The Teeniest Baby Frenchie Finally Learns How To Bark So Loud | The Dodo

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15 dagen geleden

Tiny baby Frenchie was so small he couldn't even bark - watch how happy he is when he is finally able to bark! 😍

Keep up with Catie and all of her work with her adorable foster puppies on Instagram: . To help more dogs like Grogu, visit: .

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Sssunbat 7 uur geleden
GROGU?! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE 💚 RIVEN IS LIKE MANDO (Idk how to spell his real name :c)
animalslives matter
animalslives matter Dag geleden
U r amazing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Reagan Piacsek
Reagan Piacsek Dag geleden
Sandra Davenport
Sandra Davenport 4 dagen geleden
He's so cute good little one in your new home and your new friend and well done to he's other friend for looking out for him and the foster mum for doing a good job💗💗
Spuds 4 dagen geleden
It always amazes me how gentle big dogs can be! My GSD loves her Chiuhauha and she plays and walks so softly near her!
Carrie Sunday
Carrie Sunday 4 dagen geleden
Sweet boy enjoy your best life.🐾🐾
Joshua Parksons
Joshua Parksons 5 dagen geleden
These breeders need to calm down some types are very cute but very unhealthy and miserable for the poor dog
Barbara Fellman
Barbara Fellman 6 dagen geleden
Aww he's so adorable ♥️😇🙏🐾 an big 🐕 so sweet and gentle god bless you for helping him
Aüdio Hábbits
Aüdio Hábbits 6 dagen geleden
Ugly dog
Juanito 6 dagen geleden
what a ugly ass dog
Lisa Nidog
Lisa Nidog 7 dagen geleden
What a big beautiful bark for such a little one! Yahooo! Grogu is a fighter. What a story!
Samuel 7 dagen geleden
l coleman
l coleman 7 dagen geleden
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez 7 dagen geleden
The spiffy pimple whitely mourn because cough biomechanically need beyond a forgetful snail. abashed, concerned coffee
Feelin' Froggy
Feelin' Froggy 7 dagen geleden
He's like, "muuumm! Don't kiss me in front of the camera!!" (But off camera, kisses mum!! Moore kisses!!!!) ;)
Feelin' Froggy
Feelin' Froggy 7 dagen geleden
Lil’ The Light Fury
Lil’ The Light Fury 7 dagen geleden
Grogu and The Mandalorian. 100%.
Janice Levey
Janice Levey 7 dagen geleden
I hope and pray that he's happy in his new home
Jean Harper
Jean Harper 7 dagen geleden
OMG! A gargoyle! Too cute!
Susan Susan
Susan Susan 7 dagen geleden
I don’t understand why there aren’t bigger penalties for people that breed animals to the point that they are suffering.... 😢🤬
Cynthia Wheeler
Cynthia Wheeler 7 dagen geleden
I am so glad you brought this little boy back from the brink! I understand that you have to let him go but at the same time I hate it. I understand you can now help another struggling dog, but on the other hand Grogu was happy with you. It’s like having a baby, getting it to toddler stage and then putting it up for adoption. Think how the child would feel? I think that is the way Grogu would feel too, orv@y other dog that has been brought back from the brink.
Pina de Vos
Pina de Vos 8 dagen geleden
Why is it when a puppy is sick it is not worth the time to care for and gets tossed out for a foster to take care of it? Because there is no money to be made on it..... This is just one of the things that is wrong with the world. The foster mom? She is the sweetest. 🤗
Pina de Vos
Pina de Vos 8 dagen geleden
It is always so cute to see that big dogs know that they need to be carefull with such a little guy. 😃
Savannah Vu
Savannah Vu 8 dagen geleden
Oh my heart....... he is absolutely adorable 🥰❤️ & his foster brother was so gentle and sweet too. Loved this ❤️
Yvonne OY
Yvonne OY 9 dagen geleden
So homily that he's cute as a button
MrDude88 9 dagen geleden
That’s one ugly pup.
Angela 15091960veneza
Angela 15091960veneza 9 dagen geleden
Olha que amizade mais linda o pastor alemão adotou o pequeno que gracinha 😻💕😊
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Mella Spain
Mella Spain 9 dagen geleden
Such an adorable little girl 🥰
Mj Mj
Mj Mj 10 dagen geleden
She is a very good person fostering all these little ones, that need help. 😍
Anarose 10 dagen geleden
Sabra Crouse
Sabra Crouse 10 dagen geleden
Thank you for taking care of that little boy
MARC FÉNIX 10 dagen geleden
You are such a beautiful soul and so good looking! Want to hang out with me in Germany? ;-)
Michelle Lowe
Michelle Lowe 10 dagen geleden
Awww I want him! Sooooo cute!
Judee Doyle
Judee Doyle 10 dagen geleden
Glenn Justice
Glenn Justice 10 dagen geleden
Thanks for sharing this.
Damion Lundy
Damion Lundy 10 dagen geleden
Awwwww hes named after baby yoda
Bombus Terrestris
Bombus Terrestris 10 dagen geleden
If my crypto takes off for real, this is what I'll be spending my money on.
Wanda Armstrong
Wanda Armstrong 10 dagen geleden
Gemini Dream
Gemini Dream 10 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for taking in this little one, knowing full well the work that lay ahead of you. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your work pay off when they come to you for love. No one can tell me that they don't know that you saved them!
saint esprit
saint esprit 11 dagen geleden
Прелесть! Прелесть! Прелесть! Малюсенький миленький, славненький , хорошенький ребятеночек!!! Здоровья тебе и счастливой жизни !!!
Mark Bigelow
Mark Bigelow 11 dagen geleden
What a sweet love.
Chikki Pukki
Chikki Pukki 11 dagen geleden
Девушка спасибо тебе за все !
Chikki Pukki
Chikki Pukki 11 dagen geleden
Chikki Pukki
Chikki Pukki 11 dagen geleden
Chikki Pukki
Chikki Pukki 11 dagen geleden
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 11 dagen geleden
Awwwww Riven is so happy to hear him bark! You can totally tell that when she realized he was going to be okay she just smiles so big💗💗💗💗hehe! Riven is an amazing soul! Wow!! So glad Grogu stuck in there with his feisty little personality! Yayeeee!!
Ronaldo Grant, Jr.
Ronaldo Grant, Jr. 11 dagen geleden
I Love him.
g h
g h 11 dagen geleden
You sound like an amazing person thank you for caring
JustSayNoToTV 11 dagen geleden
the best videos on NLfast right now.
CHM 11 dagen geleden
Love and caring is all we need.
Software Bear
Software Bear 11 dagen geleden
I jave a feeling the same people crying about how these dogs are bred and how it needs to stop would also be crying when the breed goes extinct. But some people just gotta find something to virtue signal about. I'd wager Grogu would rather have his life, headaches, breathing problems and all, than to have never existed in the first place. I get responsible breeding practices, but some of y'all take it to a militant level.
Phyllis DeL Giudice
Phyllis DeL Giudice 11 dagen geleden
So sweet!
Sami 11 dagen geleden
The German Shepard is like the Mandalorian and the Frenchie is like baby Yoda (Grogu) and in the end Grogu ends up going to train with Luke Skywalker in other words another owner.
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 11 dagen geleden
That shepherd was so sweet to her. Oh that bark!!❤❤
Meredith Lee
Meredith Lee 11 dagen geleden
Grogru: barks Riven: This is the way
Vickie Edwards
Vickie Edwards 11 dagen geleden
I could never give that baby up. He is so precious 💓. 😍.
Tracy Rowe
Tracy Rowe 11 dagen geleden
well I finally see the inspiration for Stitch.
kii colbert
kii colbert 11 dagen geleden
I have a Frenchie and he’s so cute-
Serena Grisdale
Serena Grisdale 11 dagen geleden
We all need to find our inner Grogu! So wonderful.
David Ryan
David Ryan Uur geleden
@Serena Grisdale good morning
Serena Grisdale
Serena Grisdale 10 uur geleden
@David Ryan hi no nothing ion messenger that is odd. I can’t give out my email sorry!
David Ryan
David Ryan 22 uur geleden
@Serena Grisdale hello
David Ryan
David Ryan 22 uur geleden
@Serena Grisdale thanks did you get my message on messenger
Serena Grisdale
Serena Grisdale 22 uur geleden
@David Ryan hi good morning to you also.
Marlene Walker
Marlene Walker 11 dagen geleden
Grogu is so cute!!! I am so happy that he found a loving forever home!!!!
Theresa Conde
Theresa Conde 11 dagen geleden
I cry when I saw this video. I used to rescue and I can't rescue anymore because I end up keeping them all. You have such a wonderful heart to have found him an adopted home or should say a forever home. But me personally I would have kept him I'm selfish like that
Robin Garrett
Robin Garrett 11 dagen geleden
I know it is about the baby but Riven!! What a stunning, beauty.
sakurA 4seinen
sakurA 4seinen 11 dagen geleden
Jody Ariewitz
Jody Ariewitz 11 dagen geleden
Sweet baby!!😍❤❤❤👍👍Great job, to u and your sweet GERMAN shepherd!!
roger gregory
roger gregory 11 dagen geleden
Idiots breeding sick dogs poor dog, that dog's going to be sick the rest of its life
James Hutchins
James Hutchins 11 dagen geleden
I’m not a fan of Frenchies but this little pup could win everyone over.
Nina Nina
Nina Nina 11 dagen geleden
guru? ... uhhh No! grogru Ahhh grow-grew
Anna Brown
Anna Brown 11 dagen geleden
Rhaina Inge
Rhaina Inge 11 dagen geleden
What.a good German Shepard Nañny. 💕I am so glad all is well 😊😊😊😊😊 Thank you for all your care and love for this little Sweetie ❤️🥇❤️🥇❤️
R Mason
R Mason 11 dagen geleden
If people stop wanting dogs that are are being bred for certain look/s, then that will help them. Breeders who are looking to just making $$$$$$ do need to be made responsible as to many creatures are exploited for $$$
Sabrina Hulsey
Sabrina Hulsey 11 dagen geleden
Fur ball
NA GAMER FaZe X DAD 11 dagen geleden
Awwwe so cute
Mark Rumfola
Mark Rumfola 12 dagen geleden
Good Morning man he is a great little pup. You have a wonderful day.
Anne Mullally
Anne Mullally 12 dagen geleden
Seeing this has made my day, I love how the big dog is so gentle with the small dog, salute from Ireland for the video
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Quit Heart
Quit Heart 12 dagen geleden
Disappointed there is no Lilo and Stitch comments cuz this little dog instantly reminded me of Stitch.
Aura 3:33
Aura 3:33 12 dagen geleden
🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰
Chucka369 12 dagen geleden
Claudia Robinson
Claudia Robinson 12 dagen geleden
That is friendship
Laura Shipp
Laura Shipp 12 dagen geleden
Riven the long haired German Shepherd is one really special sweet dogo! Thank you for everything you did for Grogu! You are one special lady!
Linda Walters
Linda Walters 12 dagen geleden
Adorable. A pocket puppy!
Dexy83 12 dagen geleden
The moment his little bark started, my 11y/o cockat cockapoo woke up, sat straight up and started staring at the screen. 😍
Uchiha_Itachi23 12 dagen geleden
I love that he was named after baby Yoda!! He is too cute for words!! Grogu fits him well😍
Epic Eggman
Epic Eggman 12 dagen geleden
“The Brain was discovered in 1664.” People in 1663
Jennifer Turner-Oliveira
Jennifer Turner-Oliveira 12 dagen geleden
Awww Riven, such a good “momma” dog
Joanne Finley
Joanne Finley 12 dagen geleden
Hope i gind someone likehim
Kelly M
Kelly M 12 dagen geleden
Thank you for saving these puppies! 💖
Andrea Thomas
Andrea Thomas 12 dagen geleden
So cute.
Sheryl Jones
Sheryl Jones 12 dagen geleden
So cute.
Purelight1960 12 dagen geleden
Grogu....a great name...adorable little fellow. Keep up the great work.
Charlie Clark
Charlie Clark 12 dagen geleden
Wow touched me thank you for sharing I do the same only have 4 that needs homes. I just don't no if I could of let this go. I love little dogs Charlie from Texas.
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 12 dagen geleden
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 12 dagen geleden
Karen Bergevine
Karen Bergevine 12 dagen geleden
Just so thankful you gave him such love.
Kimberly Berry
Kimberly Berry 12 dagen geleden
So precious, and that tongue, lol
Kman 12 dagen geleden
Thank you Caitie, you're absolutely amazing, please keep doing what you do. The animals need you. 🌴😎🌴
XxPinkbxrryxX 12 dagen geleden
He was like: “Did you call me a BUNNY?! I’ll hop on yo case! If that’s what you want me to do if I’m a bunny! 😤”
Jannahtul 'Izzah
Jannahtul 'Izzah 12 dagen geleden
How do the people do it? Fostering a pets then let they be adopted to other family. I couldn't do it. I always thought at 1st 1 take care of them. Then i put up for adoption. But at the end..i just keep them myself. Now I have 15 cats. LOL
Jayden Moon
Jayden Moon 12 dagen geleden
You foster parents are some of the most amazing people in the world - So awesome to see all the love and hard work you all put in to help these wonderful animals!!
HunterCool22 12 dagen geleden
0:09 Riven: _”Smol baby are you okie?”_
HunterCool22 12 dagen geleden
Why didn’t she keep Grogu tho.. She fit with him so perfectly it seemed like and she took such great care f him? *Glad to seem he got a good home tho.* ❤️❤️
Jane Hall
Jane Hall 11 dagen geleden
She's a foster mom. All of the animals she fosters are cute. She can't keep them all. This is why I can't foster.
HunterCool22 12 dagen geleden
Grogu is good boi Grogu is smol baby Grogu makes me happy! ☺️❤️
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