodo Cat Crazy

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17 dagen geleden

Woman rescues a very angry, growly feral kitten - and spends weeks carrying her around 24/7 to earn her love😻

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Mukta Warange
Mukta Warange 4 uur geleden
its so amazing. and she's so cute
Bright Crimson
Bright Crimson 4 uur geleden
i just got a scratch from my cat. nice way to start the day.
ᜌᜒᜀᜈ᜔ᜈᜒᜐ᜔ 5 uur geleden
No, I'm not crying 😭😢🥺
Prakash M
Prakash M 9 uur geleden
Why vets are quick to judge ? I have seen it everywhere....
L. B.
L. B. 12 uur geleden
Sweet Girl ❤️ Thank U for saving her 💖
Belal Abu Sultan
Belal Abu Sultan 14 uur geleden
cats main feeling is being scared, they are the smallest predator in almost any eco system and have to be aware of all other predators, as well as big herpevores with attitude ..... when you understand that, you can get along with almost any cat.
Danny Spock
Danny Spock 15 uur geleden
Well, in her defense, everyone is kind of in a shitty mood when they break both their legs.
Cherish 9
Cherish 9 15 uur geleden
thank u kind people!!! God bless us all and our beloved animal friends/ family
Vanessa Evans
Vanessa Evans 18 uur geleden
She reminds me of my kitten Lucy, they are both sweethearts.
Vanessa Evans
Vanessa Evans 18 uur geleden
That poor thing, may god bless her so much
Sir lizard
Sir lizard 23 uur geleden
Bruh nothing is harder to earn my pet lizards trust
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 23 uur geleden
Thanks for Rescue her @Catsofsanbernardino 🙏💖
Navi Dag geleden
That cat must be an angel without wings if she’s not mudery with a name like Bastet
Raka Athail Farhan
Raka Athail Farhan Dag geleden
so cute!
Blake N Bake
Blake N Bake Dag geleden
At the end she was reffing the Super Bowl in her dreams. Clearly doing a good job as well.
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones Dag geleden
That's awesome
3ft Ninja
3ft Ninja Dag geleden
This cat heals like Wolverine, good job lil kitty ❤
Rose Angela
Rose Angela Dag geleden
Not angry but beyond AFRAID....THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU !!
Gabriella Ross
Gabriella Ross Dag geleden
Anubis God of Death
Anubis God of Death Dag geleden
The lesbians and their cat baby that they nursed back to health give me life
Anubis God of Death
Anubis God of Death 13 uur geleden
@PewPewCat Calm down dude, I’m gay too. Never said anything negative about them being lesbians
PewPewCat Dag geleden
Who cares if they're lesbians though? They're humans that cared about an animal enough to not only save it, but keep it and give it a good life. That's all that matters. Don't get why the lesbian part had to be brought into it 🤔
Gus Bus
Gus Bus Dag geleden
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sandra petty
sandra petty Dag geleden
Just precious.
Dale Roberts
Dale Roberts Dag geleden
john john
john john Dag geleden
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john john
john john Dag geleden
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William Sanders
William Sanders Dag geleden
Lol that kitty was like WOAH THATS A HELL OF A DRUG
Yt Gleve
Yt Gleve Dag geleden
Long and Short Sentences
Long and Short Sentences Dag geleden
CyndiTx123 Dag geleden
I love you for this care for this ferrel kittty!! This breaks my heart how she was found. God BLess!! So precious I love this story thanks for sharing!!
Sondra Smith
Sondra Smith Dag geleden
You guys are awesome! Thank you for all you did for Kitty Baby! 🐱
Kiyotokki 2 dagen geleden
Wait, so what's the medical situation for her hind legs?
oh Mehhh
oh Mehhh 2 dagen geleden
The moment she started to run warmed my heart tho
Sam Lawry
Sam Lawry 2 dagen geleden
Pain = SHhrrrrRrRrRr... Love = Rrrhhhrrrrrr
Telur Dadar
Telur Dadar 2 dagen geleden
awww that plot twist is amazing!
Diana L. Clausen
Diana L. Clausen 2 dagen geleden
Amazing. Beautiful. Life, life, 💕 life, full of love and miracles
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 2 dagen geleden
Animals have fear inside there little body’s just like us in our big body’s . We need more people like this good lady.
sayntfuu 2 dagen geleden
Hope is again restored.
MrFloppa 2 dagen geleden
this is my cat coco everyday lol
leanne sanchez
leanne sanchez 2 dagen geleden
That's the best name for her,Bastet! So cool! And I proper ugly cried when I saw her standing up to eat! May she live a long and loving life with her furry family! 💜🐈👏🏼
Jenn C
Jenn C 2 dagen geleden
Umm, you guys! You healed her with love! 😭. Shut up. I’m not ugly crying joyful tears, you are!
Joy McClure
Joy McClure 2 dagen geleden
I’m a sucker for a hissy feral kitten! They have the most amazing turn arounds. I have a 20lb solid black cat that I caught when he was about 6wk old. He wanted to kill me when I first caught him... within 24hrs he was the sweetest ball of purring fluff you could ever ask for! 7yrs later he’s still the kindest kitty EVER. He never hisses, bites or scratches. Kids can pick him up and carry him around over their shoulder and he just purrs and meows at them.
Vic Toria
Vic Toria 2 dagen geleden
Oh my this is wonderful
EdD5 2 dagen geleden
That cat was literally loved back to health.
Aaron 2 dagen geleden
most people would've seen her legs and just given up they would've thought it was hopeless but time and effort is all it takes even if you think theres nothing that can be done don't give up on them
Idubaren 2 dagen geleden
Oh lord the moment she was standing on her own.... I'M NOT CRYING! YOU CRYIN' :,)
Triqkshot 2 dagen geleden
This one got me.
THE TRYHARDYT 2 dagen geleden
i tip my hat to you, one legend to another
Melissa Semchenko
Melissa Semchenko 2 dagen geleden
Hiss hiss hiss hissssssssssssssssssssss hiss
Ditzy.52 3 dagen geleden
Don't think she was angry. She was frightened and also in pain and also a baby who didn't hve mum. Thank u for what u kind ladies hve done.
Anzar Kunhi
Anzar Kunhi 3 dagen geleden
That's not the way to treat cat when she's hissing at first. She's hissing because she is too much stressed. Do not everytime be like touching her when she's stressed. She needs some space to realise you.
Rose stem-s
Rose stem-s 3 dagen geleden
I wish my cat is like this Instead he’s the devil in a cat body
Soil Aidil
Soil Aidil 3 dagen geleden
Everytime if there's a cat feral or not, I will touch it with my bare hand and if it bites me it's my fate, and then gonna use my other hand to pet it, fucking genius.
miku hates u
miku hates u 3 dagen geleden
her lil nose is so cute
arry ganz
arry ganz 3 dagen geleden
long life good people
Dalaine Propp
Dalaine Propp 3 dagen geleden
My baby's name was Bastet....
Mivias 3 dagen geleden
Cats really do actually apreciate the things that you do for them and usually stray cats are the nicest companions and are full of love. I went to a friend one day, he had two cats one was pure bread and the other was a stray he saved. The stray WAS LITERALLY THE CALMEST NICEST CAT i ve seen on my entire life. It literally let me play with her back paws, her front paws and also with her belly! Wich all the cats owner know those are usually no no spots to Pet your cat...it was also very affectionate and was purrin all the time and she was always climbing on me and as i got her down on the ground she jumped back in my lap again... Meanwhile the pure bread cat was always rotating and watching my hand with worry in its eyes.. No way i could Pet her anywhere else except one her ears, head and under her throat. It was also very agressive when it needed something. Like... She was literally jumping again and again to try and steal food from me. Of course cases May be different depending on the owners but still 90% of the time i ve seen rescued cats and strays act so much more lovingly. Adopt as much as you can, buy less. Stray cats are absolutley amazing and they struggled în the street so they will apreciate your love very much.
Bookworm Norway
Bookworm Norway 3 dagen geleden
0:56 I thought the lady's arm was her thigh, imagine my surprise 😁
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 dagen geleden
I guess she did not like wheelchairs and decided to walk
Rediscovering America
Rediscovering America 3 dagen geleden
Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles needs to see this video. Simply amazing!
sessemis 3 dagen geleden
What love can do a troubled animal - wonderful.
dididi 777
dididi 777 3 dagen geleden
Wow, the cat is so cute😇
Sgt. Tuborg
Sgt. Tuborg 3 dagen geleden
This love lasts forever 😊 Greetings from Germany
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 3 dagen geleden
what a great story!
Hu Tao
Hu Tao 3 dagen geleden
Crash Dag geleden
soulless? I think that's just shock at the fact that they're holding her like that and that they're cleaning her
AnneLien1987 3 dagen geleden
This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen in my 34 years of being on this earth.
Marcia Spiegel
Marcia Spiegel 3 dagen geleden
We took in two from shelter. Female hid for 4days. Now most affectionate girl and my girl at 16. I love cats.
syscon2006 3 dagen geleden
Their mercy will be seen as an act of highest excellence. In Buddhism it is said, that animals possess Buddha's nature. Hence, helping this poor little creature will be seen as their potential to reach the upmost level of Karma while being reborn. It will be also essential on their way to fully enlightenment and their soul will be freed from reincarnation. ☝🏻
Makyhs Makyhs
Makyhs Makyhs 3 dagen geleden
God bless you you now got a big prize in heaven.
JulMaz 3 dagen geleden
I am not crying, you are!
XTntCreeperX 4 dagen geleden
Litteraly I’ve watched so many of your videos about these kittens and I don’t see how my day could be ruined
XTntCreeperX 4 dagen geleden
This melted my heart once again. All these stories do.
Shippo Chan
Shippo Chan 4 dagen geleden
The moment she stands, my tears started falling. This is so amazing. Go live your best life Bastet.
Snafu 4 dagen geleden
Anita Barnes
Anita Barnes 4 dagen geleden
All cats and dogs need is love and food and a good place to live because they give back all the love back to u
summit 4 dagen geleden
She reminds me of my first cat 😭
sierra6588 4 dagen geleden
She's sooooo beautiful!!! Thank you for rescuing, loving, and caring sooo much for your amazing kitty daughter! ❤
Dabi’s Stalker
Dabi’s Stalker 4 dagen geleden
Why are this cats eyes prettier than mine? She looks like she’s got eyeliner for kitties on.
Captain 4 dagen geleden
Good on you. People like you make God smile.
Jengsci 4 dagen geleden
Aaand now I have saltwater on my keyboard, thanks a lot! /s Seriously, this is sooo wonderful!
connectivity tissues
connectivity tissues 4 dagen geleden
OMFrickinG 🥰😍
Ken Ross
Ken Ross 4 dagen geleden
Thank you for rescuing and rehabilitating this cat! What a wonderful story!
Lavender Sage
Lavender Sage 4 dagen geleden
My poor kitty was found also in a hole she couldnt get out of. Poor baby took years to stop being so scared. Shes so much more confident now. I'm glad the kitten in the video is also doing better
Nathan Buchanan
Nathan Buchanan 4 dagen geleden
Such a beautiful story and EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL KITTY🤩
rosa jimenez
rosa jimenez 4 dagen geleden
Rob K
Rob K 4 dagen geleden
This video really made my day to see her walk after those legs looked so bad. Thank you!
William Stephens
William Stephens 4 dagen geleden
Expecting Takis' voice : "The cat is wild!"
Shep 3 dagen geleden
Yeah, I had that thought too "the cat is wild..."
Gregg Hernandez
Gregg Hernandez 4 dagen geleden
Just goes to show sometimes love can accomplish just about anything, even the ability to walk. Way to go Bastet.
ESSTEE PHRESH 4 dagen geleden
Wow that put a sm I le on my face
Peter Pain
Peter Pain 4 dagen geleden
I am really not a cat person. But watching that little one suffer hurt. Thanks for saving her and caring for her
slartie42 4 dagen geleden
I swear I'm never eating onions again!
Barry Caldwell
Barry Caldwell 4 dagen geleden
brilliant video,well done for saving her
rosenrot234 4 dagen geleden
1:40 Okay I shouldn't laugh but that face the cat is making is hilarious. I'm not laughing at their pain, just the accidental derp face
Justine Manaloto
Justine Manaloto 4 dagen geleden
😮‍💨 I completely lost it watching her standing over her bowl and eating by herself 😭😭😭
Just a duck Throwing up gang signs
Just a duck Throwing up gang signs 4 dagen geleden
“I’m not crying you’re crying”
Silver foxx
Silver foxx 4 dagen geleden
Herman Yosef
Herman Yosef 4 dagen geleden
Why she can't walk? I thought it was broken leg
William Brantley
William Brantley 4 dagen geleden
the dodo is one of the few reasons i havent fully given up on humanity
Sparta 4 dagen geleden
What happened to the DODO image? Did you guys go woke? :(
John Villanueva
John Villanueva 4 dagen geleden
May god bliss
Ancy G
Ancy G 4 dagen geleden
What love could do
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