100-Pound Beagle Who Could Barely Move Now Runs 5Ks | The Dodo Heroes

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100-pound beagle who had been fed ice cream his whole life was so huge, he couldn’t move - months later, he’s running 5Ks with his dad 💞

Keep up with Jameson's weight loss journey on Facebook: thedo.do/wolfgangthebeagle and on Instagram: thedo.do/obese_beagle .
For information on adopting Jameson, check out Arizona Beagle Rescue here: thedo.do/adoptjameson .

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Zoey Hurtado
Zoey Hurtado 3 dagen geleden
These dogs are truely amazing
blahheadhAcker RBLX
blahheadhAcker RBLX 4 dagen geleden
That moment you realize he's the size of a 12 year old
bobicabayo 5 dagen geleden
Poor guy
That 1Dude
That 1Dude 6 dagen geleden
Obese? Now your fat shaming. Liberals would be livid with you
vaticinus 6 dagen geleden
Its owner tried to kill it with food.
Distant Echoes
Distant Echoes 6 dagen geleden
I wish more people understood what it took to be a good dog owner. A dog needs close to the same amount of effort and attention as a child of around 3 to 4 years of age. They need more than just food and water and to have a place to do their business. They need training. They need exercise. They need to play. They need to run. They need to socialize with other dogs and animals and people. They need cuddles. They need to be treated like another intelligent being with love, respect, and dignity. If you cannot meet those requirements over the dog's entire life, then you might want to reconsider getting one.
Pina de Vos
Pina de Vos 6 dagen geleden
Some people love their animals to death......
funkyfiss 6 dagen geleden
His little knees were carrying two fully grown dogs. 😳
Maddie Pope
Maddie Pope 7 dagen geleden
tia Owings
tia Owings 7 dagen geleden
Congratulations Furbabies mwah mawh 🐾🐾💕
LBDJ The Third
LBDJ The Third 7 dagen geleden
Damn, boy. Damn, BOY! He THICC!! BOI! That's a THICC ASS BOI!!!!! BA-POW!
RadicalTroll 7 dagen geleden
this video is offensive. its basically saying fat is bad. I am fat. fat phobia is real. its racist to say being fat is unhealthy.
Noukz 7 dagen geleden
Meanwhile in Murica, people are feeding their dogs the same food that they eat... Ice Cream and Cheeseburgers. And Coke instead of water probably.
Drew P. Nutsack
Drew P. Nutsack 8 dagen geleden
Well done
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell 8 dagen geleden
Sent this to my wife because we have a beagle. I've always told her that beagles can very easily go from skin and bones to ballooning.
Jhumur Bhattacharya
Jhumur Bhattacharya 8 dagen geleden
Shameless, you must have fed him wrongly nd earning money , showing how painful life this innocent pet is living...
Grimpixelations 8 dagen geleden
how is a dog more happy to exercise than me
Bapi deOli
Bapi deOli 8 dagen geleden
Who did this is a ZOMBIE coward!! CRUELTY!!
Sa B
Sa B 8 dagen geleden
I had a beagle..those dogs eat fast and non stop.
DigitalPraise7 8 dagen geleden
Stupid ignorant owner to feed the dog crap. Damn
Gabriel C
Gabriel C 8 dagen geleden
1:27 knee replacements? :|
Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas 8 dagen geleden
From "oh lawd he comin" to "dayum boie"
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Hey Carlos
rick mack
rick mack 8 dagen geleden
Hey you could be The Biggest Loser for dogs.
Hans Lecaros
Hans Lecaros 9 dagen geleden
I don't understand how a dog owner can be so cruel to an animal. Having no education on how to raise a pet must be a requirement this day.
richie rich
richie rich 9 dagen geleden
all their dogs seem over weight dude put your dogs on a diet instead feeding them like pigs
Tnc874 9 dagen geleden
Ummm can i come stay with them!
JCElzinga 9 dagen geleden
Yea but healthy at any size
Prabu Bramantri
Prabu Bramantri 9 dagen geleden
Choncc boi
KTones 9 dagen geleden
it's 45.36 kg
12thDecember 9 dagen geleden
I just cringe whenever I see a dog that's so morbidly obese. I think the owner must love the dog so much that they literally cannot see how HUGE it is, and it does no good to tell them their dog needs to lose weight. It isn't because the dog doesn't have the discipline to lose the weight, it's because the owner doesn't have the discipline to help the dog lose the weight. Really sad when the knee and hip and back problems begin.
Alicia Pineda
Alicia Pineda 9 dagen geleden
Qué bella historia con final feliz, porque el 🐶 está delgado y muy guapo y 🐶🇨🇷
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Hey Alicia
Van Life California
Van Life California 9 dagen geleden
That was animal abuse glad you got the dog now
nick paske
nick paske 9 dagen geleden
The owner should be fed the same diet for a year!
Wayne Simpson
Wayne Simpson 9 dagen geleden
I'm sorry but what idiot would do that to a dog? Yeah they'll do it to themselves but why do it to a dog? That's inhumane as hell
SassyFrass 9 dagen geleden
So good of ;you all to help these overweight dogs.
Minnow Kollmann
Minnow Kollmann 9 dagen geleden
Dogs can't consent. It's like having a very heavy child excluding medical issues .. I'm fat and bodi posi but my pug/Beagle mix is his perfect weight ♡ lots of running and walks and fetch and meat/fat/organs and fruits and veggies ♡♡♡♡
Bartacomus Kidd
Bartacomus Kidd 9 dagen geleden
You are giving a dog.. vegetables. You gave him surgery on his little legs.. and you drug him on Kilometer races? This is called.. torturing a helpless animal for your self image.
Chillee 5 dagen geleden
Are you saying this unironically or are you trolling?
Laura Kruyer
Laura Kruyer 9 dagen geleden
I have to say that I am a beagle person love them to death. Seen this beagle made me want to cry.
Naka Yonghae
Naka Yonghae 9 dagen geleden
Chubby dogs are hysterical walking barrels, so Jameson is an appropriate name.
T Y 9 dagen geleden
Damn, that’s a thicc boi
Mike 9 dagen geleden
Good thing there are people who are responsible pet owners like the folks that took him in.
MO JOE 10 dagen geleden
Fat dogs make me laugh
Rochelle Pratt
Rochelle Pratt 10 dagen geleden
Just like us humans. If we exercise and eat healthy we get overweight, lazy, stay tired and sleep to much..Get up and out we can do it 👍👍
____________ 10 dagen geleden
And yet a certain section of people don’t recognize the same issues in humanity.
Janice Simmonds
Janice Simmonds 10 dagen geleden
What lovely people you are, well done to you x x
Jeffrey B
Jeffrey B 10 dagen geleden
Such animal cruelty, to allow dogs to reach these huge sizes.
TheThewhatwhatnow 10 dagen geleden
Fat Camp 😁
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 10 dagen geleden
Damn my opposing thumbs. I could be dropping the lbs too.
David Ryan
David Ryan 6 dagen geleden
@Amanda Smith so where are you from
David Ryan
David Ryan 6 dagen geleden
@Amanda Smith how are you doing
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 7 dagen geleden
Hey David
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Hey Amanda
Darlene 10 dagen geleden
These people are awesome! God love these dogs - I know those people didn't mean it this way, but, that is abuse - plain & simple. To make an animal become a prisoner in their own body...it's just so sad 😥💔 I'm so happy for those dogs that need help that find these wonderful, dedicated people! To see them after they've won their battles & are happy & healthy now...is just so heartwarming 😍👏🐾❤❤❤❤❤
GRANDUER SLATER 10 dagen geleden
you mama and dad make him like that hahaha
Twitty Bird
Twitty Bird 10 dagen geleden
Obviously these people are the cause n should be band from having pets!!!!!
Kriste Andrea Tujague
Kriste Andrea Tujague 10 dagen geleden
K. Bright
K. Bright 10 dagen geleden
Beagles get fat and loooooove food.
Trish Langford
Trish Langford 10 dagen geleden
This is a lesson for us all. If you want to keep moving you've got to keep moving.. We've all had a rough time the last year or so maybe gotten a little lazy. Let's get those covid kilos moving.
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Hey Trish
Ozgal69 10 dagen geleden
What special foster parents these guys are ❤️
Daisy Hart
Daisy Hart 10 dagen geleden
Shame on his old owner that’s literally horrendous poor dog I’m glad he’s all happy now and not fat
Carrie Lea
Carrie Lea 10 dagen geleden
Makes me crazy, music while people are talking. Cant watch😩
Melanie Brantner
Melanie Brantner 10 dagen geleden
WTF 100 ??
merp 10 dagen geleden
theres just something inherently wrong seeing children or cats/dogs overweight. it really irks me. super happy for these buds getting the help they need ^_^
Mallery Smith
Mallery Smith 10 dagen geleden
Overweight is abuse. Same as underweight.
Jbone Philly
Jbone Philly 10 dagen geleden
Absolutely beautiful
vidsbyme 10 dagen geleden
What happened to his owner? She must have loved him even though it was reflecting in a poor manner. I feel bad for them both.
Ghostspeare 10 dagen geleden
If these dogs were liberals they would be demanding to be called body positive canines, howling that curvy canines are beautiful, and sue people for weight discrimination.
Bella S
Bella S 10 dagen geleden
bruh what? are you making up hypothetical situations just to be triggered? lmao
Dudley Goodwin
Dudley Goodwin 10 dagen geleden
Why would anyone do this to a dog!! This is just so cruel! I also have a part beagle basset hound, I always watch my dogs weight. I just wish somebody would watch my weight!!!!!!!!!👍🐾🐶🐾‼️
beagle mama
beagle mama 10 dagen geleden
I would love to see your beagle basset! I have a beagle and a GSD beagle mix. We will be welcoming another beagle in 10 weeks💕
Michael Cawley
Michael Cawley 10 dagen geleden
Damn boy he thick boy damn
Diane Taylor
Diane Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Allowing a dog to become disabled by obesity is animal abuse. Shameful.
Philip O
Philip O 10 dagen geleden
We can talk openly with concern about a fat dog, but if one talks openly about a fat person - that's fat shaming. The poor health sustained by that dog from a poor diet is exactly what's happening to the people around us. Let's talk about that.
Bella S
Bella S 10 dagen geleden
People only call it "fat shaming" when you disrespect fat people just because of their weight. If you support them in a positive manner, no one would consider it fat shaming. It sounds like you just want to be mad about something.
Martie 10 dagen geleden
Beagles look like they have elevator music playing in their head the whole time.
Nathan Gutowski
Nathan Gutowski 10 dagen geleden
The nutritious accordion analogously slip because plasterboard histopathologically wail afore a unbecoming swimming. garrulous, wasteful reminder
chloe sady
chloe sady 10 dagen geleden
We have a Patty of our own
Michelle Lowe
Michelle Lowe 10 dagen geleden
I have a dachshund mix who is 45 lbs and she has thyroid disease which so far we haven't found a medication that works so she just keeps gaining weight.
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Hey Michelle
mr fantastic
mr fantastic 10 dagen geleden
The have the funniest barks I laugh every time I hear one do it
Marasia Darby
Marasia Darby 10 dagen geleden
All dogs owners who overfeed them should have the pets taken away, this is abuse...
және трансцентті ақыл
және трансцентті ақыл 10 dagen geleden
this is a great example of how uncommitted humans are to being healthy. if he can do it, YOU can do it too. there is no excuse for being fat
Bella S
Bella S 10 dagen geleden
what even is "fat?" overweight? obese? also, many medications cause weight gain, along with the fact that a lot of the population are in food deserts where healthy food is expensive and fast food is cheap. furthermore, as mental illness rises, many become inactive and gain too much wieght. people should always strive to be healthy, but there are valid reasons why someone would become unhealthy.
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle 10 dagen geleden
Americans aren't satisfied being fat themselves, they must make their pets fat too for that extra 'murica 🤣
SUGE WHITE Jacoby 10 dagen geleden
I need to learn how to foster dogs. I've had cancer 5times in 6yrs. Im lonely and cancer free for almost a year and have started exercising again! I want and need companionship!
Mia Crei
Mia Crei 10 dagen geleden
João Calhandro
João Calhandro 10 dagen geleden
Wow, running 5k. Nice. Now all that's missing is that weight in kilograms and it's nonsense free after that.
nybsbfan18 10 dagen geleden
Thank u for rescuing Jameson and the other beagles and getting them in shape!!! 🙂😁👍
Quietus Plus
Quietus Plus 10 dagen geleden
Can I sign up? I need some weight loss... No doggo involved though.
Barp Soon
Barp Soon 10 dagen geleden
Stop the vocal fry, it makes you sound really dumb.
Colors of Hope Crafts ASMR
Colors of Hope Crafts ASMR 10 dagen geleden
I’d love to know what they are feeling those dogs! I have a Beagle mix who is 30 pounds, and we are trying to get her down to 25 pounds. We have her on a weight management food, and she keeps scratching at her bowl, even after we feed her.
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Hey dear
Kharn The Betrayer
Kharn The Betrayer 10 dagen geleden
Man they look like full ticks !! I’m glad you guys get them back into shape !!
Quinten McKinney
Quinten McKinney 10 dagen geleden
I love your new logo
Denise Brown
Denise Brown 10 dagen geleden
Absolutely incredible story🤗 Other dog owners need to stop over feeding these beautiful pups causing this issue.
Hyena Hagen
Hyena Hagen 10 dagen geleden
Maybe stop feeding your dogs garbage 24/7?
Hyena Hagen
Hyena Hagen 10 dagen geleden
Shoulda gave em a skateboard like in Tom & Jerry lol
N Y 10 dagen geleden
These types of videos create a market for “success stories”, which in turn opens up the chance that this dog was force-fed for a year’s time and then “his journey back” was filmed. Not saying this is the case here, but we should all be aware that the Dodo has created a market incentive for that sort of cruelty.
nobel Stifler
nobel Stifler 11 dagen geleden
TBH in my mind "damn that's a thiccc boy" meme is playing
Serial_Chiller 11 dagen geleden
Awww....this is great....I have a beagle pup that I make sure she’s going on her walks everyday for about an hour...lots of play time, and no table food, even though she begs....and it’s hard to say no...but I refuse to have an overweight beagle.👍🏾...
Simon L
Simon L 11 dagen geleden
The ad I got before watching this was for Ben and Jerry cookie dough ice cream. Seemed appropriate.
kingdomkrook 11 dagen geleden
Get Away From Me- Now Please.
Get Away From Me- Now Please. 11 dagen geleden
He was so overweight I almost thought he was a dachshund.
bruhhhhhhhh 11 dagen geleden
Thomas Farmer
Thomas Farmer 11 dagen geleden
The former owner needs a flogging
Chanel The Pomspitz
Chanel The Pomspitz 11 dagen geleden
Perfect Home
Perfect Home 11 dagen geleden
You guys are awesome!!! He is back to join life! ❤️
eruvuevuevue 11 dagen geleden
you are such heroes
Glamam 11 dagen geleden
My kitty was 19 pounds (ideal weight is 12) and just lost 1 pound so she’s now 18 pounds and I’ve never been such a prouder cat mom
David Ryan
David Ryan 7 dagen geleden
Hello glamam
Smudent 11 dagen geleden
So I guess that "health at every size" was total bs... who would have guessed that?
Bella S
Bella S 10 dagen geleden
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