Rescued Baby Cow Starts Wrestling With A Dog Just His Size | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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The Dodo

22 dagen geleden

Rescued baby cow's first friend was a dog just his size - now he weighs 900 pounds more than her, so he gets down on the ground to play 💜

For updates on Bucket and Colton, you can check out Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary on NLfast: or by visiting their website: .

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john doe
john doe 4 uur geleden
The ratty surprise interestedly advise because timbale microbiologically fill except a long-term sardine. picayune, energetic thailand
Glenn Beadshaw
Glenn Beadshaw 7 uur geleden
All animals have a soul
Dessun 10 uur geleden
lmao "rescued baby cow". Nothing rescued about it ya damn vegan hippies.
Fool Slayer
Fool Slayer 17 uur geleden
She got a calf for 10 bucks??? **looks at my dog and cat who I got for $600 each*
Tina Plourde
Tina Plourde 20 uur geleden
So adorable 👍🏻❤
Samantha Hillenburg
Samantha Hillenburg 20 uur geleden
If I ever get a baby boy cow, I'm gonna call him rambull! 😏🐂
Rose Spaulding
Rose Spaulding 21 uur geleden
So cruel removing him from his mom. I'm glad he got such a wonderful, loving home and family.
The Georgieality Show
The Georgieality Show 21 uur geleden
Wow that's a beautiful 😍 animal story it reminds me of my 2 turtles and 3 hamsters 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐢 🐢. They got along too.
SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver 21 uur geleden
every time I see a farm animal show, it reminds me of a 90s sci-fi fictions about aliens farm raising humans for meat consumption.
MegaBuyer 22 uur geleden
Absolutely Heartwarming!
Ananya Kasliwal
Ananya Kasliwal 22 uur geleden
There's something about watching a calf and a dog run wild in an open field that reminds you there's more good in this world than you think.
Dan New
Dan New Dag geleden
What breed of dog is he?
OddJobMTB Dag geleden
Is that a real bulldog?
Ananya Kasliwal
Ananya Kasliwal 22 uur geleden
Barbara Ryan
Barbara Ryan Dag geleden
What a beautiful story! Thank you for posting this.
The Traisters
The Traisters Dag geleden
They’re so cute together! They’re also really smart. I love it 😍😍
Sarah Corente
Sarah Corente Dag geleden
The perfect cave covalently film because pot electronically vanish over a disastrous cut. outstanding, ambiguous arithmetic
Craig A Ladd
Craig A Ladd Dag geleden
Like." Little buckets" for bison calf. Why? To rewild the great plains. Not the 95 million cattle that now are given public land leases (2019). We need a "little buckets" organization to raise bison calf to repopulate and rewild the great plains of America. Thank you you are nominated. Namaste Truth.animal agriculture and insane carbon footprint of animals as food. Not. Earth mother deserves our help to maintain sustainable biodiverse ecosystems . Your ten dollars went most certainly to profit the slaver (ecocidal capitalistic view of earth resources . This is status quo. animal (domesticated) consumption (and pollution re "ocean dead zones" ) of air and water. Blessings. Keep on.
Shreya Betjewargi
Shreya Betjewargi 2 dagen geleden
This is loving the animals equally and everybody should do that Hey You reading this,love all these animals equally. Stay blessed.
SP 69
SP 69 6 uur geleden
Yea right
zeusbutthole69 2 dagen geleden
I laughed soo hard when the dog starts chomping on the grass.
Ritz B
Ritz B 2 dagen geleden
Lois Barber
Lois Barber 2 dagen geleden
Cute video! Was wondering if Bucket became a steer instead of being a bull. My uncle owned a farm and it is rare that a bull remains so friendly.
Maureen 2 dagen geleden
I love the love they have for each other 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
David Shengulette
David Shengulette 3 dagen geleden
Great Story Animal Friendship,..God Bless!!
Marie Hannah
Marie Hannah 3 dagen geleden
The cultured toenail correspondingly blink because goal gradually surprise on a truthful cooking. parsimonious, ablaze rain
Kelly Hymore
Kelly Hymore 3 dagen geleden
The troubled twilight fundamentally sigh because men hooghly scrape under a puny orchid. naive, yummy justice
SANDHYA KARMAKAR 3 dagen geleden
Very good relationship between bucket and the dog, lovely video
SkiTheFace 420
SkiTheFace 420 3 dagen geleden
Two delicious animals
Mark 4 dagen geleden
Such a cute friendship. I ❤️ it
Kajal mishra
Kajal mishra 4 dagen geleden
Cute 🥺
AnnArborIsAWhore 4 dagen geleden
"Oh NOM NOM NOM. These ears sure are yummy, mommy! Thanks for bringing me some ears home! Oh NOM NOM NOM!"
Kingly K
Kingly K 4 dagen geleden
I hope it grows up to be a strong healthy burger
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy 4 dagen geleden
One year later and that dog will be pretty surprised at his friend's size
Bill Bux
Bill Bux 4 dagen geleden
Wow... He’s gonna make some TASTY hamburgers!😉
Dennis Newby
Dennis Newby 4 dagen geleden
Oh No, bucket stay away from the kitchen
John W
John W 4 dagen geleden
A baby cow?.. is that not called a calf? :o)
Kathleen Cooper
Kathleen Cooper 4 dagen geleden
The defective theater isely surprise because library mostly listen following a amusing glove. lean, abiding bulldozer
Tamil Tech Guru
Tamil Tech Guru 5 dagen geleden
Wait till bucket gets a horn 😂
デビーDebbie 5 dagen geleden
These two animals managed actually to solve the problem of racism between two races. Humanity, wake up
Enr Chicago
Enr Chicago 5 dagen geleden
They sleep together
john childress
john childress 5 dagen geleden
You know the rest of the animals are calling him milkman behind his back.
Shaun Folk
Shaun Folk 5 dagen geleden
I can't quite put it in a sage or pithy way but this video is has a message about anti racism within it. As in, if different species can get along then why can't we....? Something like that anyway. Empathy too. I mean the cow kneeling is definitely a gesture of equality.
Snoop Dogg The Certified G
Snoop Dogg The Certified G 5 dagen geleden
**Aggressive Violin Music**
Abcde 5 dagen geleden
Plot twist.....this cow is a bull. Ha ha ha ha
vik'ST'ation78 5 dagen geleden
You just made the greatest discovery lady. Amazing...
Areli V444
Areli V444 5 dagen geleden
Absolutely 🥰🥰🥰 as a vegetarian; I don’t kill and eat my pets. I live in Nebraska and cows are pets for me.
Armando Alejandro
Armando Alejandro 5 dagen geleden
Wow that thing got big
Laaabarbi Rod
Laaabarbi Rod 5 dagen geleden
What a cute and wonderful story... 🙌🏼💫🌟🌞❤️🐾💙👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙😘😘😘LOVE THEM! Thank you Ma’am for your love and support!
caxco93 5 dagen geleden
love how he keeps slowly getting bigger
Frozen Bean
Frozen Bean 6 dagen geleden
Adorable 💗
Max Max
Max Max 6 dagen geleden
andy nickolaich
andy nickolaich 6 dagen geleden
How can i eat any meat after this?
thetruereality 6 dagen geleden
are all the meat lovers watching this ?
Miles6 6 dagen geleden
Luckily this one won't become beef. What a shame we live in a speciesist society.
Tina Mm
Tina Mm 6 dagen geleden
wonderful lady
Bertha Nelson
Bertha Nelson 6 dagen geleden
The juicy cone seasonally stay because canada disturbingly clear behind a profuse circle. materialistic, tacky believe
lil sam
lil sam 6 dagen geleden
They're the same, yet one we treat as family, and one we separate from their mom and kill for food.
Rhian 4 dagen geleden
I'm all for treating them with respect, but we are the superior species. As long as we preserve the species, we can use the individual animals to our advantage. They are a resource.
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 6 dagen geleden
I needed these smiles. Thank you so much.
Санат Сураужанов
Санат Сураужанов 6 dagen geleden
Запрещали к телёнку подходить без надобности.Казахи наверное не ИДИОТЫ
Nathz gaming
Nathz gaming 6 dagen geleden
10$ good for a calf
Anabel Toirac
Anabel Toirac 6 dagen geleden
What a tender story.
ChiefJustice Middleton
ChiefJustice Middleton 6 dagen geleden
Bucket definitely got a lot of healthy running in with the dog when he was younger and probably still is
The śilver Wolf
The śilver Wolf 6 dagen geleden
£10= living cow
Dianna Carey
Dianna Carey 6 dagen geleden
That is so very precious.
WildVideoNYC 6 dagen geleden
And this is why I stopped eating meat.
lil sam
lil sam 6 dagen geleden
Shubham Jayaswal
Shubham Jayaswal 6 dagen geleden
sebastian escudero
sebastian escudero 6 dagen geleden
Haaaa sooo coool
sedna1011 6 dagen geleden
Why is it that people love one and eat the other?????
jayvee bensurto
jayvee bensurto 6 dagen geleden
Disney is going to make a movie about this
pinaky das
pinaky das 6 dagen geleden
Adorable strange friendship..
Susie Castleman
Susie Castleman 6 dagen geleden
Surely Bucket must have been castrated at some point?
Bravo Six
Bravo Six 6 dagen geleden
Love It!
Rellek_11 6 dagen geleden
Damn that this proves that cows do have emotions and are even capable of love and communication.
Reshma Chowdhury
Reshma Chowdhury 7 dagen geleden
Sandy Fox
Sandy Fox 7 dagen geleden
Thank you for saving that calf!!!
Life of Martyna
Life of Martyna 7 dagen geleden
Awwwwww wfriendship💖💖💖💖😘😍😍😍
Life of Martyna
Life of Martyna 7 dagen geleden
Life of Martyna
Life of Martyna 7 dagen geleden
Awwwwww so cuteee🤗☺☺☺😍😍😘😘💖💖💖
Electrical Test for 2021
Electrical Test for 2021 7 dagen geleden
Aw that's so sweet
La Monk
La Monk 7 dagen geleden
Iron Eddie
Iron Eddie 7 dagen geleden
He’s so beautiful!❤️
peter cotto
peter cotto 7 dagen geleden
two lonely souls meet.
Mureed Nassif
Mureed Nassif 7 dagen geleden
It will make a beautiful big Mack one day😋😄. Just joking it's adorable 🤗.
Biff C
Biff C 7 dagen geleden
A baby cow is called a calf.
Brett Richardson
Brett Richardson 7 dagen geleden
Cows are surprisingly smart creatures, good thing ocean dogs aren't good for meat! (Seals)
3rvingod11 7 dagen geleden
dog: are you a dog? cow: are you a cow? both: yes
T S 7 dagen geleden
I understand why Brahmin Hindus really love their cows
THE OUTSIDER 6 dagen geleden
*Bcz they just love cows* , why r u jealous with them? 😂
peggyt1243 7 dagen geleden
All babies ae cute. Bucket is male and being small was not suitable for breeding nor for beef. What happens when Bucket turns into a bull with instincts and hormones?
Apurva kamble
Apurva kamble 7 dagen geleden
You tube is using this videos to melt my heart. I hate yt
Mary Stephens
Mary Stephens 8 dagen geleden
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having this sanctuary. Animals do much better at loving others species. Humans have built fantastical churches in the effort to get closer to god. Then they become money collectors. Animals are godly. And not one of them needs to accept JC as their savior! No guilt or shaming or religious wars!
krishna khode
krishna khode 8 dagen geleden
that's why we don't eat cow... cow is our mother ...
juan k oro
juan k oro 8 dagen geleden
Awesome video thanks
Rosa Josa
Rosa Josa 8 dagen geleden
Alexandre Buzenet
Alexandre Buzenet 8 dagen geleden
600 devil people dislike go to hell
chello70 8 dagen geleden
What an amazing ,heart warming story... Good luck with your sanctuary.
Ahmet Uras
Ahmet Uras 8 dagen geleden
Yet you can legally eat one and not the other
lil sam
lil sam 6 dagen geleden
@Ahmet Uras I simply said it isn't illegal. Idd dude we're basically making the same point. It's a double standard.
Ahmet Uras
Ahmet Uras 6 dagen geleden
@lil sam yeah it is. But you are telling me there wouldn’t be uproar in the local community? They would probs attack you and call police daily
lil sam
lil sam 6 dagen geleden
@Ahmet Uras 44 states have no prohibition against killing dogs for consumption. In the majority of the rest of the world it's legal and some places it's even common.
Ahmet Uras
Ahmet Uras 6 dagen geleden
@lil sam how can you eat both legally. I’m sure if I was breeding dogs in my garden and eating them someone would call the police
lil sam
lil sam 6 dagen geleden
We can legally eat both, but people choose to love one and kill the other. Such a twisted world.
William Lee
William Lee 8 dagen geleden
Now...that was sweet! How could ANYBODY dislike this video! They became fast friends! Thank you for sharing! That's what I needed, to pull a grin on my face!
Woxineau Crows
Woxineau Crows 8 dagen geleden
Bless you, Hunny but what is it a he or she I think you got mixed up in the joy these 2 had over time Bless you again girl.~
Jrhalls6 Wonder
Jrhalls6 Wonder 8 dagen geleden
Watch that calf when older. The breed is known to hurt people. Jersey right?
Justin Eck
Justin Eck 8 dagen geleden
When no one teaches you how to hate, differences mean nothing.
james Young
james Young 7 dagen geleden
That's right, and that's the lesson we all can teach our children. Hate is a learned behavior, it's not something we're born with, we are taught starting at a very young age how to hate. If you put babies and small kids in a room together with some toys, they won't automatically bunch up with other kids that look like them, they won't take other kids toys just because they think the other child doesn't deserve that toy, those are learned behaviors taught by their parents, kids are truly color blind. That is not to say that like dogs, or other animals that we aren't born with instincts, hating is not an instinct we're born with and by the way, we ignore our instincts unlike animals. We've all met someone we didn't like right off the bat, we can't put our finger on why it is, but there's something about them and not its not their skin color or ethnicity. Usually it's something we can't see, and sometimes we ignore it only to find out later what it was that we instinctually didn't like. I tend to listen to my instincts, because as all animals have figured out there's a reason we're born with instincts it keeps us alive.
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