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11 dagen geleden

This dog @milo_the_toller lets butterflies sit on his nose

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Tatra Scrambler
Tatra Scrambler 8 uur geleden
What a gentle doggo ^^
Pradosh ranjan Sahoo
Pradosh ranjan Sahoo 18 uur geleden
Wow ... absolutely barbie world
Shashank G
Shashank G 22 uur geleden
this person's quality of life
Chona Cruz
Chona Cruz 23 uur geleden
gonnahavemesomefun Dag geleden
Lol bonkers what a lovely nose he has :)
Bonnie Dag geleden
Milo and the monarchs...such a beautiful children's book title.
Emz Keach
Emz Keach Dag geleden
The is the most wholesome video I have ever watched
cathlyn nguyen
cathlyn nguyen Dag geleden
dog's a straight up disney princess
Nice Video - Shahid Chowdhury Bradford US
Michael Greene
Michael Greene Dag geleden
Is this for real?
Pema choephel
Pema choephel Dag geleden
Fluffy gardener...🤫🤭🤭☺☺😘😘
Galimeer5 Dag geleden
"With my crown of flowers, I am king of the butterflies. My rule will be kind and merciful"
Abe Dag geleden
True gentle giant
Daniya Mehta
Daniya Mehta Dag geleden
Why is this dog a Disney princess
TheNdege1 2 dagen geleden
I think they talking
Kien Lu
Kien Lu 2 dagen geleden
Awww he is so cute He finally find his true happiness
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 2 dagen geleden
Milo, The Monarch.
layla 2 dagen geleden
Saiteja Aluru
Saiteja Aluru 2 dagen geleden
H K 2 dagen geleden
i thought he is doing Snapchat for a second. lol
r light
r light 2 dagen geleden
So dang cute! I love the way Milo is so still and zen while the butterflies are on him.
Sandra Hertel
Sandra Hertel 2 dagen geleden
That is one of the cutest things. What a happy and content dog. Wonderful.
TryptaMind 2 dagen geleden
What a beautiful breed! 🤩 Anyone know what breed he is? Looks like a golden retriever mixed with something else but I'm not sure what? 🤔😄
Louisa Tsui
Louisa Tsui 2 dagen geleden
Omgosh...totally adorable....Miles is just so can see his inner beauty....radiates to his outer cuteness....he made me smile after a tough day...thank you...
Maida M.
Maida M. 2 dagen geleden
Absolutely wonderful 😍🦋
john doe
john doe 2 dagen geleden
The steep patricia interestedly confess because celery marginally fool aboard a quixotic bowling. cold, medical quail
T Barrett
T Barrett 2 dagen geleden
Well, that was certainly charming )
Imee Kamland
Imee Kamland 2 dagen geleden
Jermi 2 dagen geleden
Omg if it was my puppy he would just sit on them and play with them like he would go so mad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but he's so frickin adorable..and this boy is frickin cute adorable
Patrick P.
Patrick P. 2 dagen geleden
Cuteness-Level : OVER 9000 !!!! 😂👍
Maddie H
Maddie H 2 dagen geleden
This dog Is very special😌
christy barker
christy barker 2 dagen geleden
Such a good boy butterfly whisperer. ❤️
sheeiyy 3 dagen geleden
2:14 pretty boi 😩✨
Bijou Bijou
Bijou Bijou 3 dagen geleden
"See the dog and butterfly Up in the air he likes to fly..." Song "Dog and Butterfly" by Heart.
Gurl 5150
Gurl 5150 3 dagen geleden
This is just amazing!!
Aelitagurl 3 dagen geleden
Who needs filters when you have a personal flower crown with butterflies to land on them 😍
Rd son
Rd son 3 dagen geleden
butterflies, flowers and a good boy!
raynarayskye 3 dagen geleden
He's known these guys since they were baby's
Riya HM
Riya HM 3 dagen geleden
The True Disney Princess
Yoga Trickster
Yoga Trickster 3 dagen geleden
Lol. Beautiful.
Shazia Nowsherwon
Shazia Nowsherwon 3 dagen geleden
So cute 🥰 💕
TexasTimelapse 3 dagen geleden
That's dog must hate life having a crazy ass woman for an owner.
Frances Edwards
Frances Edwards 3 dagen geleden
O dear this is so adorable in so many ways. Need dog like milo.
MissJessyeNorman 3 dagen geleden
I think Milo is a Duck Tolling Retriever - a breed who, according to Google (besides being the smallest of the retrievers), are known for being highly "intelligent, eager to please, alert, and energetic". It's no wonder he's wonderfully bright, intuitive and kind.
Trang Pham
Trang Pham 3 dagen geleden
OMG, he is soooooo cute 😍
Prerna Singh
Prerna Singh 3 dagen geleden
Hey this author's life is so beautiful with all those butterflies and milo 🥰🥰🥰
The Galactic Empire
The Galactic Empire 3 dagen geleden
Makes me miss my dog.
eveline carels
eveline carels 3 dagen geleden
Zallain R
Zallain R 3 dagen geleden
I’m in love with him 😍
Lori Skillman
Lori Skillman 3 dagen geleden
I could watch this all day. So gosh darned sweet!
Theresa Secore
Theresa Secore 3 dagen geleden
I've watched this video like 100x and it never gets old, makes me so happy - I luuuuv this dog and the butterflies and both cavorting in the garden - and his mom is so awesome for protecting the caterpillars
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 3 dagen geleden
What a sweet dog. Amazing
Andrew Ma
Andrew Ma 3 dagen geleden
I'm surprised he doesn't try eat the butterflies He's so gentle
T Tall
T Tall 3 dagen geleden
So cool 🦋🐾
Lynn Odonnell
Lynn Odonnell 3 dagen geleden
Plz,plz,plz SOMEONE write a childrens storybook about Saint Milo & the Butterflies. He's definitely aligned with St. Francis in his love and compassion for animals.
Mary Essency
Mary Essency 3 dagen geleden
Blessed doggo
Наталия Яковлева
Наталия Яковлева 3 dagen geleden
Wonderful!!!🌻🐶🦋🌺🌹Thank you!🌞
Erika D
Erika D 3 dagen geleden
Looked like a insta filter on his head! Soo purty. Whatta beautiful doge, I just learned he's a duck trollin retriever
Fiercenana1007 3 dagen geleden
OMG!! AWESOME!! Milo is such a calm sweet spirit! Your beautiful yard, Milo, and the butterflies 🦋 are so relaxing. Watching the video made me so calm and happy. God bless!
DIANA 3 dagen geleden
This is too cute
Pranshi Raj
Pranshi Raj 3 dagen geleden
I'll need to show this to my dog... he's the exact opposite... and always loses his control on seeing butterflies
GOATHEAD ASYLUM 4 dagen geleden
Now hes living the life
homanbash Bash
homanbash Bash 4 dagen geleden
What a good boy Amazing
savi pasu
savi pasu 4 dagen geleden
This Doggie seems to have a very blessed soul.💕💕
Nicci Dean
Nicci Dean 4 dagen geleden
What a delightful boy ❤️
gaetan bonnefoussie
gaetan bonnefoussie 4 dagen geleden
Sooo cute
Cranberry 4 dagen geleden
Karen Brecio
Karen Brecio 4 dagen geleden
So cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hbmd 4 dagen geleden
Just a one reflex bite, after bad sleep :)
Yoga Budiman
Yoga Budiman 4 dagen geleden
I'm more impressed with the owner's garden what a dedication, kudos! and thanks for sharing.
Wholesome Degenerate
Wholesome Degenerate 4 dagen geleden
Why does this dog look so damn photogenic 😂
XO XO 4 dagen geleden
This is so pretty and wholesome I'm gonna lie down and cry
Jisha Jogi
Jisha Jogi 4 dagen geleden
Living Snapchat filter
L A 4 dagen geleden
We need a movie about Milo the new Disney princess 😭😭😭
shoba sujana
shoba sujana 4 dagen geleden
Oh gosh what a baby with crown of flowers & butterflies on his head. Definitely a gentleman 🤠
SugaVirus 4 dagen geleden
Milo and the Butterflies needs to be a children's book. Instant classic.
Shikha Chaurasia
Shikha Chaurasia 4 dagen geleden
How sweet Milo ❤😍
ChessmasterHex 4 dagen geleden
How can there be dislikes!!!!!!
Artie POV
Artie POV 4 dagen geleden
This is what i picture a "perfect" world be. Pets, garden, butterflies, flowers.... 😍
Tess Kater
Tess Kater 4 dagen geleden
Dogs soften their eyes to indicate they do not want to harm / this case..the butterflies!
Krystal Dallis
Krystal Dallis 4 dagen geleden
What a sweet dog!
sue joy
sue joy 4 dagen geleden
This video is so lovely. Mi is an angel. He is a beautiful ❤️ soul.😍😍😍
Andrea Jackson
Andrea Jackson 4 dagen geleden
Po On
Po On 4 dagen geleden
Good Morning. Truly beautiful dog and butterflies family and flowers and trees home and the Nature. Babies, you are so cute. Have a good day. Love. Blessings to you and your family and everyone, always.🙏🤍❤️💛💚🤎🌷🌾🌻🌺🪴🌹🌴💐🌸❣️💖🤩😘
T Mar
T Mar 4 dagen geleden
For those who downvoted, why?
T Mar
T Mar 4 dagen geleden
The goodest of gud bois. I don't know for some reason this video just made me so happy
T C 4 dagen geleden
What a charmer
cinnie2 4 dagen geleden
too sweet
pixelpon 4 dagen geleden
anyone know the song that plays in the first half of the vid?
cosmicalgalaxy 4 dagen geleden
my dog would go CHOMP
Shintaro Watanabe
Shintaro Watanabe 4 dagen geleden
Milo looks like a red golden retriever. Pretty boy.
N M 4 dagen geleden
I would be terrified. I love butterflies but I’m Scared to death of caterpillars!!! Like will have a breakdown if one is near me. So dumb I know. I love his sweet eyes. Such a sweet doggie
Karl Byrne
Karl Byrne 4 dagen geleden
Wow, what an absolute beaut.
Ro Ko
Ro Ko 4 dagen geleden
Amaan Storm
Amaan Storm 4 dagen geleden
I always thought butterflies were the most beautiful animal, but this dog gives them a run for their money! What a patient, loving angel!
Ευγενία Σαρακατσάνη
Ευγενία Σαρακατσάνη 4 dagen geleden
By far the best video of Dodo 😍
Graham Coia
Graham Coia 4 dagen geleden
Awww, so cute. X
Barbara Ecarius
Barbara Ecarius 4 dagen geleden
so sweet i love it
Milagros LP
Milagros LP 4 dagen geleden
Mr Dog Butterfly Universe 🤗🐶 adorable !!!¡
Tiembra Adrianna
Tiembra Adrianna 4 dagen geleden
My dog’s name is Milo🥺
This rescued sparrow is convinced he's a dog
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